MAG Disk (Jul 1990) :

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Name Size Date Type
ABridge/ 1990-04-08
Edit_files/ 1989-12-28
libs/ 1989-12-30
MandelMountains/ 1989-10-09
streets/ 1990-04-08
Tron/ 1989-12-30
IconX 3884 1989-12-30
more 4240 1989-12-30
ReadMe_Simpsons 4260 1990-04-22 Text [Original]
Simpsons 44620 1989-12-30
The Logo 14782 1989-12-30 Image [Original]


!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                or just                                      !
!                                                                             ! 
!                           THE SIMPSONS GAME                                 !
!                                                                             !
!                              By Marc Hart                                   !

               Here it is, the long awaited Simpsons game!

To play with one player, plug a joystick into port 2 and click on the icon.

To play with two players, plug a joystick into port 1 after clicking the icon
and when the game starts push the fire button.

To exit the game while playing push both mouse buttons. This will bring you to
the title screen. To go from the title screen to workbench, click in the upper  
left corner of the screen. To pause the game push the right mouse button and 
the fire button together, to unpause push the left mouse button.

 Feel free to distribute this game as long as you keep these files together...

                       Read me first     -  what you are reading
                       Simpsons          -  game loader
                  -  the icon
                       the logo          -  S.E.U.C.K. title screen
                       Edit files        -  directory
            Edit files/Simpsons          -  title picture
            Edit files/Simpsons.all      -  The game


    Player 1: Name - Bart Simpson
              Weapon - About a million water balloons

              Bart is the Skateboard riding, Water balloon throwing teachers
              nightmare from the fourth grade.

    Player 2: Name -  Lisa Simpson
              Weapon - A million cupcakes

              Lisa is a second grade genius and teachers pet. The teachers 
              would never throw chalk at her would they? Well these teachers 
              will throw chalk at anybody who rides a bike in the school.


     Teachers - Throw chalk for revenge. 200 points

     Bratty kid - Throws paper airplanes. 500 points

     Nurse - Is trying to give everybody shots quickly. 1000 points

     Soap shooter - Principal Skinners way to stop food fights. 100 points

     Food Fighter - Kid trying to destroy Soap shooters with Jello-Suprise.
                    100 points 
     Toilet - Bart flushed a cherry bomb down the toilet and just look what
              happened! The hallway is flooded and the toilets are shooting
              sewer slime all over! Gross. 200 points

     Basketball dude - look out for flying Basketballs in the gym. 200 points

     Walls and Water - As you may already know walls and water can not be
                       killed. Just don't run into them.

     Principal Skinner - You are about to enter another dimention, the
                         dimention of THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE !!! 

                         Principal Skinner is going to get revenge for
                         Bart spray painting the school by using giant
                         spray paint cans, his loose fitting acme lightning
                         helmet, and left-over Jello-Suprise!

                         Principal Skinner - 10000 points
                         Half of helmet    - 100 points
                         Spray can         - 500 points


After getting past Skinner is your victory party! Pop the balloons for some 
extra points by running into them ( the streamers too ).

NOTE: If Skinner killed you right before the screen changed you won't be at 
the party (It must be a S.E.U.C.K. bug).


After the party push both mouse buttons to end the game.

Oh, by the way the Simpsons are a registered trademark of Twentieth Century
Fox and were created by Matt Groening.