Disk 116 (May 1989) : HappyGuyReadMe

      Happy Guy Anim is great animation produced by Steve Segal.  For a full
discription of how he produced it, borrow a copy of the premiere issue of
Antic's Amiga+ Plus Magazine ( May 1989 ).  The purpose of this note is to
give some information on how to run this very large animation.  This anim
is so large that some special instructions are needed for those of you, like
most of us, who have only a 512k Amiga and an external drive.   Of course,
you can run HappyGuy.anim from CLI but, to run it from an icon you must 
click the HappyGuy.anim icon and drag it outside of the main window.  Then,
close the main window and then double click HappyGuy.anim icon and you see
one of the best animations ever for the Amiga.  Enjoy!

Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group

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