MAG Disk (Apr 1990) : ThingsToRead / A1000-2000_adaptor.doc

Amiga 1000 to A2000 Keyboard Adaptor

    Enclosed with this file, will be an IFF diagram of how to make yourself
an adaptor, for using an A2000 style keyboard, on you Amiga 1000. Since there
now seem to be many 1000's floating around, without keyboards, this can bring
some utility back into that old workhorse.

    The adaptor is very simple to build, yet there is some potential hazzard
to your keyboard and/or computer if it is wired incorrectly. So, you build this AT YOUR OWN RISK! Any damages you do, are entirely your responsibility,
and you cannot hold anyone else liable. If you decide to build it, make
absolutely sure it is wired correctly, before plugging the keyboard in.

    Just follow the schematics on the enclosed IFF picture. After you have the adaptor assembled, plug it into the A1000, WITHOUT the keyboard. Turn on the 1000 and measure the voltage from pin 4 (GND) to pin 5 (+5VDC) on the DIN connector. You should read +5 volts DC. If you are getting a negative reading, your modular connector is wired backwards.

    After you test it successfully, turn off the system, plug in the A2000 keyboard, and you are ready to go. Make sure to insert the line:


 .... in your STARTUP-SEQUENCE. This will enable the use of the extra keys
on the new keyboard.

    If you have any futher questions, or comments, feel free to drop me
        a message.

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