Utilities 3 (Disk 38) (Mar 1987) : c / changezz.readme

changezz will change the default zz balloon on workbench to the word BUSY.
I've tested it fairly extensively (that means it was set up for a few days
while I did other work), and I can't think of any reasons why there should
be any problems with it, but I make no warranties regarding it's fitness for
any purpose whatsoever.

It will run on versions 1.1 and 1.2 of KickBench, although I'd bet big money
it won't run on 1.3.

It must be run after WorkBench is loaded, and will take effect the next time
the WorkBench becomes busy.

I'm not proud of the sprite I've substituted, and if anyone cares to suggest
a better image, I'd consider changing it, or maybe even read the sprite from
a file in the next(?) version.

Steve Crabtree                   Feb. 17th. 1987.