Games 7 (Disk 77) (Jan 1988) : Asteriods(SIC) /


Name Size Date Type
alarm.snd 11780 1987-12-08
asteriods 30280 1987-12-08
asteriods.high 4 1987-12-08 Text [Original]
boing.snd 3232 1987-12-08
break.snd 12430 1987-12-08
cheer.snd 16494 1987-12-08
crash.snd 23644 1987-12-08
fire.snd 3886 1987-12-08
images.ilbm 6768 1987-12-08 Image [Original]
README 1756 1987-12-08 Text [Original]
thrust.snd 5842 1987-12-08


Merry Christmas everyone! Asteriods (sic) is my Christmas gift to the
Amiga community, I hope you all like it.  Asteriods is Giftware, feel free
to give it to whomever you please but charge no more than the value of the
media plus your copying time if you charge anything at all.

Asteriods loads all of its images from a single IFF/ILBM file called
"template.ilbm".  If you don't like any or all of the shapes of the
asteroids or ships just edit this file.  The images must remain the
same size as before and be roughly circular (collision detection is
based on circular objects).  Sounds are loaded from a set of IFF/8SVX
sound files which you can also change to your liking.  Imagine the
Vincent Price laugh instead of an explosion when you die!  The files

	crash.snd	-- played when you are killed
	fire.snd	-- played when you fire a shot
	cheer.snd	-- played when you get a free man
	thrust.snd	-- played when you press the thrust key
	boing.snd	-- played when the alien fires a shot
	alarm.snd	-- played when the alien appears
	break.snd	-- played when an asteroid is broken

Playing instructions & other info are available from with the program,
briefly use Z & X to rotate, . to thrust, / to fire and space for
hyperspace.  (Surviving hyperspace is a really healthy thing for your
game situation but you've only got a 50% chance of doing it).

If you've got Blitzfonts, run that first --- it makes a difference
on the higher levels.

Source will be released as soon as I clean it up enough that I'm not
ashamed of it :-)

	Hope you like

		  or  oscvax!rico@gpu.toronto.EDU if you're lucky
After Jan. 3rd