DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 2 (Nov 1988) : UTILITIES / PPandS.READ

    Baud Bandit Demo Release                  © 1988 Greg Cunningham

         Distributed by Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc.

Baud Bandit, formerly GT, will be shipping within a couple of months.
In addition to those listed in the Doc, several features have been added.

Protocols, include Xmodem, Ymodem, Ymodem Batch, Ymodem-G, Zmodem,
Zmodem with auto-recieve, and of course WXmodem.

Baud Bandit allows multiple re-dial with different macro key settings for
each phone entry.

A simple "action - reaction" type scripting is tied to each phone book

In addtition to this simple scripting, AREXX compatability has been added.
This allows you to Automate Baud Bandit and link it with other utilities
such as TxEd Plus.

                          Developers Wanted

If you are a hardware or software developer with experience in Graphics,
Database applications, Video design, etc., and wish to turn your talents
into cash, Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc. is interested in 
talking to you.

We offer excelent benefits, and the opportunity to work with other multi-
talented programmers and engineers.

If interested, call the PP&S office at the number listed below,
or leave Email to:

Roy Brothwell
Director of Technical Serv