Amiga Survival Kit (Disk 80) (Feb 1988) :

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Name Size Date Type
Arc/ 1988-01-24
C/ 1988-01-24
CLI Information/ 1978-08-09
Clipit/ 1978-08-09
DiskMan/ 1978-08-09
NewZAP/ 1978-08-09
PopCLI3/ 1988-01-24
PrinterStuff/ 1978-08-09
rslclock/ 1978-08-09
wiz12/ 1978-08-09
MAG List 41133 1988-01-29 Text [Original]
Read Me 1310 1988-01-24 Text [Original]

Read Me

Memphis Amiga Group
P.O.Box 381462
Memphis, TN 38183-1462

               PRESIDENT       Dr. Alan Schwartz (901) 755-6622
               Vice President          Tom Jones (901) 353-2294
               Secretary Treasurer  Scott Hudson (901) 794-8914
               MAGazine Editor     Edward Bilson (901) 794-2936
               Librarian              David Head (901) 377-7568

MAG-080  "Amiga Survival Kit"  January 30, 1988

This MAG disk was put together to help make it a little easier to get along 
with AmigaDOS.  Most files and directories are available from Workbench. 
This disk will be given to new users free of charge upon payment of their 
dues.  It is also free to any current member by request, just fill out a 
MAG disk orderform and orderr MAG-080.  Limit one copy per family, each
additional copy and and updates of this disk are available at the current
MAG disk price at the time of order. 
I will be keeping the MAG library discription list up to date on this disk,  
see "MAG-LISTING", along with handing out printouts of new disk discriptions
at the regular MAG meetings.
The files on this disk will be updated from time to time as the need arises.
Suggestions and contributions are always appreciated.  This is your library 
lets work together to make it grow.


David Head