DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) : UTILITIES / Read.Me2

RE: CUSTOMIZATION - FOLKS, I AM SWAMPED!  SO...   Here's how it is.

I have gotten many sincere suggestions about changing my DU.  Some I liked,
and others I didn't. If I implemented every suggestion, this thing would be
100k+. Besides, some of them aren't practical.  I don't make many changes
lately (in spite of the verson numbers - I just don't want to lose track of
ANY change).

I first wrote this for me, and just gave it out for general consumption (at
the urging of local club members who wanted it - local loyalty is great).

My free time lately is in short supply, so what it boils down to is this -
I will continue to release my regular plodding updates as always, with the
features I want. I DO NOT CARE MUCH ABOUT SHAREWARE and this arrangement
means the general DU will still be available, free.  This SHOULD cover
almost everyone.

HOWEVER, if someone really wants one customized or without something in it,
or perhaps with something more included, I will be happy to fill your needs.
BUT, to me, that's CUSTOM programming, and THAT, even I don't do free, so..

To get a rearranged/shortened/reshaped version (customized arrangements but
with no new additions), send me a disk and $10 ($12 & I supply a disk). Put
an IFF picture or written description of your wants on the disk or include
a pix or letter with your money. I'll return the custom DU on the disk PLUS
a whole bunch of useful utilities I've written or acquired.  IF I can't or
won't do your customization, I'll return the disk and $10 (or the $12) and
eat the postage myself.

To get one with some added feature will cost more.  Contact me first.  It may
not even be feasible.  Prices will be based on how ridiculous your demands

I am also available for some freelance custom programming if I can fit it
into my schedule.

Address: Greg Browne             (505) 437-0807
         1821 Ocotillo
         Alamogordo, NM  88310