DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) :

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Name Size Date Type
ARTICLES/ 1988-09-05
C/ 1988-09-05
UTILITIES/ 1978-01-26
read me 1129 1988-09-05 Text [Original]

read me

Memphis Amiga Group
P.O.Box 381462
Memphis, TN 38183-1462

               PRESIDENT       Dr. Alan Schwartz (901) 755-6622
               Vice President         Todd Rooks (901) 373-0198
               Secretary Treasurer  Scott Hudson (901) 794-8914
               MAGazine Editor     Edward Bilson (901) 794-2936
               Librarian              David Head (901) 377-7568
	                DiskMAG December, 1988 vol.1 num.3

	Welcome to the third edition of Memphis Amiga Group's new disk of
the month.  For now I will call it DiskMAG unless someone has a better idea.
This month we have two directories on the disk.  This will vary from month
to month depending upon what is on the disk.  The following is an index of 
what is on this months disk.
     ARTICLES:  AMY_Today issues 5-1,5-2,5-3, & CBM.txt

    UTILITIES:  Too many to list!!!! to use hamgif to show gif images from 
                other computers type " hamgif rose.gif " etc.

	Anyone that has any ideas about what they would like to see in 
future issues or have something that is interesting to put in an issue
contact me!


	David Head