DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) : UTILITIES / Acc!.hlp

Access! Help File...

		I didn't have time to design/write this "online help file" before
	posting this version (sorry), but here's a few Key-sequences that you
	may not have been aware of (some of which may not have ever been
	documented 8)...

	Sequence						Function
	~~~~~~~~						~~~~~~~~
 L-Amiga 'c'		This will do one of 3 things... if you have a 'Capture
					File' already open, this will suspend it. If it is 
					currently suspended, it will resume the capture (toggle 
					it). If there is not one open, it will open one with the
					"Def Capture File:" name you have listed in the DEFINE

 L-Amiga 's'		This will move Acc!'s screen down/up 10 pixels.

 L-Amiga 'p'		Toggles the printer on/off.

 L-Amiga 'b'		Toggles "Quick B" protocol on/off (defaults to on...
					refer to "Access!me" for further information)

 L-Amiga 'h'		Toggles the "extended char set" on/off (needed for IBM
					graphic chars if you have an IBM-type font installed).

 L-Amiga 'w'		Opens a file-requester to let you save the current text
					in the 'review buffer' to disk.

 L-Amiga 'q'		(for now will...) turn on/off the serial listening/sending
					in Acc! (can be used for external protocol programs)

<SHIFT> <HELP>		Opens the review buffer window (then <HELP>, <ESC> or the
					close gadget will close it)