MAG Disk (Jun 1989) :

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Name Size Date Type
AmigaMake 38 1989-07-04 Text [Original]
backgammon 95388 1986-11-06
blueroom 93760 1989-06-02 Image [Original]
Court 317 1989-05-09 Text [Original]
Courtyard 84736 1989-05-09 Image [Original]
CRC32.c 8311 1989-07-04 Text [Original]
CRC32.H 158 1989-03-15 Text [Original]
CRUNCH 5492 1986-11-06
DECRUNCH 3928 1986-11-06
dice1 752 1986-11-06
dice2 752 1986-11-06
dice3 752 1986-11-06
dice4 752 1986-11-06
dice5 752 1986-11-06
dice6 752 1986-11-06
IconMaster 49872 1989-05-22
ilbm.h 730 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
IM_ReadMe 7766 1989-05-22 Text [Original]
init.bas 11124 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
kamikazechess 21256 1986-11-06
loadpic 12824 1986-11-06
loadpic.c 7335 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
Marbles 106882 1989-05-25 Image [Original]
more 4240 1986-11-06
Packerdocs 22767 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
pic 40012 1986-11-06
pic_dat 412 1986-11-06
POWERPAC.KER 25224 1986-11-06
README 105 1986-11-06 Text [Original]
SuperView 7892 1986-11-06
Towers 10788 1986-11-06
UNZIP 18068 1989-07-04
UNZIP.c 24265 1989-07-04 Text [Original]
UNZIP.DOC 2957 1989-03-15 Text [Original]
woodland2 111814 1986-11-06 Image [Original] 512 1989-07-04 559 1989-05-25 Text [Original]


	IconMaster Menus:

	Main Window:
	    "Open" will open iether the file or an associated
	Icon or both. From the file (if any) it loads "Flags"
	(see below) and any ToolTypes associated with the file.
	If there IS no file (or directory), these flags are those
	of the Icon. From the Icon it gets Image(s), and if no
	file, all the flags.
	If niether file or icon can be found, a requester informs
	    You can run IconMaster with a file to start up with.
	From CLI, type "IconMaster Filename". From Workbench, click
	on IconMaster, then hold the shift key and doubleclick the 
	icon for the file you want.
	(Flags: Deleteable, Readable, writeable, etc.)

	    "Save Flags Only" Does just that! No image or tooltypes
	are saved. This is intended for situations where you wish
	to change the flags on a file WITHOUT creating an icon.
	    "Save (FileName)" Saves the current Image(s), Flags,
	ToolTypes, and Comments to "FileName".
	    "Save as" As above, but opens a file requester for 
	Inputting FileName.
	    "About" A little info.
	    "Quit"  What do YOU think?
	    "Load Icon Image" Loads ONLY the Image(s) from an Icon
	selected in the File Requestor.
	    "Load Brush as Image" Loads an IFF brush (or any IFF Picture
	except HAM) as the Image. LIMMITATIONS: Will only load
	the first two bitplanes, so brushes with more than two will
	look strange. Loads only the upper left 314 wide by 98 high
	portion of wider/higher Pictures.
	    "Save Image as Brush" will write an IFF brush file of the
	selected image. Including a colormap with your workbench
	    "Edit Image" will pass the selected image to the edit
	    "Use Default Image" Will get the default images. There
	are simple Images built into IconMaster, however, you may
	choose default Images of your own by inserting ToolType
	entries in IconMaster's Icon. Use "DISK=Filename" for
	your default icon. Filename may be the device (ex: DF0:disk) or
	a complete Filename. (ex: DH1:Icons/disk) The same applies
	for DRAWER=, TOOL=, PROJECT=, and TRASH=. Note that keyword
	must be UPPER CASE.
	    "Swap Images" Will swap primary and secondaty images.
	    "Copy Pri. Image to Sec." Will make the secondary image
	a copy of the primary Image.
	    "Delete Secondary Image" Does just that.
	"Icon Type" Will change the type of Icon to be saved.

        In the edit window:
            The top two rows are 10 color gadgets. (Bet you can't see
        color 0! ). Starting at color 5, you get a dithered pattern
        of two colors. The mouse pointer becomes the color which
        will be put at that location when drawing. The "Pen" gadget
        also displays the current color(s). To reverse the positions
        of two colors, click the Pen gadget.
            The next row of gadgets are Pixel (draw one pixel at a
        time), Box (draw UNFILLED box), Circle (draw UNFILLED circle.
        NOTE: Due to an intuition bug, unfilled circles draw in ONE
        color!), Undo (undoes the last action taken, even Undo! (except
        size may only be Undone, it will not toggle), and Clear (clears
        the pallette).

	    The next row of gadgets are Line (draws straight line),
	Filled Box, Filled Circle, FILL (flood fill from current
	location to border of another color or edge of Image), and
	(Ta da!) DONE, which returns you efforts to the main window.
	You may return to the main window WITHOUT saving changes by
	clicking the windowclose gadget!
	    The next gadget is Brush, which allows you to pick up a part
	of your image and place it elswhere. When you first click it,
	your brush pointer becomes cross-hairs. Pick a corner of the
	area you want to pick up. Click the left mouse button and
	HOLD it until you get to the opposite corner of the area you 
	want to pick up, then release. While you are moving, you see a
	marking the area to be picked up. If you have allready picked
	a brush, gone to another mode, and now want to use the brush
	again, click the Brush gadget with the RIGHT mouse button.
	Your most recent brush will return! Once you return to the
	main window, the brush is lost.
	    Finally, there's the Text gadget. Click this gadget, and
	a new window opens. The first time clicked, there will be a
	delay while your current FONT: directory is loaded. Once
	it is, pick the font you wish to use via the slide gadget
	and left mouse. Or click "New Font Dir" to open a requester
	from which you may choose a new FONTS: directory. You CAN
	choose a directory with no fonts in it, but why would you 
	want to? Once you've choosen a font, click in the Text window,
	delete "Text" and enter the text you want. Hit return, or
	click "Done", and draw your text! If you change your mind,
	hit cancel. You do not need to pick a font again if all you
	want to change is the text. Only IconMaster sees your
	newly selected FONTS: directory, all others see the one
	most recently assigned outside IconMaster. As with brushes,
	text may be recalled via the RIGHT mouse button.
	    Below these are four arrow gadgets which will Scroll
	your Image within the window. Click and hold to repeat.
	If you accidentaly scroll part of your image out of the window,
	Undo will allow you to start over, provided you don't perform
	any other action first.
	    To the left of these are a stack of gadgets which are
	pretty self-explainatory except that "Std Colors" will allow
	you to see the Image in the "standard" Workbench colors.
	Click it quickly, it will change and lock. Click again to
	return to your colors. Click and hold a bit, it will return
	your colors when you release it. Note that if you are allready
	using the "standard" workbench colors, this gadget will
	not seem to do anything!

	    The two slide gadgets control which portion of your image is
	displayed in the magnify window.

            There's a menu to allow you to Swap Colors. If you choose
        "0 and 1", all pixels now color 0 will be changed to color 1,
        and vica versa.
	IconMaster has keyboard equivelants in the draw window.
	A help page tells you what they are.
	Want to see it? Push (gasp!) the "Help" key!
	(How novel!)

	IconMaster's file requester looks very much like the ARP file	
	requester with a fwew changes. The Drawer box ALLWAYS tells
	you the full pathname to the current directory starting with
	the volume name! The Device list is ALLWAYS there. Click the
	right mouse button, and the top of the display will move in
	rotation as follows:
	    If the top listing is a file, it moves to the first directory,
	or if there are none, to the first Disk Drive.
	    If the top listing is a directory, it moves to the first
	Disk Drive.
	    If the top listing is a Disk Drive, it moves to the first
	assigned directory.(Examples of assigned directories: C: DEVS:)
	    Finally, if the top listing is an assigned device, it moves
	to the first file. (Head of the list).
	    For IconMaster, it has been modified to allow you to return
	a directory name, so you can choose a new font dir., or load
	a drawer Icon.
	    If you choose Cancel, the program does NOT get the filename
	selected. (With ARP, Cancel leaves your program with NO filename,
	and the CHeath requester changes the program's idea of what it's
	filename is!

	If you use IconMaster, a shareware fee of $10.00 or more is expected.
	Send $20.00 and a disk in a postage paid, self-addressed mailer, or
	$25.00 (or more if you like!) to receive IconMaster V2.0. V2 will
	handle 8/16 color icons!! Suggestions for other new features
	gratefully accepted!
	Have fun, and enjoy IconMaster!!

	John Scheib
	3805 Fairway Circle
	Las Vegas, Nevada 89108
	OR  RCBBS (702) 364-8721


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