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AmigaWorld Expo Spring '91 INFO SHEET

AmigaWorld Expo, where home video and home computers meet, featuring
the Amiga, the world's first video computer

March 15-17, 1991 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Exhibit Floor Show Times:	
March 15th - 1:00pm to 6:00pm
March 16th - 10:00am to 6:00pm
March 17th - 10:00am to 5:00pm

The New York Hilton & Towers
1335 Avenue of the Americas between 53rd & 54th Streets.
Tel. 212-586-7000
Expected Attendance:

Admission at the door to AmigaWorld EXPO is $20.00 for one day, $25.00
for two days and $30.00 for 3 days.  Discounts are also available for

Admission includes access to the AmigaWorld EXPO Exhibition, Keynote
Sessions, the Amiga World Expo Artist Theatre and free seminars on such
subjects as video production, business, multimedia, MIDI-music,
computer-based art and animation.

Amiga Novice Classes:
Introductory courses are limited to 50, last 3 hours and cost $30.00
per person.  Courses include Basic Amiga Concepts and Understanding the
Command Line Interface.

Amiga Master Classes:
Providing information on important professional topics, there are seven
different topic areas for intermediate and advanced users.  Classes
last 3 hours and cost $60 per person.  Class size is limited to 40
students.  Master Class topics will be: The Amiga in Video, Amiga
Graphics, Amiga Animation Station, Amiga 3D, Presentation Techniques,
Amiga Multimedia.

AmigaWorld EXPO seminars are free to all ticket holders and address a
wide range of subjects.  Seminar titles include: Amiga Video Overview,
Amiga Multimedia, Amiga Video, Amiga Music/Video, Inside Workbench 2.0,
Next Generation Amiga Graphics.

AmigaWorld Magazine is North America's largest circulation
Amiga-specific magazine and has been the sponsor of AmigaWorld EXPO
since 1988.  Amiga World is published by IDG Communications, publisher
of PC World, Mac World Infoworld and over 90 computer publications

For More Information call:
Other Special Events:

Keynote Speakers

The following Amiga market leaders will speak on a major topic of
importance and interest during each day of AmigaWorld EXPO:

Friday, March 15th at 5:00pm:	Stephen Robbins, Publisher, AmigaWorld
Saturday, March 16th at 9:00am:	Tim Jenison, President, NewTek, Inc.
Sunday, March 17th at 12:00 noon:	Kailash Ambwani, President, Gold
Disk, Inc.

News Conferences

The first day of the show will feature news announcements from several
Amiga companies, inlcuding: 

Pelican Software (203-674-8221)
Announcing Pelican Press v. 1.1.

Supra, Inc. (503-967-9075)
Announcing several new modems:  SupraModem 2400 MNP, SupraModem 2400
Plus, SupraModem 9600 and the upgraded SupraModem 2400zi Plus (V.42bis)
internal modem for the A2000.

ICD Inc. (815-968-2228)
Announcing the Novia 20i, first Amiga 500 internal hard disk drive.

Oxxi, Inc. (213-427-1227)
Announcing ScanMaster 24 bit scanner, P-Stat statistical graphing and
analysis package, Aegis Visionary, a games language for creating
program Amiga games with MIDI-quality sound.

4:30	M.A.S.T. (702-359-0444)
Announcing the release of ColorBurst 24-bit Color Card.
Exhibitor Summary

ACTIVA INTERNATIONAL	                                             
Keienbergweg 95	                                                  
1101 GE Amsterdam,     Holland

Activa is proud to introduce the North American market to two exciting
new programs.  Real3D is the number one animation program in Europe
with features such as texture, bump and clip mapping, realtime preview,
boolean operations, boolean operations, anti-aliasing, 24 bit, Sculpt
conversion, and fastest ray tracer on the market.  C.A.P.S.: Computer
Aided Presentation System.  The ultimate solution for local cable
newspapers and in-house communications; CAPS supports all Amiga formats
(IFF, Anim5, etc.) and can be controlled by any other computer through
data communication.

ACTIVE CIRCUITS, INC.	                                            
1985 Highway 34 A-4	                                             I
Wall, NJ    07719  

Active Circuits produces products and interfaces for the following:
RasterLink, TGALINK, CineLink, Magnum/650, AdVision, Digital Signal
Processing hardware, the NEC PC-VCR, and telepromting systems.

AMIGA VIDEO GRAPHICS GUILD	                                       
1649 Arcane	                                                     I
SimiValley, CA  93065  

The Amiga Video Graphics Guild is a national non-profit support group
for artists and videographers who use the Amiga computer.  We offer a
quarterly journal, monthly disks, group buys and professional referral

AMIGA VIDEO MAGAZINE	                                             
200 W. 72 Street  Ste. 53	                                       I
New York, NY  10023  

Amiga Video Magazine is an action-packed hour of infotainment with
reviews, previews, interviews, user profiles, tutorials, animations and
features covering all aspects of the Amiga computer.  AVM is the only
one-hour television show dedicated to the Amiga and currently airs the
first Tuesday of every month on SpaceNet 1, Channel 21 Satellite.  The
show is also available via subscription on videocassette and from Amiga
dealers across the country.

80 Elm Street	                                                    
Peterborough,  NH  03458 

AmigaWorld, the leading Amiga magazine and sponsor of the Expo will
distribute complimentary copies of the April 1991 issue.  Offered at
special show prices will be the complete line of AmigaWorld Videos, the
AmigaWorld Tech Journal, AmigaWorld Toolchest and two new books from
151 1st Avenue, Suite 182	                                        
New York, NY  10003  
AMuse, The New York Amiga Users Group was formed in October, 1985, was
a founding partner of AmiEXPO and the user group sponsor of the Expo. 
AMuse's Booth will feature a display of artwork by AMuse members and an
on-going editing session featuring various Amiga editing tools and
techniques, as well as our public domain anthology.

ASDG INCORPORATED	                                                
925 Stewart Street	                                              I
Madison, WI  53713

ASDG Incorporated, the leader in color image processing, will be
showing its broad range of color imaging products.  The entire
step-by-step process of 24 bit color input, manipulations and output
will be demonstrated using scanners, enhanced display boards and film

BETA UNLIMITIED	                                                  
87 Summit Street	                                                 
Brooklyn, NY  11231

AudioLink is a professional 16-bit linear stereo audio processor that
boasts 16 voices (8 in stereo), sound sampling rates up to 48kHz in
stereo (96kHz 2x over sampling in mono), up to 16Mb on-board, and MIDI. 
AudioLink's sound editing software features realtime playback, cut,
copy and paste between voices, and invert, reverse, looping and
variable left and right gain.  Saves in multiple formats such as AIFF
and SAMP.

BLACK BELT SYSTEMS	                                               
398 Johnson	                                                      
Glasgow, MT  59230

To complement our ground-breaking HAM-E 24 bit display unit, Black Belt
introduces the most powerful 24 bit Image Processing software ever
available for the Amiga.  It offers 24 bit mouse driven multi-image
blending, complex operations like motion blur, rotation, scaling,
shading, asterism, feature removal, color keyed merges, geometric
distortions and hundreds more operations.  If you want to be dazzled,
come to Booth 101 and take a look.  Black Belt will also introduce
Click Fax, a professional, send/receive 9600 baud fax, 2400 baud
telecom system with extensive mouse, CLI, and ARexx interfaces for all

CALIFORNIA ACCESS	                                                
130A Knowles Drive	                                               
Los Gatos,  CA  95030 

California Access, makers of the popular CA880 external floppy disk
drive, will exhibit its new line of Amiga peripherals at the Expo.  The
flagship of this line is the Bodega Bay modular expansion console for
the Amiga 500.  It includes four 100-pin A2000 expansion slots, three
overlapping IBM XT/AT slots, space for 3 disk drives, and an internal
power supply and cooling fan.  Also scheduled for display are the
Malibu Board SCSI controller hard card, the Catalina Card 8Mb RAM
expansion daughter board, and the Boogie Board 68030 33mhz accelerator

CENTAUR SOFTWARE	                                                
P.O. Box 4400	                                                    
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Centaur Software, Inc. introduces Mindlink, a powerful
telecommunications program; MaxiSketch, an auto-configuring versatile
12 x 12 1,000 LPI drawing tablet; The Evolution, 16 bit controller,
proving to be one of the fastest hard drive controllers on the market;
Pro-Board and Pro-Net Personal printed circuit board layout and
schematic capture programs; new MyPaint version 2.0 with multiple color
palettes and full printer support; and reintroducing the Boing! optical
mouse packaged with D.U.D.E. v1.1 disk utility software.

COMPUTER CREATIONS II, INC.	                                      
602 State Street	                                                I
Cedar Falls, IA  50613

At last, through the use of new propriety techniques created and used
by Computer Creations 2, Inc., it is now possible to image any Amiga
file to 8,000 line resolution 4x5 transparencies or 4,000 line
resolution 35mm slides.  According to Duane Carlson, President of
Computer Creations 2,"Most bitmap images produce a jagged, blocky image
when put through a film recorder.  Our new technique produces bitmap
images with smooth edges, for a quality appearance.  To our knowledge,
we are the only service agency capable of this service."  Computer
Creations 2 can image high resolution slides or transparencies for all
your multi-media needs, including:

*ANY IFF 24 format standards.
*RGB format
*ANY Postscript format
*Targa Format

COMPUTROL INDUSTRIES	                                             
35-28 33rd Street	                                                
Astoria, NY  11106

Computrol Industries will be premiering the CI-Ram Board, a RAM
expansion board for the Amiga 500, 1000, and 2000 series.  Using custom
VLSI and 1Mbx4 chips, it is able to house from 2Mb to 8Mb of RAM.

COMPUTER SYSTEM ASSOCIATES	                                       
7564 Trade Street	                                                
San Diego, CA  92121

CSA, the Amiga accelerator technology leader, will be showing its
exciting, revolutionary 68030 Mega Midget Racer for the A500, A1000 and
B2000 series Amigas.  With the CSA Mega-Memory you can have up to 19Mb
of RAM.  CSA, an authorised Motorola consultant firm, will also show
the newest developments in microprocessor technology.

CREATIVE COMPUTERS	                                              
4453 Redondo Beach Blvd.	                                         
Lawndale, CA  90260

Creative Computers is the proud retail sponsor of the Expo and offers
you the best combination of price and service for your Amiga products.
Since Creative Computers is one of the leading Amiga mail order
companies, you are assured the best prices. Since Creative Computers is
the largest chain of Amiga specific stores, you are guaranteed the
excellence of service you expect from a great computer store. Feel free
to stop by our Booth and see what great opportunities await you and
your Amiga.

DAKOTA CORPORATION	                                               
135 Lafayette Road	                                              I
No. Hampton, NH  03862

Dakota Corporation will be exhibiting SketchMaster graphics tablets.
Available in 12"x 12" and 12"x 18" sizes, the tablet is ideal for
drawing,tracing and design with popular animation, paint and CAD
programs.  SketchMaster sells for $499 and $699, respectively. and
includes a stylus-pen and four button cursor, interface cable, software
driver and a clear overlay for menus. It works with any Amiga model and
all mouse-driven software.  SketchMaster is backed by a 5 year limited
warranty. See Dakota at Booth 508.

DIGITAL CREATIONS	                                                
2865 Sunrise Blvd, Suite 103	                                     
Rancho Cordova,  CA  95670 

Digital Creations is showing all of its video products for the Amiga
including DCTV.  The Future is here with DCTV - the first true color
Video Digitizer, Paint Box and Animation system for all Amiga

DIGITAL PROCESSING SYSTEMS	                                       
55 Nugget Avenue, Unit 10	                                       I
Scarborough, Ontario  M1S 3L1

Digital Processing Systems will debut the Personal TBC, a time base
corrector configured with a NewTek Video Toaster in an Amiga 2000
series computer.

DR. T'S MUSIC SOFTWARE	                                           
100 Crescent Road	                                                
Needham, MA  02194

Dr. T's is the leading maker of computer music software and multimedia
production software and hardware.  Dr. T's will be demonstrating
computer games running with AmigaVision and interactive music
composition software.

ENJA USERS GROUP	                                                
P.O. Box 2314	                                                   I
West Patterson, NJ  07424

The Eastern North Jersey Amiga (ENJA) Users Group will be presenting a
demo video tape, a compilation of select public domain software, user
group information, and membership applications.  Our users group has
been in existence since the first Amiga 1000s were on the market.  We
have a substantial membership base and have helped many users get the
most out of their machine.  Don't go it alone.  We invite anyone
interested to stop by and see what we have to offer.  ENJA meets the
first Wednesday of each month, 7:30PM at the American Legion Hall, 180
Union Blvd., Totowa, NJ.  Write to us at PO Box 2314, W. Patterson, NJ

FULLER COMPUTER SYSTEMS	                                          
P.O. Box 9222	                                                    
Mesa, AZ  85214

Come see our new disk utility software for the Amiga, Project D,
Version 2.0.  It includes a disk copier, disk editor, software catalog
tool and a special format copier.

GRAPEVINE GROUP	                                                  
3 Chestnut Street	                                                
Suffern, NY 10901

The Grapevine Group will offering Amiga upgrades including the new
Enhanced Chip Set; the Megachip 2000, a 2Mb Agnus upgrade; the new Big
Foot 150 watt power supply, and other Amiga products you won't find
anywhere else.  Be sure to pick up your free 34 page catalog.

GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS	                                            
600 Clark Avenue	                                                 
King of Prussia, PA  19406  

GVP, dedicated to offering state-of-the-art products for the Amiga,
presents Scala, a professional presentation software package. Come se a
demonstration of this incredible program, which will be shown every
hour on the hour.  In addition don't miss our Series II Hard Card
Controller + RAM expansion board, our RAM only board and, of course,
our incomparable A3050 accelerator system, now available with up to
20Mb of 32 bit RAM.  Join us at booth 302 and see for yourself the
products that will transform your Amiga into the ultimate machine.

HOLOSOFT TECHNOLOGIES	                                            
1637 E. Valley Parkway, S-172	                                    
Escondido, CA  92027

Graphics Workshop from Holosoft Technologies is a feature packed
paint/animation program.  It includes in addition to standard features:
a ten-brush library, true anti-aliasing, true polygons, rays, 4-point
curves, color replacement, rub-through, pattern draw, automatic normal
and halfbright shadows, Cell animation, objects, and color areas.  It
easily converts Cell-animation into page-animation for program
compatibility.  Holosoft is pleased to introduce their newest product
HAM-E Workshop for the HAM-E Video Device.

ICD, INC 	                                                       
1220 Rock	                                                        
Rockford,  IL  61101 

No compromises... the best products, the best prices, the best support. 
ICD develops state-of-the-art hardware for Amiga computers.  ICD's
complete product line includes AdSCSI and AdIDE host adapters and hard
drives.  AdRAM memory boards, the AdSpeed accelerator, and Flicker Free
Video - the first de-interlacer to support Amiga 500, 1000 and 2000
series of computers.  The Expo marks the exciting debut of Novia 20i. 
Stop by Booth 106 in Hall 1 to see what the commotion in all about!

I.DEN VIDEOTRONICS CORP.	                                         
9620 Chesapeake Dr., Ste. 204	                                   I
San Diego, CA  92123

I.Den delivers performance you can rely on at a price you can afford. 
Introducing the IVT-7 Time Base Corrector featuring: S-VHS, Hi8, and
Composite inputs and outputs and Full frame memory allowing
non-synchronous inputs with a simple video input connection.  The IVT-7
is ideal for use with NewTek's Video Toaster and other prosumer VCR

INOVATRONICS INC.	                                                
8499 Greenville Avenue, Suite 209B	                               
Dallas, TX  75231

Inovatronics will be showing new version of CanDo, an application
authoring system.  CanDo enables anyone to create real stand-alone
software without prior programming experience.  Also: Programming
Tools: CAPE68K, InovaTools 1, PowerWindows 2.5 and HyperHelpers -
Hypertext help for AmigaDos 2.0 and 1.3.

INTERACTIVE VIDEO SYSTEMS	                                        
7245 Garden Grove Blvd, Ste E	                                    
Garden Grove, CA  92641  

IVS presents their line of Amiga hardware: the TrumpCard Professional,
TrumpCard and TrumpCard 500 - SCSI hard disk controllers; Meta4 and
Meta4/500 4Mb Memory board; PrinterFace printer port for use with sound
and video digitizers; Infinit40 Removable media drive systems; and the
new Grand Slam Multifunction Card for multimedia presentations.

JOE'S FIRST COMPANY	                                              
86 Parliment Suite 301A	                                          
Toronto, Ontario    Canada

Joe's First will present their fine line of Desktop Publishing
accessories for the Amiga including the Pic-Magic series of Clip Art.

JVC PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS	                                       
41 Slater Drive	                                                 I
Elmwood Park, NJ  07407  

JVC will display its professional S-VHS recorders including the
BR-S811U editing recorder, broadcast RGB multi-format monitors
including the VM-R190SU, RGB cameras and the BR-S605U S-VHS
player/recorder, a uniquely flexible, open architecture VTR intended
for control with personal computers.

KID'S COMPUTER NEWS	                                              

Kids Computer News will be providing a wide selection of the most
current public domain and shareware to the Amiga community.

MEMORY AND STORAGE	                                               
TECHNOLOGY (M.A.S.T.)	                                           I
1895 Greg Street
Sparks, NV  89431

M.A.S.T. announce production of their latest Amiga peripheral,
ColorBurst, a professional quality 24 bit colorcard. ColorBurst
delivers superb clarity in 16.8 million colors per pixel in full
overscan with resolution of 768 x 580 pixels.  ColorBurst comes with a
slideshow program, Sculpt, Turbo Silver and Digiview loaders, and a 24
bit IFF paint and image processing program.  The external unit plugs
into all Amiga models through the monitor port, and utilizes any Amiga
compatible monitor.  It operates transparently to the Amiga. 
ColorBurst gives true broadcast quality video output and is NTSC/PAL
SECAM compatible.  To connect ColorBurst to a TV or VCR add any genlock
or video modulator.  ColorBurst has 1.5Mb of display RAM on board. 
ColorBurst's Video Coprocessor enables many powerful real time video
special effects, including mixing with Amiga graphics, Scrolling and
Animating in 24 bits, fade in/out, 2 hardware stencils for video
priority and others.  The retail price is $499.00.

MEMORY EXPANSION SYSTEMS	                                         
46 Fenwick Street	                                                
Liverpool, England L2 7ND

Memory Expansion Systems Limited of United Kingdom are launching their
Cortext range of RAM expansions for all Amigas.  This includes their
8Mb external RAM expansion systems for the A500/A1000 which has had an
excellent reception in the UK.  Memory Expansion Systems would like to
hear from any dealers or distributors interested in marketing Cortex
RAM expansions in the United States.

MEMORY WORLD, INC.	                                              
2476 Croydon Court	                                               
Bensalem, PA  19020

The world's largest seller of Amiga specific chips: memory, CPU's, math
co-processors.  Memory World specializes in all upgrades with immediate

MIDWEST COMMUNICATIONS	                                           
Four Teseneer Drive
Highland Heights, KY  41076

MICROSEARCH, INC.	                                                
9896 Southwest Freeway	                                          I
Houston, TX  77074

Micro Search is proud to announce the release of another video product:
ChromaKey, a device which puts live video in front of computer
generated graphics.  The reverse effect of the genlocking, ChromaKey
technology lets a television newscaster appear to be standing in front
of a computer generated weather map.  The ChromaKey effect is not new
technology, but until now it was exclusively in the domain of the
professional television studio or special effects house.  MicroSearch
now brings it to the desktop with the ChromaKey for the Amiga computer. 
Retail priced at $395.00, it comes with a bluedrop, 2 diskettes of
graphics and VHS demo tape.  ChromaKey requires an Amiga computer and
external genlock, and any composite video source to operate.

215 E. 8th Street	                                               I
Topeka,  KS  66603 

NewTek's Video Toaster is a revolutionary breakthrough.  It is an
entire television studio full of video gear compacted into a desktop
sized box.  It allows anyone to make videos that have the look and
quality of broadcast television for only a few thousand dollars.  The
Toaster can tumble and spin up to four live video sources around the
screen, it can add titles, it features 3D animation and paint abilities
along with many other unique capabilities.  Not only is all this power
in one device, but it is operated from one simple interface with a
computer mouse.  Now any musician, producer, or artist can have control
of his own video.

NEC TECHNOLOGY INC.	                                              
1255 Michael Drive	                                              I
Wooddale, IL  60191-1094

The low-cost PC-VCR is designed for desktop video presentations, video
filing and interactive training applications.  Compatible with the
Amiga, Macintosh, and IBM personal computers, it features single-frame
accuracy for editing and creating presentations.  The PC-VCR does not
require any special equipment or processing and the edited videotape
can be played on virtually any VCR.

OXXI/AEGIS INC.	                                                 
1339 E. 28th Avenue	                                              
Long Beach,  CA  90806 

Oxxi, Inc., the emerging leader in the Amiga software market will be
showing several major new products.  The company's Aegis division,
dedicated to the development of high-quality graphic and sound
products, will showcase several new achievements, including
SpectraColor, the first HAM paint program with brush animations;
VideoTitler 3D, the first 3D video titling program with key frame
animation, Aegis SoundMaster, their new high speed sound digitizer that
includes AudioMaster III, the leading sound sampling software for the
Amiga.  Oxxi will also be exhibiting Oxxi TurboText, the
state-of-the-art text editor for creation of customized editing
environments and previewing two new products: Presentation Master: a
complete professional presentation package for automation of storyline,
design, graphics and contents development and production of slide and
video presentations; and PSTAT: for sophisticated statistical analysis
and graphic presentation of results.

PELICAN SOFTWARE 	                                                
768 Farmington Avenue	                                            
Farmington,  CT  06032 

At last a fantastic Desktop Publishing program, Pelican Press for the
Amiga, that the whole family will love.  Print our posters up to 40
feet long, create your own art - have fun!

PULSAR INTERNATIONAL	                                             
414 Maple Ave	                                                   I
Westbury,  NY  11590 

Pulsar International is dedicated to bringing the best of European
hardware and software to the US with American pricing and support. 
Stop by Pulsar to see the latest.

QUEENS COMMODORE USERS	                                           
2013 Himrod Street	                                               
Ridgewood, NY  11385

The Queens Commodore Users Group (QCUG) is the longest running users
group in Queens, NY.  Members will be answering questions you may have
about QCUG, as well as selling disks from our PD library.  The library
was compiled by our members and contains over 70 disks of various PD
120 McGill Street	                                               I
Montreal, Quebec  H2Y2E5  Canada

ROCTEC ELECTRONICS, INC.	                                         
17 Knowles Drive, Suite 202	                                     I
Los Gatos, CA  95030

Roctec Electronics Inc. has come to the Amiga market with a series of
essential peripherals for the Amiga users, including:

-an Ultra Slim drive for Amiga
-a 5.25" floppy drive that will do 360 K format with bridgecard.
-an entry level genlock with manual dissolve function in OVERLAY and
FADE mode.
-an anti-virus device with audio alarm and track number display

The Ultra Slim external floppy drive is 0.9 in. high and consumes less
than l.8 Watt power.  The quality of the drive is typical of Roctec
products.  It is professionally designed and manufactured.  The entry
level genlock features "Dissolve" function in the OVERLAY and FADE
mode, offering the best value in the price range.

RocKnight is an anti-virus device from the company to guard against any
attempt to attach Virus to the track zero of the diskette.  It further
displays the track position of the magnetic head of the floppy drive
for different disk applications.

The company has been in the Amiga market for 5 years.  In addition to
the Amiga products, the Roctec also specializes in external floppy
drives for PC laptops and PS/2 systems.

SHOW LINE VIDEO	                                                  
120 Beacon Street	                                               I
Boston, MA  02116  

SOFT-LOGIK PUBLISHING CORP.	                                      
11131 F South Towne Square	                                       
St. Louis,  MO  63123 

On display will be the recently released PageStream version 2.1 desktop
publishing program along with several new complimentary products for
the Commodore Amiga.  Preview products will include:  a drawing
program, a bit map editor, a word processing program and an inter
program communication system.  During the show there will be ongoing
product demonstrations and booth personnel available to answer
technical questions.  Each day attendees will be able to enter
PageStream 2.1 drawings and each evening just before the close of the
show winners will be announced.  Stephanie Manning is the company's PR
220 W. 2950 South	                                                
Salt Lake City, UT  84115  

The Spirit Technology Corp. product line, focusing on expansion
hardware for the Amiga includes: RAM Memory Expansion boards from 512K
to 8Mb; NEW 4Mb internal Memory Board that plugs into 'trapdoor slot"
in A500; ST-506 Hard Drive Adaptor systems; Multiple-port MIDI
interface. Genlock/encoder with NTSC, Key, RGB outs and remote capable
controls with fade-slider; and the AX-S Expansion System interfaces
Amiga Buss/Port to PC/XT-AT Buss

SUNRIZE INDUSTRIES 	                                              
2959 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 204	                             I
Campbell, CA  95008

Sunrize Industries, Perfect Sound creators, will be introducing two new
sound products in New York.  Audition 4 is the next generation digital
sound system that allows you to edit 8-bit IFF sounds in ways
previously impossible.  Written in 100% assembly language, Audition 4
includes numerous effects.  Studio 16 is our new "CD quality" hard disk
based sound editing system.  Turn your Amiga 2000/3000 into a
professional digital audio workstation.  Two audio cards are available
for use with Studio 16 and comes complete with DSP chips, a SMPTE time
code reader, and RAM.  The AD1012 is a 12 bit card that is ideal for
audio for video applications.  The AD1016 is a 16 bit card that
provides CD quality sampling along with MIDI and digital I/O ports.

SUPRA CORPORATION	                                                
1133 Commercial Way	                                              
Albany,  OR  97321 

Supra is showing lots of exciting new products at the Expo.  First,
they are introducing several new modem products - including the
SupraModem 2400 MNP (MNP 2-5), the SupraModem 2400 Plus (MNP 2-5 &
V.42bis), the SupraModem 9600 (V.32, V42bis) and the upgraded
SupraModem 2400zi Plus (V.42bis) internal modem for the Amiga 2000 that
will be bundled with ATalk III telecommunications software.  Supra will
also be showing new developments in their data storage products line. 
Their new Series III hard disk software offers vastly improved
performance for all SupraDrive hard disks - as well as easier
formatting, higher compatibility, and easier system installation. 
Supra will also have a variety of new configurations of their
SupraDrive 500XP (hard disk and RAM for the Amiga 500) and their
SupraDrive WordSync systems for the Amiga 2000.  Supra will introduce
the SupraDrive Ultra 1Mb floppy drive that features Stop-Click noise
reduction and a boot-block virus protector for increased usability and
safety.  Finally, Supra will have their new SupraRam 500RX 1-8Mb
expansion board with pass-through for the A500 - the first external RAM
expansion that is compatible with other external devices.

6114 LaSalle Avenue, Suite 304	                                   
Oakland,  CA  94611 

ImageFinder is a graphics indexing program that creates one or more
index files by scanning disk volumes or directories looking for ILBM
image files.  Miniatures of these images are stored in the index file
and can be browsed directly or after being sorted.