Utilities 3 (Disk 38) (Mar 1987) : c / QMouse.readme

                              QMouse Instructions

	I got this program off plink and I hope these instructions help
you more than theirs helped me.  For this to work QMOUSE must be in
your C: directory.

	Qmouse checks to see if the left mouse button is down and returns an
error code of 8 if it is and 0 if it is not.  As you know, there are three 
catagories of error codes as follows:

		a)  4 or less    is not an error

		b)  5 to 9       is a WARNing

		c)  10 to 19     is an ERROR

		d)  20 or more   is a FAIL (variable with FAILAT command)

	Anyway, if you check the sample startup-sequence (called STARTUP)
you will see how it works.  First we print the desired message 'Hold down
left mouse button if you want (or don't want)' some action.  The next line
is a WAIT command (to give you time to press the button).  Then the magic
QMOUSE which checks the status of the left button.  And last, the
conditional execution statement(s).

Notice the statement  IF WARN or IF NOT WARN.  You can think of these as
IF BUTTON DOWN or IF BUTTON NOT DOWN to make it easier to follow.  The 
statement IF WARN is used if you want the action performed ONLY IF the
left mouse button is being held.  The statement IF NOT WARN is used if 
you want the action UNLESS the left mouse button is down.

Then what action you would like done if the button is down or not down


what you would like done on the other hand.

ENDIF  (you need one of these for each IF statement)

	This works great for me and I hope you like it too.  It is more
flexible than the INQUIRE or RETURN commands because it will continue to
execute whether you hold the button or not whereas the others will STOP 
until you hit return or respond to the (Y/N) prompt.


                      R. D. <Tom> Thomas
                     MI AMIGA ES MI AMIGO