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                          INOVAtronics, Inc.
                   8499 Greenville Ave.  Suite 209B
                          Dallas, TX   75231

Dear Amiga Enthusiast,

	INOVAtronics is proud to announce our newest and most
ambitious product to date, CanDo!  In the past, we've engineered some
of the most innovative software tools available to the Amiga developer.
Now we've taken our expertise and applied it to a revolutionary
software authoring system designed to let any Amiga owner create real

	Applications that are created with CanDo can be practically
anything - simple presentations, utilities, educational software,
games, interactive multimedia presentations, prototypes, even custom
interfaces into other programs.  These stand alone applications can be
given to friends, released into the public domain, or sold without any
license fees or royalties.

	CanDo is incredibly easy to use.  Programs can be created by
just pointing and clicking.  CanDo has a sophisticated help system
that can guide the user every step of the way.  Anyone capable of
using popular productivity software can now author their own
customized software.

	CanDo is specifically designed to take full advantage of the
way the Amiga works.  From CanDo's inception, we've paid particular
attention to efficiently harnessing the Amiga's fundamental operating
principles while striving for a consistant, easy to use interface.  In
doing so, CanDo lets any user effectively utilizes Intuition,
multitasking, graphics, sound, animation, timers, and ARexx.

	Advanced users can realize the full potential of CanDo by
speaking its native tongue.  CanDo's highly optimized scripting
language is written in 100% assembly language and is designed
specifically around the Amiga's architecture.  This allows your
application to perform sophisticated operations quickly and

	The demo on this disk was completely assembled with CanDo.

	Graphics and sounds were created with Deluxe Paint III and
	and AudioMaster II respectively.

	This demo is freely redistributible and is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.

	Please contact us for more information.

                          INOVAtronics, Inc.
                   8499 Greenville Ave.  Suite 209B
                          Dallas, TX   75231

                        (214) 340-4991  Voice
                         (214) 340-8514  FAX
                         (214) 357-8511  BBS