DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 2 (Nov 1988) : UTILITIES / poster

               The Zippy Graphic Shell  (Version 2.5  11/05/88)

                               Mike Weiblen
                      4809 Calvert Road  POBox 1638
                          College Park, MD 20740
              PLink: EKIM   CIS: 72506,2082   GEnie: XTH36273

The Zippy Graphic Shell represents a fresh new philosophy in the realm of
Directory Utilities.  I've worked very hard to plug all user-interface holes
and to provide as much flexibility as possible.
See if this sounds good to you:
  * Multiple PROGRAMMABLE menus
  * Menu, gadget & command-key driven: there are at least two ways to do
    everything; you pick YOUR favorite method
  * Designed to work WITH the CLI, not replace it.
  * Opens a small, adjustable window on your Workbench screen to conserve
    screen "real estate" & chip ram
  * Uses your default system font.
  * Resizing the window allows more files to be displayed (up to 43 files
    on an interlaced screen)
  * LIVE scroll bar
  * Drag-select a range of files (with scrolling)
  * Disk drive names are read from the device list, NOT hardcoded.
  * Honors the Hidden & Delete protection flags.
  * Fast directory sorting
  * Can handle up to 1000 files, though it only allocates memory for files
    actually read from a directory.
  * The mouse pointer changes to a spinning Boing ball when Zippy is busy.
  * Benchmark Modula-2 source available