MAG Disk (Jul 1989) : PaperPlane / PaperPlane.Read

Here is a program for kids to create super paper airplanes. It is designed
to be use in conjuction with Deluxe Paint or a simular paint program.


         PaperPlane.Example - A completed plane ready to print out and use.

         PaperPlane.Maker - The outline of the plane for you to use in
               designing your own aircraft.

         PaperPlane.Stickers - A collection of designs, names, missles, etc.
               to be picked up as brushes and placed on your plane.

         PaperPlane.Folding - How to fold your printed plane.

         PaperPlane.Read - This file. The ONLY file is not a hi-res picture.

All the pictures are in Hi-Resolution (640X400). Load Deluxe Paint in
Hi-Res. After it is up load PaperPlane.Example and look at where things are
placed on it. Print it out. Load PaperPlane.Folding and print it out. Follow
the instructions on PaperPlane.Folding to make the example into a flying

Look at where the different parts of the plane end up after folding. This
will give you some ideas for designing your own.

Now make your own Air Force. Load PaperPlane.Maker into DeluxePaint. Hit the
"J" key and the picture will move to a spare screen. Load
PaperPlane.Stickers. Hit the "J' key again to get the Maker picture back.
Now you can color your plane In any way you want. The different things on
the Stickers picture can be picked up as brushes and place on your plane.
Read your DPaint manual to see how to use costum brushes.

Have fun;

Michael Fahrion