diskMAGazine (Apr 1991) : FrameGrabber

FrameGrabber, by Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc., is
a high-performance real-time video image digitizer for all Amiga personal
computers. Specifically engineered to capture live images in 4,096 color
mode, FrameGrabber comes in a stand-alone case and connects easily to video
cameras and VCRs.

FrameGrabbers's unique image control software lets you create time-lapse
animation sequences in HAM mode and live partial-screen animation using the
new VSKIP animation file format. There are extra options for saving smaller
parts of an image or making multiple exposures of static images. There's
even a convenient Live Video Software Switch for previewing your shots
before digitizing.

FrameGrabber captures images in as little as 1/60th of a second (1/30th of
a second for color) and temporarily stores them using its own internal
dynamic RAM. Screen resolutions range from 320 x 200 to 640 x 400,
including Overscan (352 x 240). FrameGrabber supports all Amiga color
modes, including 64 color Halfbrite, 4,096 color HAM mode and an advanced
dithering mode that produces thousands of apparent colors in high-res (16
color) mode. There are also five different formats for image storage,
including IFF and Raw RGB Data formats.