diskMAGazine (Apr 1991) : CommodoreNews

A Press release from 
Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
1200 Wilson Drive
WestChester, PA 19380

For further information, contact
Jim Dondero at Fleishman-Hillard, Inc.


WEST CHESTER, PA - March 7, 1991 - In line with industry trends,
Commodore Business Machines, Inc. today announced significant cuts in
the suggested retail prices of Amiga (R) 2000 and Amiga 3000 series
personal computers and selected Amiga peripherals, including the
company's AT and XT MS-DOS (R) compatible Amiga Bridgeboard (TM)
products.  Amiga CPU price reductions, which are now in effect, range
from 6% to 26% (see attached price sheet).

In other news, Commodore (R) announced CommodoreExpress (TM) Gold
Service, an offshoot of the tremendously successful CommodoreExpress
program which has been serving purchasers of Commodore's consumer
products since April 1990.  Gold Service is an industry-leading service
program that will provide 24-hour toll-free helpline service and next
day on-site repairs to customers for a one-year period.  The service is
free-of-charge for one year from date of purchase providing the
purchaser returns a completed Gold Service activation form with proof-

"Today's announcements reflect our commitment to providing superior
value and service to our customers.  Many of our customers,
particularly those corporate users involved in demanding multimedia
applications, require fast on-site service," said David Archambault,
Commodore's director of business markets.  Added Commodore's vice
president of customer satisfaction, Jim Reeder: "There's no doubt that
Commodore Express Gold Service will set a new industry standard for
customer service at a time when others are retrenching in this area."

CommodoreExpress service agents are trained in troubleshooting and
review customer master records as calls come in to determine if a
service dispatch is required.  Should the agent deem such an action
necessary, Commodore's National Service Provider, HFSI, or a specially-
trained Amiga reseller, is notified and shipped all repair parts, if
needed, via Federal Express (R) delivery service.  In some cases, unit
replacements are shipped directly to the customer.  Next day service is
provided in most locations provided that incoming calls are received by
4:00 p.m., local time.

The service applies exclusively to Amiga 2000, Amiga 2000HD, Amiga
2500/30 and Amiga 3000 purchases from Authorized Amiga Resellers. 
Commodore will soon offer customers the option to extend Gold Service
coverage by 12 or 24 months.

Commodore Business Machines, Inc., based in West Chester, PA.,
manufacturers and markets a complete line of computers and peripherals
for the business, education, government and consumer markets.

The multitasking Amiga (R) line includes the Amiga 500, the Amiga 2000,
two enhanced products - the Amiga 2000HD and the Amiga 2500/30 - the
Amiga 3000 and the Amiga 3000UX.

HFSI is a worldwide systems integrator and supplier of computer
hardware, software, secure systems, maintenance, and technical
services.  HFSI has headquarters in McLean, VA., and 30 field locations
in the U.S., Europe and the Far East.

Commodore is a registered trademark and CommodoreExpress is a trademark
of Commodore Electronics Limited.  Amiga is a registered trademark and
Bridgeboard is a trademark of Commodore Amiga, Inc., MSDOS is a
trademark of Microsoft.  Federal Express is a trademark of Federal
Express, Inc.

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(Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices)

Amiga 2000            $1895         $1599      (-16%)

Amiga 2000HD           2699          1999      (-26%)

Amiga 2500/30          4699          3799      (-19%)

Amiga 3000-16/50       3299          2999      (-10%)

Amiga 3000-25/50       3999          3499      (-12%)

Amiga 3000-25/100      4999          4699      (-6%)

A2630                  1999          1799      (-10%)
Amiga 68030 Processor Board

A2058                   649           349      (-54%)
RAM Expansion Board

A2088D                  699           499      (-29%)
Amiga XT Bridgeboard

A2286                  1599           799      (-50%)
Amiga AT Bridgeboard

A2300                   299           169      (-44%)
Amiga Internal Genlock

A2091                   399           199      (-50%)
Amiga Hard Drive Autoboot Controller

A1680                    99            59      (-41%)
Amiga 1200 baud modem

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CARD RETAILS FOR $299 (suggested retail price)

WEST CHESTER, PA., - March 6, 1991 - Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
today introduced the A2320 Display Enhancer (TM), a new $299 graphics
board for its versatile Amiga (R) 2000 series of personal computers. 
The new product, which is available now through Authorized Amiga
Resellers, provides an alternate video display output that yields and
image with no flicker or visible scan lines in interlaced or non-
interlaced Amiga graphics modes.

"Our new Amiga graphics board is ideal for Amiga applications requiring
a professional high-resolution color display," said David Archambault,
Commodore's director of business markets.  "We believe the product will
significantly enhance the graphics potential of the A2000 line for
advanced business applications."

The A2320 board fits into the video slot of A2000 series machines and
is compatible with existing software, all display modes and internal
Amiga plug-in boards which do not occupy the video slot.

Additional features include:

- Compatible with NTSC and PAL Amiga video formats;

- Full support of the Amiga's 4,096 color palette and HAM (hold-and-
modify) modes;

- Output compatible with standard multiscan monitors;

- The ability to function with many external genlocks to provide
flicker-free reference display of Amiga graphics during video work; and

- Operation is transparent to Amiga software packages.

The product employs de-interlacing technology to remove the flicker and
visible scan lines of the Amiga's NTSC - and PAL-compatible interlaced
display mode, according to Archambault.

For further information on the A2320 Display Enhancer, contact your
nearest Authorized Amiga Reseller or call 1-800-66AMIGA for more

Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga Inc.
A2320 DISPLAY ENHANCER is a trademark of Commodore Electronics Ltd.

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