MAG Disk (Jan 1990) : SID / SID.Subscription

            Now you can have the most up-to-date version of SID
              delivered to your door with a SID subscription!

I've noticed that less than 1/3 of the registered SID users call the SID BBS.
This means that an awful lot of users aren't getting the most recent versions.

To alleviate this, I've created a new plan called the "SID Subscription."
For only $6 per update, each new version of SID will be mailed to you
immediately upon its completion.  It will include all of the updated docs,
plus any support programs and files.  In addition, the rest of the disk will
be filled with public domain and shareware programs--a different set each
time.  Only high-quality SONY disks will be used, so you are getting a free
disk in the process!

A new version of SID is released on the average of once a month, though you
can request to receive every other update, for example.  Please specify which
versions you want (they are numbered sequentially such as v1.06, v1.07, etc.)

To order the SID subscription, please send a check or money order for $6 per
update to:

    Timm Martin
    P.O. Box 10084
    Largo, FL  34643

Price includes shipping & handling.  For orders outside of the United States,
please add $4 per update.  Do not order more than 5 updates at one time.