MAG Disk (Jan 1990) : SID / SID.MiniDocs


This file quickly describes the features and hidden buttons that are
ESSENTIAL to the operation of SID.  Please read this file before using SID!


-- The VOL button will display all available volumes.

-- Directories are orange and files are white.  Highlight an entry by
   clicking the left mouse button over it.

-- LOAD directories by DOUBLE clicking the left mouse button over the name of
   the directory in the list.

-- Get the PARENT of a directory by clicking the left mouse button on the
   gadget hidden in the left and right window borders next to each file list.

-- The ACTIVE (or source) list is denoted by orange highlighting above and
   below the list.  The inactive (or destination) list has no highlighting.

-- Select the active list by clicking the RIGHT mouse button on the list.

-- Some of the commands (such as VIEW and HEAR) may not work because you
   need to configure SID to find the corresponding program on your system.
   Consult the ConfigDocs for more information.


                 You are now ready to use SID.  Have fun!

/*-- END --*/