DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) : ARTICLES / cbm.txt

Commodore-Amiga News from the *StarShip* on GEnie
Week of Nov. 29, 1988
For Immediate Release

       Commodore Produces Seven TV Commercials for $75,000
Even Scrooge would smile at the low-cost, high quality commercials Commodore
Business Machines has created for the Christmas season.  Commodore used its
own Amiga personal computer to produce and edit seven 15 second spots aimed at
the youth market.  These spots were combined to form four 30 second
commercials that will air in support of Commodore's holiday promotion of
Amiga computers and special VCR bundling program.
Short on time and tight on budget, Griffin-Bacal, Commodore's advertising
agency, turned to the Amiga for production of the fun spots which showcase
the product's animation, editing and artistic capabilities to viewers of
MTV and VH-1.
By using the Amiga to develop and create the spots, Commodore was able to
produce all seven segments for $75,000.  This figure is way below the
America Association of Advertising Agencies' estimated cost of one 30 second
segment at $130,000!  According to Julie Bauer, director of marketing services
at Commodore, "We used the same Amiga technology available to consumers to
produce our ads, it was simple, fast and efficient.  The beauty of the
Amiga is that it enables professionals to produce their own commercials for
a fraction of the cost of what a production company would charge."
Bauer went on to explain that the viewers of MTV and VH-1, where the spots
will air over 1,000 times, have grown up with computers and video technology.
"This audience is interested in computers that do more than number crunch,
they want creative computers that benefit them in a variety of ways, both
for recreational and professional application.  This is why we view the Amiga
as the first truly hip computer, allowing consumers to let their artistic
talents soar using the product's video, music and graphics capabilities."
Incorporated into the advertisements is Commodore's holiday promotion of a
free video cassett recorder with the purchase of an Amiga 500 personal
computer system.  Each system consists of the Amiga 500 computer, a stereo
color monitor and a Software Starter Kit, which includes entertainment,
productivity, video and graphics programs.  The free VCR, a $349 value, is
announced in the commercials accompanied by a phone number for placing
orders (800-343-3000).  The promotion began November 6.  Supporting print
advertisements in major U.S. newspapers will run throughout the holiday
season to increase exposure of Commodore's program.
                             # # #
      David Klein Appointed to Commodore VP Marketing, Consumer Products
Max E. Toy, president and chief operating officer of Commodore Business
Machines, Inc. announced today the appoinment of David J. Klein to the
position of vice president of marketing, consumer products.
In this capacity, Klein is responsible for consumer product marketing and
distribution of Commodore computers in the United States.  Klein will report
directly to Toy.
"David brings to Commodore a wealth of knowledge and experience in the
consumer electronics industry and is a valuable addition to our management
team," said Toy.  "He has demonstrated the ability to successfully market
consumer-oriented computer products through development of strong
distribution channels and savvy business marketing."
Before joining Commodore, Klein was vice president of Electronic Arts where
he was responsible for establishing their national account distribution
channel and marketing program.  Klein was one of the original fellows
of this software publisher's marketing group and was with the company for
over 6 years.
Prior to that, he held national sales manager positions at VisiCorp and
International Marketing Concepts, both based in New York City.  At
International Marketing Concepts, he helped launch Atari computers in the
United States.
Klein graduated from City University of New York. He is based at Commodore
headquarters in West Chester, PA.
                              # # #
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