Amiga Survival Kit (Disk 80) (Feb 1988) : CLI Information / Aliases

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Subject: A way to ALIAS commands
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    As you all know (don't you?) you can assign logical volume/device 
names to physical disk drive names such as:
        assign Source: df0:
        assign Destination: DF1:
        diskcopy source: to destination:

Useful?, yes, for some things.

Did you know you can also assign logical volume/device names to sub-
directories?  Such as:

        assign from: df0:devs/printers
        assign to: ram:
        copy from: to to:

*BUT*  the *FUN* one you may not have noticed is that you can assign
to FILE NAMES (read commands).  For example:

        assign x: c:execute
        assign e: c:ed
        assign cc: df1:c/LC

then use them like:

        x: startup-sequence
        e: my_text_file
        cc: foo -i df1:include

Assigns are SYSTEM WIDE, NOT unique to each window.

Have fun!