Games 10 (Moria) (Disk 105) (Sep 1988) : Moria / moria_change.notes

The following is list of changes to Moria:

- by popular request, Moria V2.0 now has font type graphics for all 
  critters and objects.

- the following weapons have been enhanced/added :
  o Defenders (defends better)
  o Holy Avenger (a must for any worthy Paladin)
  o Holy Defender (new, guess!)
  o Godly Might (Balrog's Bane, as well as for most everything else)
- stairs MAY take you up/down more than one level.

- characters may now go up to the 50th level (extras spells will be added
  in the next version).

- time is now displayed, instead of turns.  The format is:
		  ddd hh:mm:ss	   ddd - days, 
				   hh  - hours (military),
				   mm  - minutes, 
				   ss  - seconds (10 per turn)

- resting will automatically terminate when the player is fully rested.

- mana and hit points are updated on the display, as you recover.

- the character screen now displays the characters maximum stats, as
  well as the current stats (don't want to waste to many restore potions).

- modified the basic starting equipment for characters.  All fighter types
  now get leather armor, with the Warrior getting Studded Leather and a 
  shield (only fair, since all the other classes get spells).

- pickup mode has been added.  You can enable/disable auto pickup (now you
  don't have to walk around all the junk in the dungeon).  Note that the
  game starts with auto-pickup OFF (keypad 5, rest one turn, will pickup
  an item that you are standing on). The mode is toggled using the ',' key.

- just for you people who insists on playing brain dead characters, there
  is now an emergency exit from a level.  If you get into a situation where
  you simply can't locate a staircase, or you're getting your buns baked.
  Try 'groveling' and just maybe, a nice deity will assist you.  Don't 
  forget, all things have a price!

- modified the way some of the creatures play, as well as the experience
  points received for dealing with them.  Also, added a few critters (some
  of them will help you carry some of your objects and that nasty mithril).

- you can now recall up to 25 messages, using ^M.