MAG Disk (Jul 1991) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1991-07-07
Connex/ 1990-10-03
Dominos/ 1991-08-14
fBlanker/ 1991-07-07
Genesis/ 1990-10-03
LHCon/ 1991-07-07
MadBlanker/ 1991-07-07
PicSaver/ 1991-07-07
Disk_Contents 1946 1991-07-07 Text [Original]


     Thanks for purchasing this month's MAG Disk.  For some unknown reason 
Peoplelink has been down, so I have had to resort Fish Disk for this month's   
Disk.  Shelly Franklin asked for a screen blanker so, I had to dig deep to
find her one.  I have also included one to use with Amiga 2.0 DOS.

Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group      

Connex		A "connect-4" type game.  Shareware, binary only.
		Author:  Adrian Millett

Dominos		The standard game of dominos with 6-6 set.  The computer
		will provide quite a challenge to any skilled player.
		Version 1.0, includes source in Basic.
		Author:  Russell Mason

fBlanker	A utility for blanking the screen after a defined period
		of no action.  Shows a multicolor Amiga checkmark.  This
		is version 1.1, binary only, requires AmigaDOS 2.0.
		Author:  Markus Stoll

Klondike	A single player card game.  Version 1.1c, binary only.
		Author:  Peter Wiseman

LHCon		A program that will convert Arc and Zoo formatted archives
		to LHArc format.  This will save precious disk space.  LHCon
		will do single files or entire directories.  It also has the
		capability to preserve the comment field of the file for
		BBS programs that require it and for the individuals who
		label their programs in that manner.  Version 1.01.
		Binary only.
		Author:  Steve Robbins and Bill Huff

MadBlanker	A cute screen blanker that bounces a transparent rectangle
		around on the screen, like a theater spotlight, with
		configurable options which include size and whether or not
		you want the rectangle to change size.  Version 2.0,
		includes source.
		Author: K. Mardam-Bey
PicSaver	A small utility that allows you cut rectangular portions of
		any screen and store them on disk as IFF ILBM files.  Also
		allows easy saving of windows and entire screens to disk.
		This is version 1.1, an update to version 1.0 on disk 483.
		Includes source in assembler.
		Author:  Preben Nielsen