MAG Disk (Jan 1990) : SID / ReadMe.NewUsers

                            ReadMe - New Users

Thank you for taking the time to look at SID, a directory utility for
the Commodore Amiga.  If you are like me, then you are ready to plunge
immediately into the program.  Because of this, I have prepared three
separate documents:

        Quickly describes the hidden buttons and features that are
        ESSENTIAL to the operation of SID.  PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE
        USING SID!  It should take you less than a minute.

        Describes in rapid-fire fashion the many features found in
        SID.  Read this to discover more about SID after you've had
        a chance to play with it.

        Describes in detail the setup, operation, and maintenance of
        the SID configuration file.  You can completely customize SID
        to your needs and environment with the configuration file.
        Because the configuration changes as SID changes (which is
        quite often), this is a separate document.

/*-- END --*/