Disk 111 (Mar 1989) : README

This product may be freely distributed, provided only a nominal fee is charged,
and all files are distributed together. This product may NOT be distributed 
with a commercial product.  If you distributed earlier versions of this product
on BBSs or Networks, PLEASE distribute this version too.

TETRIX is based on a game I first saw on and IBM-PC (ugh!).  The original game 
is called TETRIS, and was designed and first written in Russia.  The original 
program has been placed in the Public Domain. Since then, I've seen one other
PD version, and a commerical version published by Spectrum HoloByte for both
the IBM-PC and the Macintosh.
Note:  I have recently been informed that the ORIGINAL game was not created in 
Russia but in Bulgaria.  It was then re-written in Russia, etc.  I have no
way to confirm this, but I thought I'd set the record straight.

When I first played Tetris, it was on a PC at work.  I found the game very
addicting, despite its simplicity.  I was frustrated because I couldn't play it
on MY machine.  So, I wrote it.  The project has grown from a simple hack to
a more complete verision with extras I have no interest in, but I have seen
offered in other versions.  If you enjoy the game, please register by sending 
$20 to-

	David Corbin
	2205 Treehouse Parkway
	Norcross, GA 30093

(think about it.  I'd rather have $5 or $10, than nothing, so if you don't
 feel it's worth $20, send what you feel it IS worth)
Please indicate the version number of your copy with your registration.

I won't promise you anything if you do register, but if some type of serious
bug is found, I'll contact you and inform you that a "new-improved" version is 

Suggestions and comments welcome with registration.

The product is written entirely in Aztec C 3.6, by Manx.  Thanks for SDB.

I'd also like to acknowledge the following people for either advice, an idea, or
a piece of code that was helpful

	Lee Leonard -            advice and opinions
	Joe Torre -              help on Title Screen design
	Jim Kent -               his code on reading IFF files
	Justin V. McCormick -    the sound code 
	Several members on the Amiga Atlanta, Inc. TechSIG, for Beta testing.

Version 1.1 -
Mostly changes in the Zoo file.  Version 1.0 left the TitleScreen out. A couple
of other minor things.