Games 7 (Disk 77) (Jan 1988) : WORLD /


Name Size Date Type
Marketroid/ 1978-08-09
readme 82 1987-12-08 Text [Original]
world 72576 1987-09-20 77824 1987-09-20
world.readme 1120 1987-09-20 Text [Original]


Start this game from CLI by typing:


and pressing return.


This is the portable "C" version of a text adventure game "WORLD".
It is a large game in the flavor of Adventure or Zork, and about as large.
It is, however, a "sci-fi" type game somewhat like the commercial
Infocom games "Planetfall" or "Starcross", but much larger.


   This is the easiest program to port to the Amiga that I have tried.
   I will distribute the source in a while if no bugs are found.  I
   have not tested the program extensively, but I have not noticed any
   problems so far.


       world        - The executable.   - The world data file.
	   world.readme - This file.

   Games may be saved and restored with the commands "save" and "restore".
   The saved game file name is "".


As posted to USENET by the author:

Doug Mcdonald
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois
Urbana Ill. 61801

address: mcdonald@uiucuxe

Ported to the Amiga by:

John Hoffman
Plink:  JRH
Usenet: ...!pur-ee!duncan!jrh