MAG Disk (Nov 1989) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1986-11-06
Flipper/ 1978-03-06
Guru/ 1989-01-16
HeadClean/ 1978-04-25
JAR/ 1978-03-06
LabelPrint/ 1987-08-05
Paranoids/ 1978-03-06
SlotCars/ 1978-03-06
Nov89MagDisk 1112 1986-11-06 Text [Original]


Welcome to the November 1989 Memphis Amiga Group Disk.   Contents are mostly
games from recent Fred Fish Disks ( Thanks, Fred ) because the pickings from
Peoplelink were slim.  Anyway, this disk contains;

FLIPPER, yet another Othello clone from a German programer.
GURU, a listing of the guru meditation errors to let know what you did wrong.
HEADCLEAN, a program that lets you use a head cleaner disk ( not supplied ) 
	preferably with a liquid cleaner to keep your heads clean and keep
	away some of those nasty disk read errors.
JAR, actually the title is Jump And Run and it is a quick little game for 
	your entertainment.
LABELPRINT, a nice utility that will read your disk directory and let you 
	select the program titles for a disk label.
PARANOIDS, an asylum escape game similiar to a traditional boardgame.
SLOTCARS, it reminds me of an early video arcade game ROADGAMES.  You run
	around a maze track trying to blast the computer or a second 

I hope you enjoy this disk and have no probelms running it.

Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group