diskMAGazine (Aug 1991) : GenieVideoConference

Hello All! This is the transcript of what occurred on the first 
Multimedia and Video night which was held on 07/18/91 at 10:00 PM
EDT. This was the introductory night for the conference. From now
on the conference will be held Every Thursday night at 10:00 PM
EDT, with your host Yury German (E-Mail Address: Y.German3), 
otherwise known as Blue-Knight. See you on Thursday nights!
Stenographer for the Conference was Jennifer Marlowe. Thanks Jenifer!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hello All. Welcome to the Multimedia and 
Amiga Video Night.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Kevin are you talking about outputting lightwave 
graphics to video or to print.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well from lightwave you would need a single frame 
recorder... A VTR which is able to accept one frame at a time. I guess it
all depends on the price range the best is a Digital Disk recorder. But they are 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> The other way Kevin... is to use your VTR 
(considering its a good one) and recording a few seconds... then editing to the 
best ability to put it together... That will give you results that are not so 
good, but descent anyway.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Kevin -- did that answer your question? (There is a 
way to cheat a little with equipment less expensive but that is a different story.
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Yes, thanks!
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> Is anyone here any good with Lightwave?
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> I love that way the rendering works, But I am not too 
good with the modler it self.
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> Has New-Tek announced anything about a A3000 version of 
the Toaster?
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Not that I've heard, Jamie
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> heh figures...I'm still waiting for the A3000 version of 
Digi-View! sigh
<[Locutus of A] B.SMALL2> Does anybody here have any star-trek objects that I 
can use with lightwave?!?!?1
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Actually...I'm looking for the Enterprise NC-1701D in *any* 
<DEB> D.Miller:  You work with the folks at Blue Ribbon Bakery?  Bars'n'Pipes??!
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> yes I do
<DEB> ::Smile::
<DEB> Welcome aboard the *StarShip*!  Glad to have you here!
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> thanks
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> Deb: I like AV A lot!
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> I love CanDo a LOT MORE! :)
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> I thought CanDo was more limited than AV...(from what 
I've heard around here)
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> Can Do is better if you want stand alone programs
<DEB> AV and CanDo are just *different* things.
<[-Ian!-] L.ABRAMS2> No Jamie... It is much better for 'general' programs. I 
never liked it, tho. Not enough of a 'pro' look.
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> I've got 'em both and I like CanDo better. The only 
thing CanDo doesn't DO is the nice transitions that AV can....
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> BUT, AV does seem a bit more professional...
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Well, at least CanDo's text handling is about 10 
million times better than AV!
<[-Ian!-] L.ABRAMS2><[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> I'm not using AV to handle Text!
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Gee... if only they'd combine 'em.... BOY OH BOY would 
I be set!
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> well R.a.C. if CanDo er can do ARexx then you can use 
them together!
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> let CanDo call AV's ARexx port, and let AV call CanDo's 
ARexx port!
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> Does anybody know how to have a deck with a file 
requestor in it?
<DEB> There's a CanDo file requester.
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> I know there is a file requestor, but how do you put it 
into a script?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> does CanDo support LD drivers?
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> I think CanDo does support them, tho' not directly, I 
think it uses its AREXX port....
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> them being laser disc drivers....
<[The Poobah] B.SMALL2> Also about can do, if I launch a program, how can I 
have it's pout put on the screen?
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> Can AV use Hypercard stacks?
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> I don't believe so, Sheldon
<DEB> Eddie Churchill is here online all the time now, you know, you might ask 
these CanDo questions of him in the CanDo topic on the BBoard.  And I guess we 
need to schedule ANOTHER conference with him, mmmm??  Lots of CanDo 
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> I'm trying to put together a list of goodies for a suite.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Kevin it all depends on the price range of the suite!
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Well, nothing cheesy, but not top of the line either.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Kevin --- what are you looking to do with the studio?
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Provide quality post production to the low end industrial 
video market.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well.. Then what you would really need... is the 
standard VTR's with the format that you choose.... a Single Frame recorder If 
you want to add any animations Plus TBc's... Whow Mucha cash.
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> speaking of the toaster:  blue ribbon is working on a 
link between B&P & the toaster
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Blue Ribbon and Toaster together... That would be 
great... I assume it will work Music through amiga to boot :-)
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> yes. currently there is one problem with timer 
allocation but were fixing it
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> i.e. the toaster uses the same timer B&P does
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Toaster/B&P timer problem: hmmm, shouldn't be a problem 
if they're allocating their stuff before using it
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> just a small problem, but soon B&P should be able to 
control the toaster directly
<DEB> Oooh, what will B&P do with the Toaster!?  ::Confused look::
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> a possibility: B&P could have a crouton window, B&P 
could sync effects to music
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> So when will MULTIMEDIA be compatible with each other on 
different platforms??
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> heh, good luck!
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> thats like asking when CDTV will do CD-I!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well no one set the standard for the formats yet... 
look at the amiga.. 20 different things all using their own format.
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> same answer.. why bother, we do it better already
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> There IS a standard for 24-bit graphics, IFF24.
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> No one seems to care to follow it, though.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Did anyone by the latest issue of Computer Graphics 
world? It seems that 1/4 mag was devoted to Amiga related... and its for
high end Graphics... and video.
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> kool
<DEB> I haven't seen that magazine!  Where do you get it?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well --- I subscribe to it... as of this month.. But 
I get it at a local store.
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> I have a June issue BK.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Actually its July.
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Re: Amiga and low-cost animation.. Ever check out a copy of 
Animation magazine?  Lotsa Amiga talk in there..
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> (last time I looked, that is..)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes... but there are things that are amazing in that 
magazine... if you're one of the people who love animation... some things want 
you to go out and get a risc station (byte my tongue) write away.
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Oh, OH OH I have a genuine multimedia question, sorta...
 If I'm gonna use Digi-View for digitizing pics for my projects, is there a 
better camera to use for it?
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> better than what R.a.C.?
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Better than the Panasonic?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> sony dxc 3000
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Better than the clunker Panasonic....
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> I've been using an RCA pretty much and it works quite 
<[Jamie] J.L.MUELLER> I've also used my Sony CCD F77 camcorder & SunRize's 
color splitter with good results
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Have all of you that can gotten Eric Schwartz's latest 
3MB animation???
<[ ]3ob ] R.KOON3> Which one is that?
<DEB> Dating Game?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> you must forgive Sheldon.He has a Mac :)
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Yeah, dating game...
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> RC- it's *wild*, isn't it?
<[-Ian!-] L.ABRAMS2> What's it like? HAM ?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3>  Need 3 megs Free to play it.
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Chrispy: I LOVED(!) IT!! I've already sent away the $5 
he requested....
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> It is great!
<[Bill] W.LEE18> in the Starship libs?
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Yep!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> BTW for those thata are interested in downloading 
Dating Game its file # -- 11648
<DEB> Dr. Gandalf is one talented guy.  :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Speaking about Multimedia there is another great file 
if you're into Military ....  Its #11647  DS_Hyperbook Describes
the Desert Storm on your screen.
<DEB> That was an incredible amount of work in the Desert storm thingie!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes --- I have to give him allot of credit.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> So is everyone here with an AMIGA or do we have other 
Platforms as well.
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Other platforms?  There are other kinds of computers??  :-)
<[Darren] DMG> whats an Amiga Blue-Knight?
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Atari 1040 STe
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> I have a Mac BK>
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> just amigas here
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Three Amiga's here (!)one's even functional
<DEB> The only Other Platforms I own are some old heels of mine.  :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Really Great... well welcome as well.... I know were 
leaning towards Amigas here but if you have any video question... or any others 
jump write in.
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> exactly what kind of software to use to network Amiga's?
<B.J.> Sheldon, it depends on your needs
<[Havok] K.FERLAZZO> Sheldon, D-Net by Matt Dillon will do the job.
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> Thanks all!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well anyway... I noticed some advertisement that 
Newtek is doing... It does not mention the word amiga at all.
<[Darren] DMG> they never do mention the evil A word Blue-K
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> no, NewTek has the "Toaster CPU"
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Newtek has an interesting perspective on their association 
with Amiga.
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Jim - the word 'leech' comes to mind
<DEB> Oh my.
<DEB> Chrispy:  please, tell us what you REALLY think?
<[Havok] K.FERLAZZO> hehe
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> (I was being diplomatic...)  :-)
<B.J.> Newtek has a healthy perspective on the Amiga, actually.
<[Darren] DMG> I look forward to a little serious Toaster Competition :-)
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> what would a toaster compete with?
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> What would compete with the Toaster??
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P>  GVP's board, probably
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Ask that question again in a few months... Competition is 
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> The V machine, folks.
<[Bill] W.LEE18>  an Iris 
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Jim, you've got that right... :)
<B.J.> Commodore SELLS them the boxes.
<B.J.> they could not do this if CBM didn't agree.
<[Darren] DMG> what difference does it make what BJ thinks?  He works for 
Commodore - he is not the entity Commodore; clearly an agreement was reached
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> BJ- ask yourself how pleased you are, then. :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I am laughing every time I listen to one of the 
discussions about it... It wants me to spoil the whole thing for them... 
especially at one of the shows.
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> how many "Toaster machines" are sold compared to 
2000's ?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> NOt many, But still it sets you on edge when they 
start advertising a complete separate system and not mention the word computer. 
They are almost like cheating people.
<[Darren] DMG> It bothers me personally Blue, but BJ is right - they are 
selling Toasters, not Amiga's
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> the people targeted in those ads could care less about 
what computer runs it
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Why do you say that Chrispy>
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> The Amiga is a Toaster peripheral for all intents and 
<[Darren] DMG> very true Chris
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> I think Newtek's tactic might backfire on them.  We'll have 
to see what happens when their's is no longer the only product.
<[Darren] DMG> it might backfire, if the people who love Amiga's feel too 
negative about NewTek, and that has any impact on sales - they seem to believe 
they are catering to an Amiga naive market, and if so, it wont matter
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Ohh its not that for the video community you are 
write... but they should also mention that they can also do alot more with
it, then just Toast.
<[Darren] DMG> true, there is a LOT of video oriented software you could run on 
the machine they do not mention, but oh well
<[BlueRibbon] D.MILLER76> even non-video oriented... say, music software.
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Well, if they're selling the thing as a Newtek box, who's 
going to know that it runs Amiga software?
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Jim - chances are good that the people buying a Toaster 
aren't going to bother with TV*TEXT or ANIMagic. :)
<[Darren] DMG> yes, though if you don't know about the Amiga, you probably 
aren't looking at Amiga video software either
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> exactly darren
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Chrispy - Sure, no TV*TEXT, but what about the 
Toaster-Enhancement programs?  Image processing stuff?  Other drawing packages?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I mean take a look at someone who owns a video 
studio... they bought the toaster for just that a toaster... but wouldn't it 
be nice for them to create that title animation with Deluxe paint 3 (err.. 4) 
without having to go for single frame recording. ASDGS -- art Department Pro!

<[Bill] W.LEE18> NewTek has taken that stance (on hiding the fact the cpu is an 
Amiga)because they would never be able to convince "professional"broad
cast users otherwise
<B.J.> that is not so. Professional broadcasters (1) know about the Amiga and 
(2) believe in it.
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> I can tell you that most people in the biz know the power 
the Amiga has in video app's, and that the $3995 Machine is one in the sa
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> My microwave instructions don't brag that it's the 
MC68000 that's running it... it doesn't mean it cooks the food any better
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> (that's stretching the analogy, I know)
<[Darren] DMG> I would say though that the learning curve of the Toaster could 
be greatly reduced if they would standardize the interface between the
software parts
<[Darren] DMG> well, they should decide if its mouse driven, FKEY driven, etc., 
and provide standard ways of exiting modules (not completely randomized as it is now), etc
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> true darren they should look like workbench 2.0
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> It would also be nice if their manual had pictures in the 
spots where the pictures are suppose to go :)
<[Bill] W.LEE18> it would be even nicer if they made a 3000 version
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Is there anyone else here that makes their living in the 
Video/Film Industry?
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I make a living in television
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> I and a friend do logos...small anims etc for a local cable 
<B.J.> argh, I "made a living in television" once.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> <--- Part of the living in Graphic design and Video.
<[al] ACKLEY> that must be fun gg.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Well tis getting better now w/the toaster... Found we 
needed a good VCR for single frame anims... was pointed to BETACAMsp  at $35
,000.  We're borrowing the stations haha
<B.J.> Darren, did you get the notice from the cable system on how they are 
going to completely hose the channels ?
<[Darren] DMG> no???  what do you mean by hose the channels?
<B.J.> almost every channel is being changed to a different one
<B.J.> USA was 5 now will be 27, etc
<[Darren] DMG> right - because we know how its setup now, so lets change it for 
the sake of doing so right???  why is this such a common human phenomenon?
<[Darren] DMG> so I'll get the same channels, and have to relearn the numbers 
(e.g., I get no new channels, just the same ones with different numbers)
<[Darren] DMG> the need to renumber things just for the sake of doing so????
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> Darren- it is my experience that humans are not logical. :)
<[Darren] DMG> even notice how common this is though Chris?  renumber things, 
or just move things around the home or office for no particular reason
<M.CLAXTON> Any new toaster effects coming?
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> lots of new effects in Toaster 2.0
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> The upcoming Blue Ribbon Soundworks, Bars and Pipes 
ala Toaster.
<M.CLAXTON> I'm supposed to be a dealer but they haven't told me a thing
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Any way to do postscript fonts to Toaster
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> mC - have you tried the program mkbmap?  It converts PS fonts 
to Amiga fonts
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Hmm Good question... MC.. I know you can do regular 
fonts to toaster. The way to do it is to convert them to amiga format and from 
there to Toaster.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Just do a search of Postcript or Fonts or Convert and 
you should get a long list.
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> PS Fonts to Toaster... I captured PageStream Screen in 
ADPro and converted same to Sculpt file via Pixel3D and brought into light
wave... etc  weird but got the font I wanted
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Is it bit Map or outline?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I got a mac so I want to bring Post script to the toaster
<[Jim] J.MEYER22> Bitmap... but that's the best you're going to do on a screen. 
 It'll take the size font you want and turn it into a bitmap font.
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> What kind of MAC ,MC.?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> A Mac LC 10 Mb 105Mb hard
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> Don't try to do any animation . I got a IIci.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> To Sheldon Why Not?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> does any 3rd party sell Toaster comp. fonts
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes Bill there are 2 companies that I can think off 
if you want I will dig up their #s
<[Bill] W.LEE18> thanks BK,but I'm not getting a toaster 'till the 3000ver is 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> It is not going to be available ... But there is a 
way to modify it to work with the 3000.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> At least that was the latest from NewTek.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Anybody got betacam?
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> have access to BetaCam-SP's
<[-=Chrispy=-] CHRIS.P> sure do, Bill scats of 'em, too
<[R.a.C.] R.CAMPBELL29> Yes I think so Bill
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Beta 1s M.C.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I'm thinking of getting the PRO SP
<[gg] G.GILBERTSON> Anyone heard why a guy should get a particular SINGLE FRAME 
CONTROLLER or another??
<[Bill] W.LEE18> MC the betacam is a great choice but expensive
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> It is a good choice for video.. and you're correct 
BIll $$$$
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Its only $13,000 S inputs too
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Try 40,000 mC!
<[Bill] W.LEE18> not so MC the BVW 75 is $38500
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> NO way Beta pro is a low priced NEW series!
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Im getting a BVW 50 as soon as they come out
<[Bill] W.LEE18> haven't heard about it MC. I've only used the BVW75
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Forget the 75
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> PVW2800 editor $13,000
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Oh I almost forgot Any way to get Mac color graphics to the 
Toaster? With The COLOR?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes -- there is without a problem... but you need to 
purchase Art Department Pro. It will change into multiple formats and will save 
in IFF24 the amiga standard. 24 bit file format.
<BOB.ELLER> mC...what do you mean by get them to Toaster..I thought NewTek 
added direct support for Mac formats
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> No BOB.... Newtek did not add that in yet... They 
might in the version 2 of the software though.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I don't know of any toaster -mac support
<BOB.ELLER> Hmm..they way they are pushing Toaster to the Mac market you'd 
think direct format support was already available
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Wish it was
<BOB.ELLER> MacUser named the Toaster as the best video device for the Mac :'>
<[Bill] W.LEE18> they could make an Amiga emu NuBus card :)
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> No its more than that... You need the full processor 
of the Amiga including the custom chips to work fully.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I've got to produce on the MAC and just use the toaster to encode
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I've created some nice stuff on the Mac  But I want to get it 
and the fonts to the AMIGA
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well MC... the fonts are no problem they can be done 
with a shareware program thats here. The art Department pro will do the
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> mC use your Mac as a sketch the rent a RADius ROCKET for 
the final work.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I've But I will say that on the professional horizon there are 
some low priced boxes coming
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I'm getting nervous about the toaster though
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> why mC?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> why is that MC?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Ive got this feeling that after I've blown my amiga up to match 
it it will be out classed
<[Bill] W.LEE18> it's always a hard choice working with many platforms MC
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> BROADCAST specs are shifting
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> The toaster does not look broadcast anymore
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> by what? mC
<[SHELDON] S.MILLS5> shifting to HDTV? <grin>
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> yea but I wasn't really thinking about that
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Tight NTSC, Is what I mean
<[Bill] W.LEE18> RS170A is only a Sync spec. it hasn't changed much since '51
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I saw SECAM in France this spring    WOW
<[Bill] W.LEE18> AKPTH!!! SECAM
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> The graphics spoiled me
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> And Krylons have spoiled me too
<BOB.ELLER> If you've seen any other system NTSC starts to look bad
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> looks like VHS
<[Bill] W.LEE18> MC is probably used to a Quantel and a Chyron BK
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I see Bill... MC well they get me as well... but I do 
not have $200,000 to invest in one computer. Off course you can always p
render on Toaster then Transfer it over to the big boys.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Not by that much MC... The toaster... still looks 
broadcast. Although HDTV is still there in the background.
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I don't think the toaster looks broadcast with the side 
zipper-right side
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I saw the E bank effects and I thought it zippered
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Andy will you be surprised after 2.0 version of  the 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well Andy the nice thing is that thats all software 
and the code can be rewritten, So that's not a big problem.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Well I never worked on em just seen em at the shows
<[KEVIN] K.JONES5> Well , there's Super NTSC as well, PBS will be experimenting 
with this fall or is that the same mC?
<BOB.ELLER> really Kevin..is it compatible with current sets?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Is that the Farojda SNTSC Kevin?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I'm Not sure heading to japan next month I think their doing it 
there now
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> But I saw this system called Pinnacle its only $15,000
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> True 3D
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> mc stay away from pinnacle you can get used ones cheap
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> But its cheap!
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Yea their bringing 3D down
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Sorry its called prizm
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> And its real not the toaster's aprox
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Prizm has 3d and animation and paint
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> mc the basic non-prizm pinnacle doesn't have effect 
filtering, moves look like toaster ones.
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I do like the prizm pinnacle effects for price and cleanness

<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Hey Guys JVC has a $2000 dollar AB roll controller comming out
<[Bill] W.LEE18>  I try to stay away from JVC stuff. I'm Sony to the core.:)
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> You cant beat the price for AB roll
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Amilink supports AB roll MC
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> But thats $3000
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> Is anyone using texture maps in toaster 3d?
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Blue Knight, did you find out if Anim Studio(Disney)works 
with WB 2.0?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes Bill it works... I played with it in 2.0 for 
about 10 minutes... did not do an animation... just loaded the old one... 
and played it then just drew a small animation... It works as far as I can 
[Bill] W.LEE18> D2 is composite Andy. What's the prob?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Thats true
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> well the toaster works at the d-2 sampling freq
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> oh I see
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> will it help
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Oh,you mean you want direct digital transfer
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Id settle for component out
<[Bill] W.LEE18> that would be nice
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> and it could be connected to a d-2 input if you bypassed 
the a to part...
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> cant we skip the NTSC encoder
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> a person , not of Newtek was talking about it at NAB
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I brought this SONY DBVE in Japan got RGB in
<[Bill] W.LEE18> what is that AES/EBU digital standard or something
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> So I wish I could skip composite and use the RGB out
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> It works great with Broadcast titler 2
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> the composite saves a lot of room to get on to small tape
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> suppose it does but consumer formats are a waste
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> what a bout 3/4 sp
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Yea I got 1 too but YC is better
<[Bill] W.LEE18> yes,but youv'e got to remem. most people will see your work on 
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> tis true but save the degradation for the last is my motto
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> yes yc is good but 3/4 will outlast it on passes
<[Bill] W.LEE18> 3/4 sp holds up better than SVHS Andy
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Dunno Im not too happy wit my 9850
<[Bill] W.LEE18> SP does have Y/C
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes... SP does but the Toaster does not.
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I think yc holds luminance better but colors wash out
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> well Im sellin this 9850 soon as possible Umatic is going out 
for the count
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Actually,I want an EVO 9700 Hi8 editor
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> most small TV stations trade only in 3/4 sp
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> 1" is out
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I have heard not so great things about it BIll.
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Like what Blue-Knight?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well some things that its a stand alone, also color 
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Not with Beta SP commin out at $13,000Its gonna kill Umatic
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> mc i can't argue with those prices but ampex will have to 
sell beta at sim. prices
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> I wanna sell my 9850
<[Rhea] A.GORMAN> i dont want it
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> used prices are still hi for 9850s
<[Bill] W.LEE18> watch out for Panasonics' new digital D2 compat. though MC
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Yea but digital is too expensive for the minor leagues now
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Let's not talk about (T)AMPEX Andy.too many bad mems of VPR2
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> I like the new dx format,
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Which one Panasonic?
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> but d2 is to stay with commercial playing machines
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> too big headin for Umatic land
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> no dx has no alternate supplier
<[Bill] W.LEE18> not JVC,Hitaci
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> the next few years are going to be utthroat
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> SVHS sigh
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> mc I don't know which format or company to ride with, but I 
feel safe with sony and sony D2
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I still like SVHS.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> Id say that youre safe with BETA SP For the next 5years
<[Bill] W.LEE18> YES MC,They ARE!
<[Rhea] A.GORMAN>   give them 3 years and the svhs willl be outdated, sigh
<[Bill] W.LEE18> hey,still got my trusty SLHF 1000s
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Black & White .. ?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> yep
<[Rhea] A.GORMAN> b&w?????
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> 512 lines
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> svhs will stay with VHS as the home format (educated guess)
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> incredable picture
<[Bill] W.LEE18> Yea MC,9.3meg white peak!
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Well in 3 years I'll upgrade... Although it looks 
like alot sooner like in the next 10 months... but still sticking wiht SVH
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> a little color bleeding but ive got some hdtv to ed beta tapes 
that are a killetr
<[Bill] W.LEE18> MC,did you ever see the Sony XV-Z10000 seg?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> i have it
<[Bill] W.LEE18> they never brought it to America
<D.HOPKINS9> Well, I'm on the West Coast, and I always forget the time deal...
anyway, I've been working all day on a 5 layered-Lightwave animation....
<[MachUniverse] D.HOPKINS9> well, I've got one animation set up (actually a 
single frame), which uses almost all of my 9 megs...then I use that still
as a backdrop for my next 9 megs, and so on...it's REALLY neat!
<[MachUniverse] D.HOPKINS9> If you folks are going to attend the Toaster 
Convention at SIGGRAPH, you'll get to see the results...
<[MachUniverse] D.HOPKINS9> the entire animation has over 380 frames...LOTS of 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> July 28 to August 2 at Las Vegas convention Center.
<[MachUniverse] D.HOPKINS9> The Toaster thing is the 30th of July, at Ceasers 
[MachUniverse] D.HOPKINS9> Well, the "Upper Crust Users Group", mentioned in 
the last Amiga World, is going to be there.
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> So are NONE of you goint to SIGGRAPH?
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> NewTek claims to have 14 machines with 50Mhz each rendering 
since 3 weeks ago...
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> I, on the other hand only have four rendering for the last 
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> of course, NewTek will be there....I hear Todd Rundgren has 
a new animated video to be shown there...
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Yes --- todds video will be shown there.... its the 
same one as the one on VH1.
<M.JAYCOX> Pixar I've seen a video (got it from the library) called "COMPUTER 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Computer Dreams is an old video but its good.
<M.JAYCOX> The Video is not just Pixar it demonstrates many companies who 
produce 3d art (video -> 1988)
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> Keep dreaming Bill...hahahaha
<[Mach] D.HOPKINS9> No, actually the one on VH1 is his old one...he's got a new 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Really I know that Changing myself will be shown.. 
And thats his old one.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> can I ask a stupid question?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> Sure MC?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> If I encode the Macs rgb to NTSC will it record or blow my 
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> HMM... Do not know... IT has a different sync rate.
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> yea I know
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> anybody know?
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> I thought there were a few cards to do that.
<[Andy] B.LOCHBAUM> what about the truevision cards for the mac?
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> got a LC Maybye I could frame store
<[mC] M.CLAXTON> before I go How often do you hold these conferences?
[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> We will be on every Thursday night.. I will have a 
few guests showing up and dedicating the night to them. ASDG makers of ar
t Department Pro and others as well.
<[Blue-Knight] Y.GERMAN3> ITs going to be 10 pm EDT. Every Thursday.
This is an editted text. All the ramblings not associated with Multimedia
or Amiga Video were eddited out..... and there was alot of it since my mouse
is still compaining. Thank god for Excellence! and the way it handles blocks.
See you on Thursday nights!!!!!