DiskMAG Volume 1 Number 3 (Dec 1988) : UTILITIES / WhatsNew

  M2Du 3.68 - By Greg Browne - CIS [72250,106]
DirUtil in Modula-2 - 50-1000 files CLI or WB.
Last modified by author  8-16-88

DISCLAIMER: I deny everything! I only wrote this for me!
            If it doesn't work for you, don't use it!
Changed View mousebutton usage for movement.
LEFT mouse  = move continuous (top ½ = toward top / bottom ½ = toward bottom)
RIGHT mouse = move ONE LINE PER CLICK (same ½'s)

Rearranged gadgets a little (sorry) for new ones...

ArcTAG = tag if Archive bit set LEFT mouse=files  RIGHT mouse=dirs
WinTAG = tag if in window range LEFT mouse=files  RIGHT mouse=dirs

D+f->D = ADD highlighted file (or dir) to 'D' with / if needed
f->S/D = do D+f->D and then GetDir if it is a Directory.

Added RIGHT Mouse to COPYALL - Copies structure but not content.
  i.e. All files are created 0 bytes long.  I use this to save a structure,
       like the old program DCAT did.

-------3.66  not released

Fixed a couple of things that didn't work as advertised. Now accepts
blank lines in Du.hist & supresses sys requesters during copy again.
The APPARENT slow load was due to reading Du.Hist BEFORE opening the
window. Now it just reads it after again, so it will seem faster.
Added ability to read a single setup command from "R" gadget by entering
it (with # and all) in the "R" gadget and clicking RIGHT mouse on "R".

Added Commands to Du.hist and ability to read history file from within DU.
Sample Du.hist file shows what and how. Increased "R" to 20 items.
Now DU.hist file can specify EDitor name, SHOWname,initial directory,
run command and others (see the sample).

ALSO, ShowIFF will use internal routine ALWAYS when started with RIGHT mouse.

New gadget idea.  ArcTAG - Tags files which DO have the ARCHIVE bit set.
NO NEW SCREEN GADGET YET.  While trying it out, the RIGHT mouse clicked on
the SIZES button (above TAGALL) performs this.

ALSO see READ.ME2 about custom work. Response to too many suggestions and
too little time.

Info always on screen - removed INFO gadget. Du now responds to disk
changes and sees if either S or D changed. If so, it redisplays new INFO.
try at all on ram:

Added "T" tail argument - makes FastDir "Temporary". If used, Fastdir
will turn off after each use.  That way you can't forget.  You must then
turn it on SPECIFICALLY each time you want to use it.

Also went back to regular CloseWindow gadget & rearranged a couple less used
gadget locations.

-------3.61 and older - find old file