Games 10 (Moria) (Disk 105) (Sep 1988) : Moria / readme.contest

                 *   P I C T U R E    C O N T E S T   *

Due to the long hours spent working on the program for Moria, we have had
no time (or talent) to create pictures for the game. Thus, we have decided 
to create what no other public domain game has ever had before. A Moria 
art contest! 

The game needs three pictures to improve it's playability. One picture for 
the introduction to the game (while the game is loading and loading and 
loading), one picture for when you die, and one picture for the very unlikely 
chance that someone might win. Three prizes will be awarded. One prize for 
each of the above categories (intro, death, winning). The prizes will be 
$25.00 and your name in the credits for the game. (Total prize money is $75).

How it Works:

  1. You read the rules (This step is optional but highly recommended).
  2. You draw (or digitize) a picture of your own creation. 
  3. You send us a disk(s) with a COPY of your picture(s) on it (stored in 
     IFF form (not pasted to the side)) by September 1st. A self-addressed 
     stamped envelope (SASE) sent along with your picture disk will ensure 
     the return of your disk(s).
  4. We judge the art and decide which is best (by September 10th).
  5. If you win, we mail you $25.00 and your disk(s) back with Moria 3.0 
     on it.
  6. If you lose, and have sent a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) 
     with your picture disk, we mail you your disk(s) with Moria 3.0 on it.
  7. If you lose, and did NOT send a SASE, we keep the disk(s).


  1. All pictures must be original,  (we don't want to be sued for putting 
     it in Moria), material. Digitized pictures are fine IF, they are from 
     original materials (NO Frazetta rip offs).
  2. All pictures must be on a 3.5" disk in IFF format (Deluxe Paint, Photon 
     Paint, DigaPaint, AegisImages, IntroCad, ...).
  3. Pictures will be released as part of the public domain game "Moria"
     (Version 3.0).
  4. If no pictures are received for a given category (Intro, Death, 
     Winning) then no prize will be awarded for that category. (Who would we 
     give it to?) 
  5. We reserve the right to replace any or all pictures in version of Moria 
     released after December 1, 1988. (We may want to run another contest).
  6. Enter as often as you like.


  1. Richard Henderson
  2. Chip Flemming
  3. Bryan Henderson

  These judges were picked because they created and payed for the contest.


  1. Appropriateness for one of the three pictures in Moria (Intro, Death,
     or Winning). (Hint: A picture of your favorite car is probably not 
     going to fit in the Moria motif.)
  2. Artistic content as viewed by the judges. We're going to pick the
     pictures that look the best.
  3. If you are a single female, a picture of yourself and a telephone
     number may influence Bryan or Chip.
  4. Bribes will be accepted.

This is your chance to gain fame and fortune (and help improve one of your 
favorite games). Send your best original art work to:

                       Richard Henderson
                       2537 Hazelwood Ave.
                       Kettering, Ohio

Enter as often as you like.