DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 2 (Nov 1988) : UTILITIES / ConMan1.3.read

   =========================     ConMan V1.3     =========================
   Welcome to version 1.3 of ConMan, the Amiga's favorite console handler.
   But what is a console handler, you ask?  The console handler is the part
   of AmigaDOS that lets software (like the CLI) write to and read from a
   window on the screen.  By replacing the standard system console handler,
   ConMan gives you advantages like line editing and command history while
   remaining fully compatible with existing software products.

   As with prior versions, ConMan V1.3 is freely distributable as shareware
   (user-supported software), so please pass along a copy to your friends
   and post the ARCed file CONMAN13.ARC to Amiga BBS's everywhere!  If you
   like ConMan as much as I think you will, please send in a contribution
   ($10 suggested) to help support further development and improvements.

   If you've never used ConMan and hate reading long documentation files,
   give it a quick try as follows:  first double-click on the "LoadLib" icon
   and then on the "ConMan" icon.  Now open a CLI, enter a command like "CD",
   and press the up-arrow key.  Your "CD" should be back on the command line,
   ready to be edited or entered again.  Interested now?  Read on!

   The included ConMan.doc file has a full description of how to install and
   use ConMan, but here's a brief summary of the standard features:
     -- Powerful line editing using control and arrow keys
     -- Adjustable-sized command history buffer
     -- Window control keys F1/F2 ... shrink or "zoom" the window
     -- Fast command search keys F5/F6
     -- Select window gadgets and attributes like borderless or backdrop
     -- Fully compatible with any software using CON: (console) windows

   Features and improvements new to ConMan version 1.3 include ...
     -- CND: handler ... allows "invisible" (non-blocking) type-ahead
     -- CNX: (extensible) handler ... an AUX:-type handler for any device
     -- Much-improved editing for lines longer than the window width
     -- Improved shrink/zoom ... no more problems with rapid toggling
     -- Support for "S*" screen ... opens a window on the front screen
     -- Support for superbitmap windows

   ConMan is fully supported on the same basis as my commercial software
   products, ARexx and WShell.  If you have any questions, problems, or
   suggestions for improvements, please don't hesitate to write or call!
     By mail:                         By telephone/EMail:
     William S. Hawes                 Phone:   (508) 568-8695
     P.O. Box 308                     BIX:     whawes
     Maynard, MA 01754                CIS:     72230,267
     USA                              USENET:  hawes@dino.ulowell.edu

   -- Bill Hawes (September 28, 1988)