DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) : UTILITIES / Contents.txt

	This disk was thrown together in a mad rush on my way out of town
(I was/am heading to the LA AmiExpo).

	On it you will find the latest version of Access! (version 1.42,
which fixes a few bugs in 1.41 and adds a few new features). There is also
a new version of 'rd' (my text file reader) that will now use the file-
requester from 'arp.library' if you have it in your 'LIBS:' directory.
    I have also included a few useful programs/tools and some fonts that
I have been using in/with Access!. 

	This disk is not a 'bootable' WBench disk... it only contains the
programs in drawers by themselves.  One word of warning, the various
'Executeme' type files in the various directories will probably no longer
work as expected.  Please do _not_ execute any of the "executeme" or
"Installme" type programs without first read/editing them.

	Here's what you'll find on this disk...


	This drawer contains the terminal program Access! and all of the 
necessary 'support' files used by it.  Also, there are several 'doc'
files that describe how to set up and use Access!... _please read them_.
The text file reader program that Access! uses ( 'rd' ) is also in this
directory and you can use it (from the CLI ONLY) to read the various doc
		1> rd Access!me


	This drawer contains the ARP (AmigaDOS Replacement Project)  commands
and documentation.  This drawer was copied in-tact from FF #123. Please
note that while these commands are freely distributable, you should read
all the documentation with them for further distribution details.


	This drawer contains version 1.1 of "conman"... a console handler 
program written by William Hawes.  This program is used by Access! to open
a NewCli window on it's custom screen.  I concider this program a _must_
have for anyone using the CLI.  This drawer was also copied in-tact from
Fred Fish disk #137.  Please note that this is a ShareWare program, so if
you decide to use it, please send Bill the few dollars he asks for... it's
_well_ worth it.


	This drawer contains a few fonts I've been using with Access! and
includes a 'cleanibm.font' with the graphic char set (see the documentation in
the Acc! drawer for details on loading fonts into Access! and using the
extended char set).


	This drawer contains the 'arp.library' that is needed to have a 
'file-requester' in my file reader program 'rd' and should go in your
Libs: directory on your system disk.  If it is not found by 'rd', then
'rd' will still function, but you can only look at one file then you will
have to quit the program and re-run it to read another.

	Sorry I didn't have more time to get this disk set up... and I'd like
to personally thank you (possibly in advance 8) for supporting the ShareWare