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--------------------[BEGIN FORMAL CONFERENCE TRANSCRIPT]--------------

(With approximately 40 people in the conference line, we begin...)

(CBM*HARV) Tonite, our special guests are from Readysoft, soon to be   
           publishing "AMAX", the Macintosh emulator for the Amiga.    
           Readysoft... Thanks, please intro yourselves, and let       
           everyone know what amax is all about

(*READYSOFT) Here tonite is Don Holtz <hardware genius - working on    
             AMAX hardware and Flashback> David Foster <president and  
             and of course, direct from New Zealand Simon Douglas
             The subject of the evening is AMAX
             AMAX is a software/hardware combination that allows Mac   
             software to run on a Amiga. A hardware adaptor plugs into 
             the external disk drive port ROMs <64K or 128K> to be     

             The hardware adaptor also allows a Mac 800K disk drive to 
             be connected as well as passing through the Amiga disk    

           RELEASE DATE YET?

(*READYSOFT) The retail is tentatively $150 and the "when" is ten      
             tatively February



(TERRY R) Readysoft, will the mac drive be readable by the Amiga? ga

(*READYSOFT) if you mean will the Mac drive be usable from Amiga       

(TERRY R) thats what I mean

(*READYSOFT) the answer is not directly, only through supplied transfer
             software...that will allow you to transfer files in both  

(GROGERS) thanks for being here, will the Amax run Midi software? ga

(*READYSOFT) this is next on our list of things to do however...we are 
             pessimistic because most midi software goes directly to   
             the hardware

(GENEH) Do we have to wait for DOS 1.4 to emulate a 1 Meg Mac..and will
        we be able to use an Amiga hard drive partition in Mac mode    
        like the bridgeboard 

(*READYSOFT) we have had a 3 meg Mac running. the new chip set from    
             Commodore makes life easier as it gives 1 Meg continuous  
             memory which is what the Mac is looking for, however we   
             have devised a method to use all of the memory available  
             but with a degree of reduced compatibility...There will be
             no hard drive support in the first release.

(CMI*BILL) Is there any thought going into support for AppleTalk or    
           other network? Are any thought going on to support Apple    

(*READYSOFT) we have ideas for AppleTalk but not in the first rel      

(MAVERICK) is this going to run basic programs only like the amiga     
           transformer... or will it do graphics and sound  GA

(*READYSOFT) No the compatibility we have found to be very good with   
             most progs...Word 3.0, Excel, HyperCard, PageMaker,       
             MacPaint, MacWrite and all system versions <and finders>  
             run OK.

(AMIGA*BOB) What's the availability and cost of the 64K and 128K ROMS?? 

(*READYSOFT) 64k's are readily avail for $40, 128's harder to find;    

(*MR*CURIOUS*) Can it access expanded memory on an A1000? Like w       
              /Insider? What lost of compatibility if so? If any? ga

(*READYSOFT) A-Max will find all mem in the system. Insider not yet    
             tried tho. 

(CHRISTIAN) What will be the capabilities of ... Hypercard under Amax  
            and how much testing have your done. 

(*READYSOFT) Hyper seems to run very well <no crashes> but not yet     
             extensively tested. 

(OES928) What emulation does it do ? macPlus mac se macii? ga

(*READYSOFT) We take 64K <original Mac> and 128K <Mac Plus> ROMs. This 
             determines what machine you get. Other ROMs may be later  

(*HARRY) How fast is AMAX compared to a Mac+ and what are the re       
         quirements for the 3Meg model you mentioned <1Meg fat ag      
         nus..what else?>

(*READYSOFT) AMAX runs a little faster than a Mac PLUS.....Just a      
             regular A2000 with 2-meg card. Any mem is now supported as 

(DEMO*D) will the AMAX run on '020ed amiga? Any thinking on a NuBus    

(*READYSOFT) The 68020 requires the 128K ROms. Apple bugs in the 64's  
             mean they won't work in 32 bits....No thoughts on NuBus as 

(DR*GLENN) how compatible are we ...could i run a mac arcade game...is 
           the amy mouse supported?

(*READYSOFT) We have run Megaroids, Loderunner. Mac games pale compared
             to Amiga anyway.... often copy protected which causes     
             problems with Amax. The Amiga mouse emulates the Mac's; no 

(UK JEZ)  readysoft... is A-max code in any way related to Dave Small's
          stuff?...  also, Can Amax read mac format disks with no extra
          disk drives...?  if not, why not?

(*READYSOFT) No completely independent of Data Pacific/DSmall....We can
             read only 34% of a Mac disk in an Amiga drive.....because 
             of the multispeed format that the Mac uses our cart. has a 
             connector for a 800K mac drive which gives full disk      
             compat <read & write & format>..... YOU OWE US A STAR     
             GLIDER II <David Foster>. 

(UK JEZ) thanx readysoft...  my specs in front of me say the mac bit   
         density stretches from 1.3 microsecs, to 2.0...  sounds like  
         its feasible to read more than 34% on an Amiga! indeed i do!

(J. WOLF) How much is A-MAX? Do you guys supply or know where we can   
          get 128K roms? How is the screen proportions?...How does     
          A-MAX run with a Processor Accelerator at 14mhz? ga

(*READYSOFT) Approx $150....We wont supply roms, but Computer Shopper  
             has listings. Under investigation are other sources       
             .....Screen proportions are good in interlaced or 640 by  
             400 mode. We have several screen formats incl. a 512 by   
             342, for full video compat....we also support the A2024 in 
             1008 by 800 line mode and the new chip set which gives 640 
             by 400 non interlaced. 

(RON K) Can AMAX support a SCSI hard drive instead of floppy? Will my  
        external drive...attach to it and be readily accessible?       
        ...also will it work with all amy models or is it a 2000 card 

(*READYSOFT) Hard disk support will not be in first realease. All amiga
             drives can be used.....AMAx works with ALL Amiga mod      
             els.....the amiga drives use a special AMAX format under  
             the Mac the format used is runs much faster under the Mac 
             OS then Amigdos would <like 3 times faster>. 

(TERRY R) for those of us who are going to call our dealers on monday  
          to place early orders what will your upgrade policy be when  
          newer..and better releases come out. Is there a trade in     
          policy> we need at least 4 units NOW !!!

(*READYSOFT) Registration cards are supplied. You will be notified of  
             upgrades for reduced cost. 


(*READYSOFT) Works on ALL amigas.....Macs other than Mac II's are mono,
             so we can only use 2 colours at any time. GA

(PROF. HAWK) It will allow for full multitasking with the AMIGA right? 
             Also physically, how big is it?

(*READYSOFT) Sorry, multitaksing won't be in the first release < we    
             have future thoughts for this tho> the cart is 2 inches by 
             4 inches with a cable to connect to the drive port to the 

(CRYO) PA ? not answered


(*READYSOFT) probably. send us one and we'll find out. GA

(*HARRY) Without any hard disk support, what would you consider a      
         acceptable Mac setup to run lets say PageMaker <never used one 
         before>. On the Amiga that is.

(*READYSOFT) We run Pagemaker 1.2 on just about any system....eg. 1 meg
             a500/a2000 or 512k a1000. GA

(SLEEZYCZ) This question may have already been asked but I got here    
           late. Does AMAX use amiga drives? And do you recommend      
           particular MAC roms over others? and what do you think the  
           price will be? GA

(*READYSOFT) yes, with a custom <fast> format....we can use 64K or 128K
             roms...128's are better....price:$150 tentativley for AMax

(*REK) do you lose use of your current external disk with the card in  
       place ...

(*READYSOFT) no we have pass thru for ext drives; all of which may be  
             used with Amax. GA

(*REK) if so how dow A1000 use those ? ga

(*READYSOFT) No you need an Apple compat 800K dble sided drive. full   
             disk compat. with a mac 800k drive. ...limited compat with 
             mac disks in amiga drives. 

(*BUD*H) I used Amax at world of commodore, thought it was great.  Will
         it notice my 2 meg expansion?  When will it be released? When 
         will it be available

(*READYSOFT) Yes we have mem expansion support now. release about Feb. 


(The remaining 60% of this transcript is a basically unedited capture
of the informal conversation which followed the hour-long formal period
above... all of the "hellos" and "goodbyes" have been mercifully
removed :-).


(DJJAMES) i have my roms already
(ANDROID) I have heard the using the old chipset will only give you a
128k mac but the new chipset will do a 1meg Mac +.What new Chipset?me
(CRYO) ReadySoft: Does Amax use the Amiga Cust. chips for drawing or
your own routines? <is the QuickDraw routines really fast?>
(ALLEN M) I will
(DR*GLENN) maybe
(SLEEZYCZ) Very much so!
(NY*JIM) <---- quite interested
(OES928) I will as soon as it available
(TERRY R) Readysoft: would it be possible for you to upload complete
specs for AMAX to the library here. It would help a lot. thanks.
(-NOMAD-) sounds ok
(CMI*BILL) probably.
(RON K) Will you accept direct orders? If so address and order info
puhleeze! GA
(GROGERS) FlashBack question: how long does a backup < 20 Meg > take
and whats the error correction?
(JIM*M) I will
(CRYO) < will get one for development.
(DULNERD) maybe
(TOM H) Yes, with more info
(LUGNUTS) Mega Interested !
(DEMO*D) What system resources in the amiga will the AMAX support?
<parallel port,serial port..etc...>
(PROF. HAWK) i will by one for my business
(TERRY R) definitely want some
(*BUD*H) I want one yesterday!  Love Amiga but some MAC stuff is great!
(J. WOLF) I will be buying an A-MAX.
(NY*JIM) ReadySoft - What was the most insurmountable problem you
(J. WOLF) That is once I get the 128K roms and I may know where to get
(AMICUS) I guess it wasn't insurmountable then, was it?  :->
(UK JEZ) readysoft: why could u not read more than 34% of the mac disk
on an Amiga!?  my timings report suggests u can read nearly all of it,
through the use of software quantisation of the bitstream.
(-NOMAD-) a late comer<---  what resolution does it use, will flicker
fixer work if hires, and does ready sell the roms
(NY*JIM) I said it that way on purpose, John  :->
(J. WOLF) Nomad, a Flicker Fixer will work.
(*BUD*H) What does Apple think about it?  They seem pretty selfish with
their mac sturr
(*READYSOFT) you can have any amount of memory with the old chip set.
(OES928) doea max have any problems now trhat will delay feb. shipment?
(AMICUS) Wow, the AMAX will add a whole new dimension to Amiga piracy! 
(-NOMAD-) good ques bud, is it legal or will we all get sued along with
(J. WOLF) Readysoft, when's Apple gonna sue you? 8-}
(AMIGA*BOB) Starting with the operating system John...
(*READYSOFT) Central Coast has fooled around with reading MAC disks on
amiga drives with limited success...
(*BUD*H) Can they sue if you don't provide the Rom
(DEMO*D) Amicus,...That's what I was thinkin!
(*READYSOFT) we may investigate furher in future.
(J. WOLF) Jez, why don't you write a MAC-2-AMIGA conversion program to
prove that it can be done?
(*READYSOFT) Thing are looking good for Feb.  Finalizing packaging-
/production details.
(AMICUS) Central Cost's PR said they'll have a drive on April 1.
(CBM*HARV) jez... you could have it finished by what, tomorrow?
(NY*JIM) 2 weeks, Harv
(*READYSOFT) jez, send us some code.
(UK JEZ) j wolf- its tempting... but ive got a lot of other unfinished
projects that i oughta try and finish first!   i think george chanm-
berlain was workoing on one wasnt he!?
(DJJAMES) so...where do we get MAc boot disks?
(NY*JIM) From work, Dan.  :->
(DEMO*D) ReadySoft...how bout som FastBack info?
(TOM H) *READY, I am intersted in some MAC software for electronic
design. I am concerned about reliability, compatability, and any
problems with copy protections devices required wit some software
(AMICUS) Yeah, right, DJ.  Sounds like piracy city.
(CBM*HARV) good question DJ...can one just go out and buy Mac system
software like the Enhancer and MS Dos??
(*READYSOFT) mac system and finder can be tranferred from Mac diusks.
(-NOMAD-) will it let me hook up to appletalk???
(AMICUS) Oh, it's an emulator, it's not piracy.  I Forgot.  It's just
like the Transformer!
(SILVERLOCK) Now we need a Lattice Cross compilier !
(J. WOLF) Ya, but how do we get the MAC system & finder without
pirating the stuff?
(GROGERS) Flashback, HOW FAST?
(DEMO*D) sorry
(*BUD*H) WIll it emulate a MAC emulating an Apple II?  Just won-
dering... That would look pretty neat.
(*READYSOFT) It's much better than the transformer. FULL SPEED.
(AMICUS) Wolf, it doesn't sound like you have any moral or physical
obstacles in your way...
(ANDROID) INFO#24 p 80: Mac Emulator costs $150 and is only a 128k
system unless you get new chipset[then 1meg Mac +]
(ANDROID) Readysoft?
(*REK) <-thinks we should go back into auditorium mode
(*READYSOFT) send us an APPLE II emulator for the Mac.
(LUGNUTS) Even faster with LUCAS installed :^>
(*BUD*H) You can buy Finder or , I think it's freely distributed at
Apple Dealers.
(MIKE-SPAR) now I'll have to subscribe to Mac Journals too!
(TOM H) <- agree...
(*BUD*H) Readysoft, there is one available already, emulates a IIE
(*READYSOFT) YOU can use ALL your memory with the old chip set
(AMICUS) Anybody have experience putting in a second internal drive in
a 2000?
(J. WOLF) Amicus, I'm trying to find out where to BUY the MAC OS.
(ANDROID) listening
(AMIGA*BOB) Yep John
(CBM*HARV) hey john, this is a MAC conference! :->
(CMI*BILL) Yes, I have, AMICUS.
(*READYSOFT) system and finder can be purchased from Apple
(ANDROID) ok. So INFO was wrong. they do that some times. sorry.
(DR*GLENN) yes john... look at the dip switches in the back
(J. WOLF) Amicus, I installed my second interal 2000 drive by jut
following the directions.
(NY*JIM) Gee, we can finally run VC>!  ;->
(NY*JIM) er, VC0
(CBM*HARV) VCO? yeah.
(AMICUS) Bob, I have a chinon, same as the default one, do I need to
pull that J200 jumper?
(J. WOLF) What is VC0?
(*BUD*H) How about HyperCard?
(AMICUS) Well, I didn't get directions.  I junked a spare drive I had
laying around...
(OJS566) Readysoft, do you mean if we have 3 meg we can use all of it?
(*READYSOFT) Hyper card runs
(NY*JIM) Visual Conferencing, what ACO was based on
(CMI*BILL) Yes you do, John. That jumper enables/disables DF1:.
(DR*GLENN) amicus..there was something you had to fix in the back-
...jumper or dip swirch
(ANDROID) oh yeah, Red Ryder. Heard some good stuff about that one
(J. WOLF) Ready, what about using MAC add on hardware?
(AMICUS) And scavenged standoffs and screws from the junk box...
(*READYSOFT) yes all of 3 megs usuable <minus 128K/64K for the system>
(CMI*BILL) Remember that you have to configure the second drive as
device 1 rather than 0.
(CBM*HARV) Readysoft...sounds great. Sign me up. [waving money]
(*BUD*H) Will it use my Apple ImageWriter II?
(*READYSOFT) no Mac add-on hardware
(AMIGA*BOB) Yep Bill...otherwise you got bad juju
(OJS566) Thats extraordinary!!
(DR*GLENN) ah yeah it was the jumper..it has to be moved over or
(*READYSOFT) Will work with Imagewriter II
(DEMO*D) What system resources in the amiga will the AMAX support?
<parallel port,serial port..etc...>
(J. WOLF) Ready, does A-MAX work with a 68010 installed?
(ALLEN M) READYSOFT - Have you tested any MIDI software with it?
(NY*JIM) Macs have add-on hardware?  sheesh
(MIKE-SPAR) Ready-how about copying Mac ROM to WCS on 1000
(DJJAMES) READYSOFT - Autoconfig memory only?  what about AddMem
(*READYSOFT) parallel and serial suppoerted
(AMICUS) No, more like I thought I killed it when I connected the
ribbon and the power...  no response from either drive.  Manual says
J301 is the one to diddle,
(-NOMAD-) I imagine it will work with my apple laserwriter on the
serial port, true??
(*REK) what software have you found that does not work on AMAC
(AMICUS) I can't even find it on the ma-board.
(TOM H) *READYSOFT, would be interested in NuBuss/MAC Amiga expansion?
(CBM*HARV) nomad - he said it talks to serial port
(*READYSOFT) 68010 only with 128K roms <not 64K>
(TOM H) re: would you be...
(*READYSOFT) we use WCS in A1000
(AMICUS) Readysoft, what is the official explanation for buyers, as to
how to get the system software and ROMs?
(CMI*BILL) J301 is the one you install the jumper on for DF1: supprt.
You have to change your device number to 1 though.
(J. WOLF) Good. I don't want the 64K roms. I want the 128k roms.
(*READYSOFT) will work with laserwriter in serial mode
(UK JEZ) readysoft: support for 256k roms is surely quite important,
since all macs come with it nowadays dont they!?
(CRYO) nite grog
(AMICUS) Bill, you remember where J301 is located?
(CMI*BILL) There should be a set of jumpers on the drive for device 0,
1, 2, 3 support.
(-NOMAD-) what's the hardware setup for a2000/a1000 i have one of each
(DJJAMES) AMICUS - under gray disk ribbon cable
(AMICUS) Ah, didn't realize that about the drive.  I'll look...
(*READYSOFT) if you own mac system/finder, transfer them, else buy them
from Apple and transfer them.
(CMI*BILL) Right beside the disk drive cable on the motherboard.
(TOM H) Yes thanks!
(GROGERS) yeah, THANKS for comming!
(ANDROID) clapclapclapclapclap
(-NOMAD-) muchos gracious
(OES928) Thanks, I'm looking forward to AMAX
(CMI*BILL) Thanks for coming! And don't forget to come back often!
(*READYSOFT) our pleasure
(CRYO) Thanks, now where the *&#%$ is it? ;->
(DR*GLENN) flicker fixer okay with max?
(DJJAMES) READYSOFT - will AMAX support non-autoconfig memory?  that is
memory that gets AddMemed?
(J. WOLF) The only thing the ST was good for is now done better on the
(*BUD*H) what do you think of the response Readysoft?  We all filled
out a list at World of COmmodore?
(-NOMAD-) glenn, they say yes to ff
(*READYSOFT) flicker fixer should work
(AMICUS) Ah, found J301.  Thanks.  <Now where the hell are some spare
(TOM H) *READYSOFT, are you considering NuBus expansion hardware or
would you be?
(*READYSOFT) all amiga system mem should be founs.
(J. WOLF) The Flicker Fixer will work since it is transparent to the
(CRYO) What about copying the ROMs into 32 bit memory? My '020 mihgt
have a fun time with it...
(RON K) Thanks Hey dont you turn down my money! will you accept direct
(CMI*BILL) I've got some here, John... Drop by and I'll give you one!
(-NOMAD-) wolf, does AMAX work in hi res mode?
(*READYSOFT) Great response send name and addr for more info .GA
(J. WOLF) A-MAX works in 640x400 or 512x342.
(SPOLING) noech
(AMICUS) Oh, yeah, is it snowing on your side of town, Bill?
(DR*GLENN) john...i dont think you need a spare jumper...unless there
were none there to begon with
(*READYSOFT) No orders yet. YES in about Feb. Call later. GA
(AMICUS) there is no jumper there.  Manual says you need one to add
internal drive.
(-NOMAD-) wolf, thanks, 512x342? is that something special they do?
(DJJAMES) twist the pins together john ;->
(CMI*BILL) Not here, John. It almost never snows in Portland... <But
we're holding out hope for XMas!>
(OES928) adios muchachos
(J. WOLF) 512x342 is the MAC resolution.
(*BUD*H) Can you transfer AMAX stuff to work on Amiga Drives if you
hook them up via null modem?
(AMICUS) Might just do that, DJ.  :->
(*READYSOFT) Mac screen is 512 by 342, some progs expect this. GA
(AMIGA*BOB) I think I did a wire rap on mine John
(AMICUS) <searching for hemostat...>
(DR*GLENN) that 2nd int drive was a problem...docs didnt say all....i
think i had a jumer i moved over a spot or two
(DEMO*D) John..you didn't buy an old Buster Tower 2000 did you?
(RON K) How about the phone number to call, quick I am drooling all
over my keyboard!
(MIKE-SPAR) will it be easy or hard to transfer MAC progs to AMIGA hard
(OJS566) Readysoft, found any software that doesnt work?
(AMICUS) Nope, got a burr-and gnu one.
(UK JEZ) bob- is a wire rap where u speak very quickly in a monotonic
voice about electronics ?
(MIKE-SPAR) SCSI that is
(J. WOLF) No Hard disk support yet.
(DR*GLENN) well i guess this means john bought a christmas presnt for
(DJJAMES) argh jez
(AMICUS) Jez, you sing rap?
(*REK) hope you get an anwser 0js566
(SPOLING) Let me ask the most asked question of the evening <I pre-
sume>, Where & how much money do I send to our honoured guest for a mac
(AMIGA*BOB) Like right Jez....with a beat
(*READYSOFT) ReadySoft is at 416 731 4175 . Call tuesday.
(AMICUS) Hey, Glenn, who else would buy me a 2000?  :->
(-NOMAD-) ready, do you support overscan i.e. 704x480 and i understand
macs support many resolutions over the standard true?
(UK JEZ) amicus, i saida hip, a hibbit, a hip hip a hoppa, singa....
(TOM H) John, did Santa bring a 2000?
(CBM*HARV) spoling...about $150 come february or so
(DR*GLENN) hehehe...i had my 2000...bought camcorder this year!
(UK JEZ) .. you dont stop to rocka to the bang baby booga to the rhtym
of the boogydy beat..!?
(*READYSOFT) AMAX will be out in FEB. approx $150.
(J. WOLF) Jez, has no musical taste.
(AMICUS) go, jez, go with that hep pale-man beat!
(NY*JIM) easy, Jez... easy!
(DEMO*D) JEZ! you watch all the tapes yet?
(CRYO) Ready: does Amax use the Amy's cust. chips?
(*READYSOFT) Overscan not yet supported.GA
(AMICUS) Jez is paler than me.  Imagine that!
(DR*GLENN) hey jez...glad to see your back...we thought you disappeared
in s fran
(AMIGA*BOB) Time for me to scoot....nite all and thanks again Ready-
(*READYSOFT) yes we use custom chips!
(UK JEZ) demo*d... not all.. ive been watching one per day.. sure are
good.. im heavily in your debt... soon to be paid back i hope!

....and on and on for another hour or so. 

                            ## 30 ##