diskMAGazine (Aug 1991) : July91Cheats

         The Ultimate Amiga Cheat List - July 11,1991 Edition
      by Marcus@cup.portal.com (Mark Shnayer) or on GEnie its M.SHNAYER
      by Tom Ebling or on GEnie T.EBLING

Notice - I believe that there are now approximatly 266 cheats.

All the Awesome Euro-Mags - C.U. Amiga,Amiga Power,Amiga Action,Amiga Format
                  The One. Also Info Magazine.

--- Action Fighter ---
Type ZBACKDOOR on the high score table and recieve infinite lives and energy.

--- Afterburner --- 
While playing, type 'TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS'.  Then, try the following:
< - Go down a level
> - Go up a level
G - More Missiles
T - Less Missiles
N - Extra Lives

Fly to the top of the screen to avoid missiles.  Slow down on levels
8 and 17 to avoid rocks.  Go full speed to dodge infra-red missiles.

--- After The War ---
To become invulnerable, press the following three keys simultaneously;
On Level 1 -> ALT, 1, B
On Level 2 -> ALT, 1, M
The password for Level 2 is 101069.

--- Airball ---
The spellbook is in the room with the candle. You have to pick up 
and remove the blocks to get it. Take the spellbook back to the 
start screen and drop it in the top left corner and follow the 
instructions to get the ingredients to complete the game. 

--- A.P.B ---
If you hold down the button while driving, the siren will sound,
and the other cars will move out of the way. Now you can drive at
full speed without crashing.

--- Apprentice ---
Level skips: Press tab at title screen to get to level code section.


--- Archipelagos ---
Finish the first two Archipelagos and hit RETURN to select another. Type
8421 and hit RETURN twice. Now you can go wherever you want.
It may be possible just to boot game then hit RETURN and enter 8421 to
activate cheat.  Enter 1 to 999 followed by RETURN key. 
Let me know if this works.

--- Arkanoid ---
Start the game as usual, and while playing the game, you can access
the cheat mode by doing the following.

Pause the game with the Space Bar. Now type 'DSIMAGIC' (do not hit return)
and press Space to unpause the game.

A yellow capsule, 'DS' will fall. Catch it. Now the following keys
will make the following capsules fall at any time.

[B] - Break        (Opens gates and awards bonus points)
[C] - Catch        (Holds ball)
[D] - Disruption   (Split into 3 balls)
[E] - Expand       (Makes vaus larger)
[L] - Laser        (Gives you a laser used with mouse button)
[P] - Extra Player (Self Explanatory)
[S] - Slow         (Slows down ball)

In addition, pressing 'F' will send you to the last level to fight DOH.
Be sure to give yourself lots of lives first.

You can skip any level by using ENTER on the keypad.

--- Arkanoid II : Revenge Of Doh ---
On the high score screen, type 'DEBBIE S' for unlimited lives.
When you die, wait until the title screen appears. Press CAPS LOCK, then
type 'DALEY-88'.  You will then continue on the same level you died on.
On the title page, type 'ROBOCOPPETER' for continuous mode.
When you die, wait until the title screen appears. Press CAPS LOCK, then
type 'MAGENTA'.  Now when playing, hit 'S' to skip levels.

-- Astro Marine Corp ---
Zone 1:   NOSTROMO
Zone 7:   DAGOBAH
Zone 11:  KRULL

--- Atomic Robo Kid ---
While still on the title screen type in TUESDAY 14TH (with the space) and
when you press fire to start the game you will be presented with an options
screen that will allow you to obtain infinite lives, etc.

--- Atomix ---
Press the HELP key and type in "TIME" to freeze the clock.

--- Awesome ---
On the cargo/energy screen move the cursor to the top left and press the 
+ key simultaneously. The screen should flash and you will have infinite 
lives and shields.

--- Baal ---
During the load push the right button for infinite lives as the screen
In the second cavern there is a force field that seems impossible to
get rid of. To get the time machine chunk beyond it, simply fall off
the right side of the phone booth platform above.

--- Back to The Future II ---
Pause the action at any time and type  THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO (include
spaces). The game will reset, indicating the cheat mode is active.
Now you have infinite lives.

--- Back to the Future III ---
Type these in during the story befor the levels start.
Level 1: Rotten Cheat
Level 2: Lousy Cheat
Level 3: Low Down Cheat

--- Barbarian ---
During the game, type '04-08-59'.  The screen should turn grey.
If so, you are now invulnerable and have unlimited lives.

To kill the final Wizard, you must have a shield. When his shot comes
at you, use the defense icon, and it will fly back at him.

--- Bard's Tale ---
Load your party, go to the statistics screen for the first player.
Pool all of the party's' gold to the first player, then remove him from
the party, and then load him back in.  Then pool the gold to another
player. Repeat this for each player.

Turn off the computer without saving the game and every player will
have the gold of the entire party before. Repeat if wanted.

--- Batman: The Movie ---
While the title page is displayed, type 'JAMMMM'.
If it works the title screen will flip upside down and you will be in cheat
mode. You will have unlimited lives.  Press F10 to skip levels.
The final screen will also be upside down if you are still in cheat
mode. Retyping JAMMMM undo's the cheatmode and makes the intro and
final screen flip back to normal.

--- Battle Squadron ---
On the title page, type 'ELECTRONIC' for a list of options.
During the game, 'CASTOR' makes your ship invulnerable.
Use F1-F6 to effect the range of shot power.  
Use F7-F10 to choose your weapon.

--- Battle Valley --- 
Type ROGER MELLIE THE MAN OF TELE activates infinite lives cheat.

--- Beach Volleyball ---
Type 'DADDY BRACEY' to activate the level skip option.
The screen should flash. Press F1 to skip levels.

--- Better Dead Than Alien ---
If you are about to be hit from an incoming alien shot, press ESC to
pause the game, move your ship out of the way, and press N to resume.

On the title screens type 'ELV' or 'CHAMP' to enter the cheat mode.
Pressing the following function keys provides all manner of amazing
weaponry and bolt-on goodies with which to do over huge  amounts of
alien nasties....

   F3 ..... AUTO-REPEAT
   F5 ..... STUN
   F6 ..... NEUTRON BOMB
   F7 ..... CLONE SHIP
   F8 ..... SHIELD
   F9 ..... SKIP LEVEL

If the passwords are extended  into the names of the programmers,
ELVIE and CHAMPIE, the program states that the 'Supercheat' has
been entered.  If anyone finds out just exactly this does, drop
me a line, eh?

Here's the complete set of codes for both the ST and Amiga 

-----       --------           -------
001         ELEKTRA            PRACTICE
002         SYZYGY             A DODDLE
003         DRAMBUIE           VERY EASY
004         PLUG               EASY
005         SOPRANO            QUITE EASY
006         MAYONNAISE         AVERAGE
007         FAUCET             SOME EFFORT
008         POTATO             MUCH EFFORT
009         WOOMERA            GREAT EFFORT
010         NARCISSUS          TOTAL EFFORT
011         DEBUTANTE          HARD!
012         FIRKIN             REAL HARD
013         ACOUSTIC           VERY HARD
014         TRIPTYCH           LUDICROUS
015         JABBERWOCKY        ABSURD
016         WHIMSICAL          POSSIBLE?
017         CORNUCOPIA         DO THIS ONE!
018         PUNJABI            OK, NOW THIS
019         TIDDLY POM         STILL HERE?!
020         KEWPIE DOLL        BRILLIANT!
021         SEPULCHRE          IMPOSSIBLE..
022         EUPHEMISM          ..OR WAS IT?
023         GRAMMARIAN         THE END.
024         CROSSWORD          THE END II
025         QUARANTINE         THAT'S IT.

And here's the cheat mode! Type ELV to activate cheat, then press 

F1   Scatterbolts
F2   Multiple fire
F3   Auto fire
F4   Armor Missile
F5   Stun
F6   Neutron Bomb
F7   Clone ship
F8   Shield
F9   Skip Level
F10  Extra Power

--- Beyond The Gates ---
Entering THE END OF TIME DRAWS NEAR will call up a full character editor
that allows you to change your stats and add any item to your inventory.

--- Bombuzal ---
8        ROSS        136      BIKE
16       RATT        144      BIRD
24       LISA        152      TAPE
32    DAVE        160      VASE
40    IRON        168      PILL
48    LEAD        176      SPOT
56    WEED        184      PALM
64    RING        192      LOCK
72    GIRL        200      SAFE
80    GOLD        208      WORM
88    OPAL        216      NOSE
96    SONG        224      EYES
104    FIRE        232      HAIR
112    LAMP        240      SIGN
120    TREE        248      MYTH
128    SINK

--- Bubble Bobble ---
(hint )
If you can get to boards 10, 20, 30 & 40 without dying a door will appear
to take you to a secret level. On boards 7 & 22 wait a few seconds until
the umbrella falls and grab it, you will warp ahead 6 levels.
Press F1 to advance 1 screen
Press F2 to advance six screens
Press F3 to advance eleven screens

--- Brat --
These are some level codes to enter on the options screen.

--- Capone ---
To find a special bonus, go to the front of the Post Office.
Shoot the ball at the top of the flag pole, and your score will raise.
If you shoot it again, you'll see a screen of programmers.  Shoot it again
and you'll be invincible, standing in the bank.  At the end of that round,
you will start at the beginning with warp speed.

--- Captain Blood ---
Using the alien icons, ask CODE GG 1. The alien will then give you the
coordinates of another alien called GG. Go to the specified planet
and you can get the coordinates for all the other aliens around by

--- Carrier Command ---
Pause the game and type 'THE BEST IS YET TO BE'. 
The game restarts automatically, and  displays  ' Cheat Mode Activated ' 
in  the message panel. 
Now, press the plus key on the numeric keypad. 
The mantas and walrus' will be invulnerable except to crashing (low altitude).
Or try surrendering and press the + and - keys to cycle all through all
the objects in the game.

      When paused, pressing + and - on the numeric keypad toggles
Manta invincibility: the flying craft are no longer vulnerable to
aerial attack, although collision with large objects is still fatal.
Once a course has been programmed for the carrier, Mantas or
Walruses, engage autopilot and click on pause. To avoid sloggin
around inreal type, you will find that pressing 3 on the keypad and
unpausing again takes the corresponding craft directly to its
destination. Likewise, pausing and pressing 2 replaces lost
shielding, while tapping 1 refuels the craft in question.
9 shows the current difficulty level, 7 speeds up the game and
6 brings up the programmers' test palette!

A lot in this excellent simulation. PAUSE the game and type
GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME then press + on the numeric keypad for your 
mantas and walruses to become shielded. Press - to disable.

Try pressing CTRL and M on the main screen for some interesting effects.

HINT: Try always to cut of the path to the homebase (top right island)  of
the enemy ship. It might get stuck without fuel and so buys you lot of time
to conquer a lot of islands.

--- Car-Vup ---
Enter the following codes:
PUSSYCAT - gives you nine lives.
BUMPER - adds infinite bumpers to the car.
ARNIECAR - gives you 100,000 points.
WOAARRGGH - gives you infinite fast turns.
WHOOPSIE - alows you to start from the prehistoric stage.

For infinite lives - On the high score table type R.J.TOONE 

--- Champions of Krynn ----
See the entry for Pool of Radiance to find out how to cheat.

--- Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess ---
(quick solve)
You don't have to complete all five Ordeals. Instead, go into the
tunnels(from The Noose) and wait an hour. Then leave the tunnels and go to
The Master's Eye. Wait around until The Master dies. Search his body for
the whistle. Use it and a panel will open up. Reach Inside and grab
the egg.

--- Chaos Strikes Back (Dungeon Master II) ---
(cheat)- This was a joke by The ST programeres on April fools day.
    It doesnt really work! Sorry - T.E.
Find a dragon and cast MON ZO GOR SAR and hit ESC to pause the game. Hold
down the ALT key and type in LORD LIBRASULUS SMITHES THEE DOWN. Unpause
the game and slay the beast. He leaves behind a firestaff and your party
will be invincible.

Undocumented Spells:
GOR IR KU   - Detects Monsters
GOR IR ROS  - Detects fake walls and "invisible" (actually hard to see) pits
GOR IR DAIN - Detects "magic" on screen?
ZO IR NETA  - Anchors the map at the point of casting so that as you move 
              around, the map view stays at the anchored position.

(hint #1)
It's _REALLY_ easy to kill _ANY_ dragon.  Here's how.
1) Prepare all your players with MON IR VEN spells (mega poison cloud)
2) Use the green freeze life box (on the dragon)
3) Cast the spells, and then double up on each player
   (ie. each player casts 2 spells for a total of 8)
4) Wait... dinner will be served soon.

(hint #2)
Using the Vorpal Blade:
If you don't have both Vorpal Blades, you can increase #hits/time by
passing the weapon back and forth between the two attacking players.
(ie.  hit -> pass blade to #2 -> hit -> pass back to #1 -> hit ->...

(hint #3)
Contrary to what I've read on the net, everything is affected by
fireballs, including knights and dragons.  The only exceptions are
slime, black flames, and the thing that pops up from the floor.
George Lin a309@mindlink

--- Chase HQ ---
As soon as the title screen disappears start tapping the SPACEBAR
at high speed and continue until loading has finished and the game
begins. Your car will now have a top speed of over 1,000 km/h

During the game, hold down the left mouse button, the joystick button,
and type 'GROWLER'. From now on hit 'T' for full time.
Also, at the beginning of every stage, hit the space bar immediately for
a free nitro.
To make your steering easier, use the 'Z' and 'X' keys.

Also Pause the game and type "IN A GARDENIN". Now pressing T will reset
your time.

--- Chariots of Wrath ---
When instructed to press the fire button, push the joystick forward. You
will then have infinite lives.

--- Chips Challenge ---
Start the game as normal and press "F". The screen will flip upside down
and you will be ready to enter the cheats.
Type "SAGITTARIANS MAKE BETTER LOVERS." For infinite supply of iceboots,
magnets,shields and keys.
Type "09/12/57" For unlimited time.
Type "I THINK THEREFORE I AM." This makes it so you dont have to collect the
chip to escape.
Also you can now press "C" to skip to the next level. Pressing "F" will 
return you to the game.

--- Chuck Rock ---
On the title screen (the one with the band playing) hit ESC, then type:
CLEANING WINDOWS" or "LIFE IS MY DREAM" for infinite energy.

To select zones in levels type "MORTIMER" during play and use the function
keys to select.
To select levels type "TURN FRAME" and use keys 1-5 to select.
To be able to fly, type "ESTRANO"
--- CJ's Elephant Antics ---
On the title screen type "ITCHY ARSEHOLES" for infinite lives.

--- Clown 'O Mania ---
During the game, press 'HELP' for more jumps and shots.
It will not register until one is used. Use as many times as you like.

--- Continental Circus ---
When the first red light comes on, push the joystick forward.
When the second red light comes on, release the joystick.
When the green light comes on, push forward.
The faster you do all this, the better you will accelerate.

--- Corporation ---
How to Use the Pyschic Powers.
To call up your psychic powers you must first be controlling a human 
agent. Click onto the head part of the damage display indicator(on the left)
.You will then see a three eyed icon on the right. You can click on each eye
3 times. The fires eye has three positions that dictate the Strength of the
effect (Weak,Medium and Strong). The second eye says whether the effect is
Good or Bad. The third eye says whether the effect is 1: on you. 2:near you
3:far away from you. After you are finished you must click on the arrow 
beneath to cast the spell.

To get to the cheat mode, press the spacebar to pause whilst you are
playing a game. Now press full stop while in pause mode. You will get a
requester. Type in 'GZAIMASEN' and there should be a sound effect denoting
cheat mode operative. This will make you invincible. Once in cheat mode you
can choose which spacetruck to attack by recalling the requestor and typing
'GIMMESHIPX' where x is mission 'A-Z'. This only works before entering the
sector with the spacetruck !

--- Crystals of Arboria ---
Go to the main character screen, Select Jarel then click on the bottles
icon. Now press CTRL and V to get full life points plus all the special 

--- Curse of the Azure Bonds ---
See the entry for Pool of Radiance to find out how to cheat.

--- Cybernoid ---
When viewing the title page type 'RAISTLIN' then press the space bar for
unlimited ships. Then, press 'N' to advance a level.
Or, try defining your keys as 'Y X E S' (in that order) for unlimited ships.

--- Cybernoid II ---
(Cheat #1)
On the title page, type 'NECRONOMICON' for unlimited lives.
Pause the game and hit 'N' to advance to the next level, or 'L' for
the current level.
(Cheat #2)
Select the define keys option and define the keys as Y, G, R, O
(in that order) - you now have unlimited lives.

--- Damocles ---
On Midas reference 577-341 you can find a pyramid which contains a magic 
crystal. To use it, you'll need the book from the trader at Eris Capital
City(13-5). Reading the book while in possession of the crystal will allow
one wish to be granted. You may like to try some of the following wishes.

--- Datastorm ---
After loading, wait for the high score screen to appear.  Hit F10 to view
a message.

--- Defender Of The Crown ---
To get 1,024 Knights:  After conquering a territory, press
these four keys at the same time, while the drive is still 
running:  H J K L  ... If you do it just right, you'll have
1,024 knights both in your home and in your army.
Note: Some one else mailed me that just holding 'K' during a load 
will work just as well. I haven't tested this yet.

--- Denaris ---
To enter the training mode, simply press 'Z' after game select.  Then plug
the mouse into port 2, and hold the right mouse button while it loads.

--- Dogs of War ---
When playing, enter 'TIMBO'.  Then press F5 to turn off sprite detection.

--- Dominator ---
Type SHAFT on the hi score table for infinite lives
Also hold down the B,M,N keys and press K to activate cheat mode. This will
make you invulnerable.

--- Double Dragon ---
Play two player game and get both players killed until you have one credit
left and the CONTINUE message is displayed on both sides of the screen.
Press both fire buttons simultaneously and you will get infinite lives.

Or try typing R U CALLING MY PINT A POFF! on title screen and press Return.
Should be able to kill every opponent by pressing the Delete key.

--- Dragon Breed ---
Pause the game and type IREM for infinite lives. Press the N key to select

-- Dragons Lair ---
To see the entire game completed press the following keys simultaneously.
Escape R / L N 7
Then press fire on the joystick.

--- Dragons Lair Singes Castle --
One can play easy mode and still access all the screens. 
Here's what to do:
Select the hardest possible setting before starting the game,
this includes not only hard mode but also disabling that obnoxious 
'flip screen' feature and choosing only three lives. Then click on the 
'game' icon and do as if you were to start the game. When the
prompt bar says 'Click to play' instead choose the 'exit' icon and this 
will bring you back to the startup menu. Now you can select the easy mode
and more lives and you will still be able to see all the screens assuming
you're deft of hand enough to get to them in easy mode. Hope this helps!
Rasiel, pyc118@uriacc

--- Dragons Lair Time Warp ---
On the title screen (where it says Timewarp), hit the RETURN key, and then
type GET MORDROC DIRK (including spaces). Press fire to start, then the game
will play itself right through to the end!
--- Dragon Scape ---
Press TAB, then '2' to warp to the next level.

--- Dragon Spirit ---
Pause the game by pressing F9.  Then type 'DRAGON HEAD', and press F10.

--- Drakkhen ---
For a better character:
Create a new set of characters using procedure described in the manual, but
with the following changes. When you are asked for the first name, type
SUPERVISOR and press Return. Now enter a normal name and continue the
creation process. When you use this team of characters, the game works as
usual except that when you press F10, all wounds are healed and dead
characters are resurrected.

Info magazine says: When the program asks you for first character type
31415927, hit Return then type SUPERVISOR. Then give your character a name.

All armor, treasure and weapons inside palaces are restocked every time you
enter. Send the strongest character in to grab the equipment, then distribute
it among your band. If you need some quick gold, do this repeatedly, then
go see the weaponsmith.

--- Drivin Force ---
When the main menu is showing, use the key pointer and click on the two
letter I's in driving.  When you start the game, your vehicle will not go
off of the side of the track, but it can be hit by other cars.

--- Dungeon Master ---
Go to the dungeon entrance and face the door. Cast the spell OH EW RA.
You will see someone interesting.

To advance ninjas a level, stand in a hall and throw your weapons. Then
get them, and repeat.  This also works with magic and fighter levels.
Cast a spell at the air, or slash and bash until you gain a level.

     Here are some undocumented spells:
       YA BRO ROS - Leaves a trail of footprints
           VI BRO - Shield poison
       DES IR SAR - Darkness
     FUL BRO NETA - Fire ball shield
       OH KATH RA - Lightning Bolt
               ZO - Open doors
           DES EW - Weakens non-corperal (undead) beings

--- Dynamite Dux ---
Simply type 'CHEAT' on the title screen, and then F1-F6 will skip to the
corresponding level.

Type 'NUDE' to get the boxing subgame.

--- Dynasty Wars ---
(Cheat #1)
When the title screen appears, type 'CHEAT MODE'.  From now on, press
F2 to skip to the next level.

(Cheat #2)
Pause the game with F9, then hold down SHIFT, 1 and HELP, followed by
unpausing the game with F10. You will be able to skip levels by pressing
the F2 key.

--- Dyter-07 ---
When the game loading screen appears, type in word GIBB. This activates
the cheat mode. When W is pressed you get extra weaponry and when S is
pressed your shields are replenished.

-- Eliminator ---
Press HELP on the title screen and type in the required code to 
start the new level.  Bear in mind  that  the  Eliminator  only
starts with a poxy single-shot blaster; finishing the level may
not be as easy as it was getting into it...

Level   Password Level  Password
02    AMEOBA   09   HANDEL
03   BLOOOP   10   ICICLE
04   CHEEKI   11   JAMMIN
05   DOINOK   12    KIKONG
06   ENIGMA   13   LAPDOG
07   FLIPME   14   MIKADO
08   GEEGEE 

--- Elite --- 
Enter as first word SARA instead of the word asked for in the manual. Enter
the second time the correct word. During play you can type the HELP
key (I read somewhere that '*' works too) to get a HEX-editor for your

32 to 01            Cloaking Device
31 to 01            ECM Jammer
20 to 01            Escape Capsule
23 to 01            Energy Bomb
24 to 01            Energy Unit
26 to 01            Docking Computer
28 to 01            Galactic Hyperdrive
80 to 01            Document
84 to 01            Fugitive Rating
85 to 01            Offender Rating
88 to 01            Mostly Harmless Rating
88 to 01-08         Poor - Elite rating
1F to 01            Fuel Scoop
34 to 03            Cargo Hold
7C to 01            Unhappy Refugees

Press ESC to get back to the game.

(undocumented feature)
When the title screen with the rotating ships appear press A. This will
stop the ship from moving. To move or rotate the ship, press the arrow
keys, and to get more rotations hold down the A key while pressing an
arrow key. To move the ship toward or away from you press O or I . Press
D when your finished. Press W while flying to tell your score and the
authors credits.

--- E-MOTION (US Gold) ---
When E-Motion title screen appears (the one with Einstein) type in MOONUNIT
and press Return. Now start the game as usual.
F1 - skip a level.             F2 - Go back a level
F3 - Go forward 10 levels      F4 - Go back 10 levels

--- E-Swat ---
Pause the game and type, "JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU" for infinite lives.

--- Empire Strikes Back ---
Hold down the HELP key and type XIFARG ROTKEV. You can now use the number
keys to play the sampled speech and L, C, & D to bring up pictures of 
Luke, C3PO & Darth Vader.

--- Enduro Racer ---
When you first begin to play Enduro Racer, after the countdown 
type the word CHEAT in on the keyboard. Having typed that in, 
pressing one of the following keys will result in a specific effect.

     T - Gives you an extra 10 seconds to complete the race
     S - Advances you one checkpoint
     F - Gives you turbo speed (210 kmh)

-- Eye of Horus ---
When 'Press Fire to Start' enter 'SPAM' for the cheat mode.
You will have unlimited lives and will not need the colored keys for

--- Exolon ---
For infinite lives type in 'ad astra' (lowercase with space) on the
high score screen.

--- F29 Retaliator ---
On the Duty Roster, enter your name including the spaces as:
THE DIDY MEN (this is Digital Design's test mode).
Now not only do you get infinite weapons, but hitting ENTER causes the
plane to land automatically.

--- F/A-18 Interceptor --- 
(undocumented features)
Select option 2. 'Free Flight, No Enemy Confrontation.' from the main menu.
Now, instead of entering 1-4, hit 0.  The screen should go very far to the

Taxi down U.S. 101, turn right at Highway 92, pull up to the EA Headquarters
and blow it away!

In mission 6, once you've fired all your missiles, you can land on the
Shadow Sub (if it's still afloat) and it will refuel and rearm you.

--- Faery Tale Adventure ---
(bug or maybe an undocumented feature :)  )
If you don't want to go thru the hassle of collecting
all those damn statuettes:

 Go the the dark evil castle
 Stand right up against the force field
 Let yourself starve so that you faint
 When you wake up, you'll be on the other side
   of the force field

Take a save game file and use a PD program such as NewZap to patch byte
18 to a non-zero value.  Load your save game, and now these cheat options
are enabled:

Arrow Keys - Move Rapidly over any terrain
B          - Summon Gold Swan
R          - Rescue Princess
=          - Display coordinates
F10        - Location in coordinates
F9         - Increase time by 1 hour

Sometimes you can accumulate all the treasure you want by going near the
item, pressing space bar, and then continue hitting 'T'.  You'll receive
an infinite supply of that treasure.

Save your position in a dungeon.  Then go through it until you run out of
keys.  When you restore your game, all the doors will be open and you will
have a new set of keys.  Also works in caves.

Jump on the turtle and start slashing.  Your bravery points will go up to
infinity and it doesn't hurt you or the turtle.

On the island with the Crystal Castle, press the right mouse button while
talking to the Sorceress and your luck will go up to 65.  'ASK'ING the
Sorceress several times will usually boost your luck.

If running low on Green keys, use a secret entrance for the fort.
It's on the left side, almost even with the door.

(even more hints)
Beating the Turtle is not beating, it is pushing, so
push the turtle across the land, to use it in special
places: The turtle was programmed in asbestos, and
can swim in Lava. It can be used to enter the black
citadel at the south. Also, while it is present, you
are not attacked, but by the time one has the turtle,
one is already invincible.

--- Falcon ---
Press CONTROL-X to be rearmed (weapons back at full).

Also, if you have trouble landing, select END MISSION after completing your

--- Fernandez Must Die ---
Pause the game and type in SPINYNORMAN (Obviously programmed by 
Monty Python fans) and lo and behold you've got infinite lives at 
your disposal.

--- Fighter Bomber ---
When you enter your name, use 'BUCKAROO'.  The computer will say,
'Oh No!, it's a BUCKAROO!'.  Now you can try all of the 16 missions.
as an added bonus your plane comes complete with a few extras. For a
start you can fly on the ground! and you can hit D any time during the
flight to be taken to your next target!

--- Flood ---
Level 1 FROG  Level 11 FRAK  Level 21 HATE  Level31 JOUX  Level 41 FOAM
Level 2 YEAR  Level 12 VINE  Level 22 REED  Level32 PINK  Level 42 MEEK
Level 3 QUIF  Level 13 JUMP  Level 23 LIME  Level33 GOGO
Level 4 LONG  Level 14 NILL  Level 24 QUID  Level34 LETS
Level 5 WORD  Level 15 FOUR  Level 25 WING  Level35 QUAD
Level 6 FRED  Level 16 GRIT  Level 26 FLEE  Level36 BRIL
Level 7 WINE  Level 17 ZING  Level 27 GIGA  Level37 EGGS
Level 8 GRIP  Level 18 JING  Level 28 HEAD  Level38 HENS
Level 9 TRAP  Level 19 LIDO  Level 29 LOOP  Level39 NAIL
Level10 THUD  Level 20 POOL  Level 30 SING  Level40 SOAP

--- Flying Shark ---
On the high score table, enter 'HSC' for unlimited lives, or 'KDJ' for

--- Footman ---
In the first maze of "New Taste", you can hide from the ghosts and 
collect points from the fruit that emerges periodically, if you go to
the upper left corner entrance to the tunnel.

--- Forgotten Worlds ---
On the title screen, type 'ARC', then hit HELP.  During the game, hit
'S' to go right to the shop, and 'N' to go to the next level.

--- Fusion ---
(cheat #1)
Press ESC to quit your game, and when restarting press 'E'.
Or, type 'SWAMP THING' on the high score table and then 'E' again.
You can now skip levels with the + and - keys.

To enter the games built in editor, push diag/up/left, push fire, then 'E'.

(Cheat #2)
 Start the game as normal, collect the ship and fly to the extreme top 
left of the playing area. Disembark from the ship and drive the buggy
into the corner. Type in STONKER and re-enter the ship. Now pressing D
cycles through the available  weapons (including shield plus weapons), and
pressing C cycles through the levels.  NOTE: when entering a level, it's
always best to station the ship at the top left of the screen again, to
avoid  appearing at an illegal position, or even off-screen. On the
second level repeat the above process, getting the buggy back in the top
left hand corner, and retype STONKER again. It now enables the ship to fly
through walls, and pressing F while hovering over switches allows them to
be collected while in the air.

When you open a treasure chest, hold down the "HELP" key, then when 
you open a second chest, hold down the "INSERT" key - a golden 
cross will appear. Collect this and you'll find your health 
points mysteriously rises to 50,000, you'll also have super shots 
for the remainder of that level.
Try pressing the shift symbol while you are walking up to a wall and you
may be able to go right through it!

--- Gem X ---
Level codes up to S
C - KENICHI       J - X68000      Q - CHIERIE
E - BURAI     L - REDMOON      S - ZAWAS

--- Gemini Wing ---
When you are about to be killed for the 4th time, press the left mouse
button to bring up the second player, and keep pressing the fire button
until you're killed.  You will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Or, try typing the following passwords to warp to each level:

Level 2 - mrwimpey
      3 - classics
      4 - whizzkid
      5 - gunshots
      6 - doodguyz
      7 - d.gibson

--- Ghosts 'N Goblins ---
Play game and get on high score table. 
Instead of typing name, enter )!( followed by the END option to quit the 
Now start the game as normal, and you will find that once you have lost your
armor, you're invincible. Infinite lives too.

--- Ghoul's 'n' Ghosts ---
(Cheat #1)
After starting the game, quickly type 'KAREN BROADHURST' for
(Cheat #2)
When the credits screen appears type DELBOY.
Now the next time you play you will be completely invulnerable.

--- Ghostbusters II ---
Turn the Amiga on and insert Ghostbusters disk 2. When the workbench icon
reappears insert disk 1. When the game has loaded use the return key to
skip levels.
Another helper is - When the Activision logo is displayed as part of the
attract sequence hold down the ALT,CTRL,S and U keys together then press
the joystick firebutton to begin. Now when you play the going should be
a little easier. F1 will take you to the next level.

--- Giganoid ---
Press the CAPSLOCK key on the player select screen and a message appears.
Start the game, and lo and behold, MORE LIVES.

--- Goldrunner ---
Type 'easymode' on the high-score table.  From now on, F9 skips levels
and makes you invulnerable.  F8 turns off the cheat mode.

--- Gravity Force ---
     Level 5  - AGNUS
     Level 10 - PARSEC
     Level 15 - CRYSTAL
     Level 20 - REACTOR
     Level 25 - VISION
     Level 30 - ORBIT
     Level 35 - PALACE
     Level 40 - ALIEN
     Level 45 - FALCON
     Level 50 - WARPXX ,replace "XX" with the level ,you desire [01..50]
Actually, there's no need for the others, when you got WARPXX

--- Great Giana Sisters ---
While playing, hold down the keys A,R,M,I and N to skip to the next level.

On level 3 stand at the end of the row of blocks and jump up to
hit an invisible block that takes you to level 6.

--- Gremlins II ---
For infinite lives type in SINATRA on the high score table.

--- Hacker 2 ---
Type the word  cover  when it asks for your name and it will show the win
page. Also try these (I don't know if they work);
cover (space) H2SC - jumps to the win page,
TITLE (space) H2SC - displays the title page,
DEMO  (space) H2SC - speeds up game play & jumps through check procedures
for cheating.

--- HammerFist ---
Enter TAEHC OT TNAW I on the high score screen. Then restart the game
and press F7 to skip one screen at a time.

--- Hard Drivin' ---
Get to full speed (preferably but not necessary) and press 'N' for neutral.
Now you can cruise along at full speed with easy steering and
invulnerability.  As long as you stay in neutral you will have unlimited
time as well.

Another trick is to repeatedly hit the 4 key (4th gear) until the program
has an error.  Continue with the right mouse button.  Repeat until you get
a high score.

--- Hawkeye ---
Press DELETE and when you die, you will warp to the next level.
Press 2 to go back and forth between stages.

--- Helter Skelter ---
For tons of lives, follow these instructions:  Set up a two player game.
Player 1 must get an extra life.  Now both players should lose all their
lives.  Player 2 will return with 99 lives, and when he loses one life,
Player 1 will have 99 lives too.

Here are the codes:


---  Hillsfar ---
When picking locks with your tools press the F key and all will be revealed

--- Horror Zombies From the Crypt ---
To skip levels during play type, CHEATMODE followed by F10 to quit to the
next level. Hold M and . for for infinite lives.

Level Codes:

Also for infinite lives try typing in BOOGYMAN.

--- Hunt for Red October ---
If you are surrounded by the enemy ships then simply save the game.
When you restore that game all the ships have disappeared.

--- Hybris ---
Load the game as usual and don't do anything until the high score screen
appears.  Type 'COMMANDER' and then press the fire button.  After a few
moments press F10.  If your ship flickers you are now invulnerable, and have
infinite expansions and smart bombs.

F1-F5 = Other Six Levels of 'expansion' (you can still capture the capsules)
F8    = Advance a level (There are three)
F10   = Turn cheat mode on/off

(Cheat #2)
You cannot get a high score with the cheat mode on.
At the title screen type SPACE or ESC key (I forgot exactly which one)
Now you'll get a screen in which you can edit a lot of game parameters.

--- Interphase ---
Follow these instructions to find a secret object viewer.
Start the game and type 'Fenny' (capital F) and then use the left mouse
button to cycle through the objects.

--- IK+ (Chop'N'Drop) ---
When you are hit, pause the game (space) and unpause again (space).
You will now be invulnerable.  Be careful, this works for the computer too!

For a good laugh push the T key when fighting and your guy's pants will
fall down.
Push the F key for your opponent's pants to fall down.
The S key allows the fighter's shadows to change color.

(cheat #1)
Type 'FREERIDE' for a couple of REALLY tough Rambo clones.
(cheat #2)
Type in FREERIDE on the high score table and you'll start the next game
with an invisible soldier.

--- Impossamole ---
Enter these codes on the high score table
COMMANDO - No time-limit for weapons
HEINZ    - Three power bars
ANNFRANK - Low energy topped up
LUMBAJAK - Double lenght energy bar
OOCHOUCH - Walk on water without dying
JUGGLERS - Try it yourself

--- Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (GAME) ---
On the title screen, type 'IEHOVAH'.  The screen should flash.  During the
game 'L' will skip levels, and 1-2 will go to the halfway points of the
(some other cheat list I read said to type 'JIEHOVA')

--- Infestation ---
For those who can't get into the underground complex to play the game:

First find a small, upright, rectangular box with two flashing squares on it.
Face the flashing squares, hit F2 to bring up the computer, and enter the
words KAL SOLAR to activate it. Hit F2 again to exit.
On the way you should have passed a shower-like structure. That is the
transporter. Go back to it and enter it being very careful to face exactly in
the direction of the flashing arrows. This will take you to the complex.

--- Insanity Flight ---
Hold both mouse buttons, the joystick button, and the L key and you can
skip to any level.
Codes to type in while playing- 

FREZ                     Freeze the game
PAC                      Pacman moves across screen
FISH                     Makes a fish leap out of water
BIRD                     Bird flies across screen
PERI                     periscope rises out of water

Typing FUCK and CUNT results in an interesting message.

--- Interphase ---
At any time during flight enter 'Fenny' ( note the F must be capital
to activate the cheat ). As soon as you finish typing it you are taken
into view mode which allows you to cycle thru all the aliens and all the
objects in the game. You also have complete mouse control over them-
you can make them rotate and zoom in and out by holding down the left
button and moving the mouse. To go to the next object hit the right
hand mouse button.

-- IVANHOE ---
Pause the game. Type JC IS THE BEST (including spaces) to activate the
cheat mode, then unpause to continue.
Now pressing N advances you a level.
DELETE kills all on screen enemies.
CONTROL kills the boss in the bonus stage.  

(The cheat listed below is untested and could be for an Atari ST?)
Pause the game. Type ZOBINETTE followed by Return, then unpause the game.
Now press Comma key for an extra life or N key to skip to next stage.

--- James Pond ---
Type in JUNKYARD and hit Return while playing the game. In play, Hitting
Return will give you a protective fairy. Hitting D will make the locks 
dissappear of the next mission pipes.
After entering JUNKYARD press the following keys to skip to levels.
Z - Level 3
X - Level 4
C - Level 5
V - Level 6
B - Level 7
N - Level 8
M - Level 9

--- Judge Dread ---
Log onto the computer as DREDD then type in "BRUCKEN PLAYING HEROQUEST"
and exit. The HELP key can now be used to skip levels.

--- Karate Kid II ---
Press the 'P' key to skip to the next level in 1 player mode.
You can skip all the way up to the final encounter.

In a two player game, you can skip to the second last screen.

--- KICK OFF ---
As the computer or a friend is getting ready to take a shot, just hold
down the fire button and the result will either be your keeper saving
the ball or knocking it over the net.

--- Killing Game Show ---
To see a map of the level that you are about to start, hit <HELP>.

--- Killing Cloud ---
When the game asks for a mission code, enter "1 Killing". This will
give you 28 nets and 29 PUP's.

--- Kings Quest III ---
When casting a spell and asked to recite a verse just hit RETURN.

--- Kid Gloves ---
Pause game, then type RHIANNON followed by the F9 key. (some say F10 key)
If the game doesn't unpause itself, press F1 and then pause the game again
and retype above. This will make you invincible.
Various other function keys pressed after typing RHIANNON does other things

--- Klax ---
Begin play then hold down either of the SHIFT keys and SPACE together.
Now press any key from 1 to 4 for different helpful effects, including
infinite credits and even a free ticket to level 100. (The One magazine)

(The below cheat is from another source and unverified)
While playing the game, press all the keys on the left hand side of the
keyboard and you will skip to the next level.

-- L.E.D. Storm ---
Type in AMIGADAVIDBROADHURSTWANTTOCHEAT  and things start to happen,
like infinite lives, etc.

--- Leatherneck ---
This cheat works for both the ST and Amiga.
Start the game and type 'CUTHBERTNECK', then press F3. This will 
give all players protection from enemy fire, but not from your 
team-mates' bullets. To return to normal press F3 once again.

NOTE: Another doc file says word is `CUTHBERT'. Try both!

--- Legend of The Lost ---
Enter the password screen and enter word the following six letter passwords.
     2)  STONES    3)  LADDER    4)  ESCAPE    5)  LAVA   6)  FINALE
You can now select which level you wish to begin on. 

Or you can enter the password screen and enter the word EDLER. Now you can
select which level to start from.

--- Leonardo ---
Enter 'FREIBIERC' as your password for unlimited lives.
The screen will flash and tell you that you have discovered the secret
of Leonardo.

Here are some level passwords:
ALPHORN    - Level 20
IVANHOE    - ??

--- Leisure Suit Larry ---
Press ALT and X to bypass the proof of age questions.
You can go to any location in the game by by hitting ALT-D and entering
(TP). It asks for a location number, so enter 008-045.

--- Lemmings ---
Type in "FQUIGGLY" during the title screen to make your lemmings suicide

--- Lemmings Codes ---
































--- Line of Fire ---
On the control options screen type "OPERATION FERRET". The screen should now
change and you'll be invulnerable with the ability to skip levels by pressing

--- Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge ---
Enter player ones name as FIELDS OF FIRE and player twos as IN A BIG COUNTRY
. Now you will automatically qualify for the next race no mater what position
you where in at the end of it! Also enter MONSTER and SEVENTEEN to discover
a very familiar game.

--- Magic Marble ---
Here are the passwords:

      2 - EVERYWHERE
      3 - TOOTHPASTE
      4 - CONNECTION
      5 - CLEVERNESS
      6 - COPYWRITER
      7 - TELEVISION
      8 - CIGARETTES
      9 - COMPLICATE
     10 - IMPOSSIBLE

--- Maniac Miner ---
Pause the game and press * to get an extra nine lives.

--- Marble Madness ---
Stay where you are on the first level for a surprise.

--- Menace ---
This one's a bit tricky - type 'XR31TURBONUTTERBASTARD' while the game
is in progress. Try doing that without getting killed off! You should
now have a large supply of shields, cannon and lasers. They will run
out eventually so you have to type it in again.

(this cheat is from another list and is unverified)
Type XR31 TURBO NUTTER BASTARD and hit keys 1-6 to select a level.
Then press RETURN for extra weapons.

--- Mickey Mouse ---
While playing, type in 61315688. A flickering line should appear
in the border, indicating that the cheat mode is in operation.
The following keys will now activate these handy features...

     F2 - Opens the door to the next sub-game
     F3 - Starts a fight between you and a witch
     F4 - Refills your water pistol

--- Midnight Resistance ---
When the game is running in the demo mode, type in 
ITS EASY WHEN YOU KNOW HOW (don't forget the spaces)
and start the game as normal but with infinite lives.

--- Might & Magic II ---
To earn heaps of experience points, make a backup of your original play disk.
Now boot and insert the disk that contains your characters. Save them onto
your second backup by going to the inn. Buy three tickets (green, yellow,
red or black) and try to win in all three arenas. Remember to save after each
victory. Once you have a victory in each arena, go to the castle where the
bishop is held captive. Before entering flick the write protect tab to
protect your disk. Then enter and free the bishop with the correct key.
He will give you experience points if you have won three fights of the same
color. Exit and go to town. Open write protect tab and save at the inn.
You can repeat this several times. Once you have acquired mega-experience,
save your party using your original backup of the play disk.

--- Monty Python ---
Enter your name as SEMPRINI on the high score table and you will restart
the game on the level that you died. Also try the old POOKY trick again.

--- Narc ---
When the game starts , go right until the first dustbin appears. Kneel
down in front of it and keep shooting. It will turn blue when the cheat
mode is activated. This will give you infinite lives.

--- Narco Police ---
While playing type in "ABRIR" to open doors,"NOENEMIG" to vaporize all the
bad guys,"COMENZAR" to bring the bad guys back again, "BLAST" to activate
a smart bomb and "MUNICON" to top off your amo.

--- Navy Moves ---
To reach part two of game type  786169

--- Nebulus ---
Type 'HELLOIAMJMP' on the title screen. This gives you unlimited
Pogos, and you can go to each of the eight unfinished towers by hitting
a function key.  (F1 to F8) 
You can do the same with the second group by accepting the second mission
before typing in the password.

--- Never Mind ---
At the main screen type 328GTS.  A message, "cheat now on steve", 
will appear.Now you can skip to the next level at any time by pressing
the right mouse button!
The passwords for the 26 levels are:

   0 - MMMRHM      1 - AMMRHA      2 - HMMRHH    3 - VMMRHV
   4 - PMMRHP      5 - GMMRHG      6 - IMMRHI    7 - RMMRHR
   8 - MAMRHW      9 - AAMRHN     10 - HAMRHZ   11 - VAMRHT
  12 - HHMWHH     13 - GAMRHQ     14 - IAMRHB   15 - RAMRHF
  16 - MHWWHM     17 - AHMWHA     18 - HHMWHJ   19 - VHMWHV
  20 - PHMWHP     21 - GHMWHG     22 - IHMWHI   23 - RHMWHR
  24 - MVMWHW     25 - AVMWHN

--- New Zealand Story ---
Pause the game, and press 'M'.  You should hear a laser gun sound.
Type 'MOTHERF**KENKIWIB**TARDS' (fill in the stars...)
Unlimited lives are yours.

Or try typing 'FLYFFY KIWIS (including space) at any time for infinite lives.

Or, on level 2.4, stand at the entrance to the room with the giant octopus is
located and fire to the right a few times.  A warp will appear that will
take you the beginning of level 3.1.

--- Night Shift ---
Here are the codes for the first 10 levels of Night Shift
Level 2 - cherry banana banana lemon
Level 3 - banana cherry pineapple plum
Level 4 - pineapple lemon pineapple pineapple
Level 5 - pineapple pineapple lemon cherry
Level 6 - cherry plum plum pineapple
Level 7 - cherry pineapple lemon banana
Level 8 - pineapple banana pineapple cherry
Level 9 - pineapple lemon lemon cherry
Level 10 - lemon banana plum plum
Level 12 - cherry plum banana plum
Level 13 - pineapple cherry plum banana
--- Ninja Warriors ---
For infinite lives, press CAPS LOCK and type 'CHEDDAR'.  Then press CAPS
again to start the game.
Try the following tips.  They're not cheats but little tricks you can try.
To use, press CAPS LOCK, type the word, and then hit CAPS LOCK again.

KYLIE          - Auzzie TV Mode
THE TERMINATOR - Ninja body parts explode when you die
MONTY PYTHON   - Enemies walk backwards
SKIPPY         - Enemies bounce
A SMALL STEP FOR MAN - Jumping enemies jump right off the screen
STEVE AUSTIN   - 'S' toggles slow motion
MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU - infinite stamina
WARP FACTOR ONE,MR SULU - level skip (keys 1-6 to corresponding level)

You can use more than one effect at once!

--- Nitro ---
Enter your name as MAJ when starting the game and get lots of fuel and money.

--- Operation Thunderbolt ---
Get a score of 50,000 points and let yourself die.  For the high score,
enter 'WIGAN NINJA'.  Restart your game, and now F7 will skip levels!
But remember, you must save at least 1 hostage from each of the rescue
levels in order to complete the game.

Type SPECCY MODE on the hi score screen to bring on twice the number
of enemies.
Enter your name on hi score table as EDOM TAEHC (CHEAT MODE spelled
backwards) for infinite lives
Usually you have to shoot equipment boxes to get the laser sight, but
press F8 and fire at the same time on the title screen and you will
start a 1 player game with laser sight. For 2 players press F2 instead
of F8 on the title screen

--- Outrun ---
While playing enter 'RED BARCHETTA' to access the cheat mode, then try:

T - Increase time by 10 seconds (after 100 seconds time looks garbled)
S - Skip Level
B - Restart current level (and get bonus points)

--- Overlander ---
Just a few tips- When cruising the highway don't stop shooting, 
and always choose the highest paid mission. Buy fuel carefully -
only enough for that level, after level 1 you MUST buy a 
leanburner. Try to stay in the middle of the road and travel 
fast, travelling slowly only burns more fuel. Fire bombs are more 
useful than smart bombs when you learn how to use them.
Bulletproofing is necessary after level 2. When travelling 
through the barriers the best speed is 90-120mph.

---  P47  ---
Type 'ZEBEDEE' on the high score table.
F1 - Skip Level
F2 - Renew Lives

--- Pacland ---
When the title screen appears, type 'AVALON'.  It should flash indicating
you now have unlimited lives!  If that doesn't work, try the following:

Start a 2 player game.  Make it as far as you can with player 1.
With player 2, you must be able to make it as far as the fairy to collect
your boots.  Now that you have gotten your boots, you are going backwards to
where you started.  Push the THIRD cactus on the way back, and a yellow
pacman will appear.  Get it, now kill player 2.  Continue playing with
player 1.  Every time player 1 dies, get the yellow pacman with player 2 and
kill player 2 immediately.  As long as you keep getting the yellow pacman
with player 2, player 1 will never die.


Level 1 - Run to the third fire hydrant, and when you get there, jump over
          it and push it to the left.  This will give you a blue hat that
          will make you invulnerable to the little ghosts that fall from

Level 2 - Run to the third cactus, and push it to the left.  You will now be
          invulnerable for the entire level!

Level 3 - After getting your magic boots, push the third cactus on the way
          back for a free life.

- Jump on the roof of ghost's car to escape
- Only use powerpills when ghosts are in range, or else it is wasted
- When you reach the breaktime sign, jump when you are about 1 inch away
  for a bonus (depending how high you are when the level ends)

--- Pang --- 
On the map screen type WHAT A NICE CHEAT . The map should turn purple,
enabling you to select any level to start on. (you have to be quick)

--- Pandora ---
  1: Wait a few moments for amy to appear.
  2: Take ID Amy and find the Second Officer.  Pick up the Lazer Rifle
     from the table next to him.
  3: Put Lazer Rifle into backpack-don't use it yet.
  4: Find the Engineer, take his ID and the Sonic Driver.
  5: Find the Lt Commander, take his ID and carry it.
  6: Find the Commander, take his ID and carry it.  Also take the Code
     Blue and Code Scarlet.
  7: Find the Captain, take his SDI disk and leave the ID Lt. Commander.
  8: Shoot the Ice Lord with the Lazer Rifle.
  9: Carry the ID Engineer to go through the force field.
 10: Find the AWOL officer and take his ID.
 11: Carry the Sonic Driver and head for the Robomechanic.
 12: Swap the Sonic Driver for the Code Ochre.
 13: Carry the SDI Disk and go to the SDI computer.
 14: Give the SDI computer these items in the following order: SDI Disk,
     Code Scarlet, Code Ochre and Code Blue.
 15: Carry the Engineer's ID and exit the Engineering Section.  Then 
     swith to ID AWOL.
 16: Go the transporter and enter along the arrow.
 17: That's all folks.

--- Paradroid  90 ---
On the title screen hit <F-3> to bring up an options menu.

--- Pipeline ---
Here are the codes:


--- PipeMania ---
Here are some passwords:


--- Plague ---
First make your score end in a three (by shooting the bubbles).
Then hit P to pause the game, then hit Escape, then click `No' when asked
if you want to play again. This takes you to the title screen with drooling
Now type the following; kom je illegaal door de plaag dan grijpt de jungle
command je in de kraag ; then hit Return.
Border should turn green. Hit fire button to return to game.
Now infinite lives. Must do this on Level 1 before killed even once.

--- Platoon ---
By typing HAMBURGER-HILL using the minus key on the numeric keypad, you
can use F1-F4 to skip to the corresponding level.

(another cheat from a different list)
This one's cute. Type in 'Hamburger' at the title screen. The word
'Cheat' will appear below the credits press your joystick button, then
(F5) when the jungle screen comes up. Your man is now invulnerable to
the attacks of the little Commie @#!!$&*s. From here (F1) starts you
where you are, (F2) puts you at the location of the explosives, (F3)
takes you to the bridges that you have to blow up, (F4) takes you
straight to the village where the entrance to the tunnels is hidden in
Bone of the huts. From here on the cheat no longer works, the game runs
as normal and you can die but it certainly gets you further along the

--- Pool of Radiance ---
Once you find any item you can make as many copies of it as you want.
     1 - Create a dummy character.
     2 - Load a saved game and transfer all the good items to the dummy.
     3 - Remove the dummy character from the party.
     4 - Load the dummy character back in.
     5 - Transfer the items to other members.
     6 - Drop the dummy character from the party.
     7 - Repeat steps 4-6 as many times as needed.
     This also works for Curse of the Azure Bonds and Champions of Krynn.

--- Populous ---
Enter 'KILLUSPAL' on the title screen and you will be warped to level 999.

Some codes to get you to different levels
Level   World Name       Terrain Type
9       BURWILCON        Desert
12      BILCEMET         Snow & Ice
17      IMMUSILL         Rocky
20      SHADTED          Snow & Ice
23      SADWILLOW        Snow & Ice
32      SHIDIEHOLE       Grass
36      JOSTME           Grass
38      SWAINGPAL        Desert
44      BILADOR          Snow & Ice
46      WEAVINPERT       Rocky
50      HOBOZJOB         Grass
58      VERYELIN         Snow & Ice
60      HAMINMAR         Rocky
64      SHIOZER          Rocky
72      EOAELING         Desert

--- Power Drift ---
Select any course except D and win all the races (you must win them to get
a gold medal-finishing in the top 3 is -not- good enuff!) Collect all
the gold medals and you enter a bonus round on a secret course with you
in control of the F-14 Tomcat from Afterburner! with no collision
detection. Do the same thing on course D and collect all the gold medals
and this time you will be in control of the Super Hang-On bike!

--- Predator ---
If your energy gets on the low side, simply press F10 and restore it.

--- Predator 2 ---
For infinite lives, Pause the game and type, "YOUR ONE UGLY MOTHER".
Unpause the game and start Wasting uglies.

--- Prince of Persia ---
To jump levels -  Hold down the CAPS LOCK key and press L. This does not
work on the Copy Protection level.(Potion level)

--- Prophecy I: The Viking Child ---
Here are the codes to help you get through the game

DENIS     - The Forest      or    IMAGITEC
THE BLIZ  - The Bridge         JOJO SRN
SHARKMAN  - The Labyrinth      GUSTAVUS
NYMHARSW  - The Desert         NINJASDL

--- Puffys Saga ---
Press F5 and F6 together and you will be advanced to level 7. Press DEL
to go to level 8 press it again to go to level 9

--- R-Type  ---
Enter SUMITA on the high score table for unlimited lives.

--- Rainbow Islands ---
We all know that collecting the seven different-colored gems gives you an
extra life and a 100,000 Bonus Gem once the Boss is defeated.
But collecting all of the gems in the correct order of color (from left to
right on the gem counter) not only awards you the life and Bonus Gem, it also
grants you access to a magical secret room. When you reach the end of the
level, a silver door appears. `You don't have to fight the Boss. 

Even more useful is how to create any color gem. The screen is split into
several invisible vertical stripes of color. When a gem falls, its color is
determined by the `color' of the area into which it fell. Now all you have to
do is gauge carefully where the dead  enemy will fall to create the gem color
of your choice.

Type the following codes while the title screen is displayed
Code      Result
BLRBJSBJ  awards permanent fast shoes
RJSBJSBR  awards permanent double rainbows
SSSLLRRS  awards permanent fast rainbows
LBSJRLJL  Contine after Island Five
RRLLBBJS  All hidden food becomes money
RRRRSBSJ  Does both of the previous two
SRBJSLSB  Gives you a 100 Million Points Counter

--- Rambo III ---
Get a high score, and enter 'RENEGADE' as your name.  From then on,
1, 2, or 3 will jump to that corresponding level.

--- Retaliator ---
Enter your name as THE DIDY MEN on the enrolment screen. Click on the 
Colonel icon and press return. Select the battle area as normal and select
mission control. Accept a mission without selecting one. Now play the game
as normal. Tap the return key to land without crashing.
For infinite weapons, enter your name as CIARAN.

--- Return of the Jedi ---
On the high score table, enter 'Darth Vader'.  From now on, F2 will skip
a stage.

--- Return to Genesis ---
Type 'WASP.ASM' on the title screen and then pressing F5 for

--- Rick Dangerous ---
Enter 'POOKY' on the high score table and you will continue on the level you
died on.  It is of no use until you can pass level 1.

--- Rick Dangerous 2 ---
Enter POOKY on the high score table. Now on the level select menu you can
choose between full length and shortened versions of the game.
--- Rings of Medusa ---
After entering your name, type 'DESOXYRIBONUKLEINSAEURE', then HELP.

--- Roadblasters ---
When on the starting line, type 'LAVILLASTRANGIATO', then:

X - Spins Car        1 - Mount UZ Cannon
S - Next Stage       2 - Cruise Missiles
P - Refuel           3 - Electro Shields
G - End Game         4 - Nitro Injectors
                     0 - Remove all Weapons

--- Robocop ---
Pause the game and type 'BEST KEPT SECRET' for invulnerability.

--- Robocop 2 ---
Type in SERIALINTERFACE on the title screen,the drive will whirr and the
computer tells you the cheat mode is active. During the game F9 will top off
robocop's energy and F10 will take you to the next leve.

--- Rock 'N Roll ---
Enter 'RAINBOW ARTS' for your name.  The screen should turn grey.
To warp to any level, enter the following:
Level number, XX, followed by four digits that when added together equal the
level number, XX, and then the level number reversed.

Examples: To play level 12, Enter -> 12 XX 3333 XX 21
          12 = Level number, XX, 3+3+3+3 =12 etc.

If you want to hear the tunes type 'COUNTRY' and a menu will appear.

Another tip allows you to get to level 33 (1 level after the last!)

Here's How: Find the special hole on level 1.  It's surrounded by 3 left
            pointing arrows.  Fall down the hole, and press the left mouse
            button.  You are now warped to level 33!

--- Rolling Thunder ---
Type JIMBBBY for infinite energy - type I or (1 key?) to change level

--- Rotor ---
Here are some codes for higher levels:
Level 1 - GAG
      2 - LIP
      3 - FLY (might be SLY, please let me know)
      4 - MEN
      5 - AWE
      6 - TNT
Also, 'PIT' allows access to the battle simulator.

--- SAVAGE ---
Right at the beginning of the game (blue sector) you will find a well on
the left.  Run towards it and jump before you hit the wall.  Now you will
find yourself at the other side of it.  Keep on walking to the left and
you will notice the screen going crazy.   Waggle the joystick in all 
directions and after a while you will find yourself in the red sector.
Once in the red sector do the same as in the blue sector. Now you go to
the purple sector.  Do the same as in the red and blue sectors.
A message appears that you have completed game one and the code word for
game two.

The password for level two is SABATTA.
For infinite lives enter BRUISER

When level three is loaded select the enter code for level two option on
the menu and when prompted enter PORSCHE

--- SCI ---
By typing - IN A GARDEN IN on the title screen you can give yourself bags of
time by pressing T during the game.

--- S.D.I. --- (Activision)
Shoot down all the swirling pods, then on the high score table type
in  ALERIC.  This cheat is activated and you can use the functions
keys to select any level that you wish.

--- S.D.I. --- (Cinemaware)
When you're in the Russian space station, pick one man and keep firing
at him 10 to 15 times. No other men will appear and you can keep doing
it until you get the girl.

--- Sentry --- (europe version called The Sentinel, I think)
Here's some Level Codes:
    3) 70511958  19) 55742564  80) 18452261 196) 72957558
    8) 16257084  36) 97578966 103) 36873128 225) 38546570
   10) 43428170  50) 61185004 127) 06567770
   11) 40556356  61) 26060764 150) 92856449 
   18) 68627185  66) 68657887 169) 16788555

--- Shadow of The Beast ---
When the 'beast' title appears, hold down both mouse buttons and the
joystick button until asked to insert disk 2.  This will give you unlimited
lives.  Unfortunately, this does not work on all versions.

--- Shadow of The Beast II ---
Activate the cheat by going right as soon as the game starts and
ask the first pygmie: TEN PINTS.
(I have the complete solve, email if u want it, Marcus)

--- Shadow Warriors ---
When the intro screen is running hold down the following keys:
CTRL,J,ESC,5,F2,RIGHT ALT,(,V,SMALL ENTER,HELP. The border will flash
purple, pressing the HELP key during game will advance you a and pressing Q 
makes you invinsible to enemy punches and kicks.

--- Shinobi ---
Pause the game during play and type:
LARSVII for unlimited credits
LARSVII while holding down left mouse button to enter color mode (this
  is controlled with numeric pad)
Pressing Q while the game is paused lets you enter music mode
Lastly when the Shinobi logo appears on the title screen hold down the
letter T and move the mouse to control it.

--- Silkworm ---
Version 1- Hold down the HELP key and keep it pressed while pressing
fire and you'll get infinite lives and can move thru the levels by
pressing the numeric keys 1 to 0 and the minus key.

Version 2-If you have the latest version then attempting the above will
reveal the message: 'Congratulations!, you have found the cheat mode...
unfortunately it has been ZZAPPED!'. If this happens go to the control
selection and type 'scrap 28' and then start the game. The effect is the
same as above.

Version 3 - Mastertronics buget release version - Call up the options screen
and type in SCRAP 29 (with spaces). Start the game as usual and you will
recieve unlimited jets and jeeps.

--- Silworm IV (S.W.I.V.)

Type NCC-1701 and press return during gameplay to get unlimited lives.

--- SimCity ---
Hold SHIFT and type 'FUND' for $10,000.  It will cause an earthquake every
third time you do it, so do it before you start your city.

(hint #1)
Another tip is to set the citizen's taxes to 0%.  Then just before tax
collection (December or November if playing at fast speed) quickly set the
taxes up to 20%.  Then after you collect taxes, put it back down to 0%.
This way the citizens think they are not paying any taxes.

You can build land on water. Find a straight (horizontal or vertical),
stretch of coastline and string a powerline along it. Next, move one
square over, out into the water and string another powerline parallel to
the first. Repeat as many times as you want. Then just
bulldoze all the excess powerlines and you can build on the new land.

(hint#3,yet another way to make new land)
To MAKE land you simply make a 3 lane highway across any water source.
When you make a road by putting 3 sections of road on top of three section
of road on top of three sections of road (3 by 3) you make 1 section of
land in the middle.                WWWWW   WWWWW     To make more land, just
                                   WRRRW   WRRRW     move you roads over, or
           L= land                 WRRRW = WRLRW     make your roads 4 by 4,
           W= water                WRRRW   WRRRW     5 by 5 etc.  Play with
           R= road                LLRRRLL LLRRRLLL   it.  It'll work.
                                  LLLLLLL LLLLLLLL
--- Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon ---
When you are about to die, select the close icon, and then continue.
You'll be as good as new and back at the map.

--- Skidz ---
Start the game as usual and hold down the firebutton ALT and C together 
for infinite lives.
Hold down the firebutton ALT and M (one source says L key) for access
to any level any time.
Don't activate both or you won't get past level two.

--- Slayer ---
Make your way to the end of the first stage, making sure you are on your last
life. Blow up all the enemy guns and the little green monster. Next, crash
into the machine it resided in. You will then start level two with infinite

--- Sly Spy ---
To get infinite credits enter 007 as your level code then type in "SHAKEN

--- Snoopy ---
Pick up the food bowl and go right.  Give the food bowl to Charlie Brown,
wait, and eat the food.  Go to the hut, pick up the typewriter, use and give
letter to Charlie Brown.  Eat cookies and use the cookie jar to catch the
frog.  Get umbrella, use it to walk under the rain cloud and get ball.
Kick the ball onto the river, pick up coin and jump over barrels and ball.
Toss the coin into the well.
Jump back across and get catapult.  Jump back and burst the balloons.  Get
the pump.  Pump up Lucy's paddling pool.  Fill pool with hose water, get
frog in jar and scare Lucy by letting it loose.  Pick up horse and take it
to the tree with the kite.  Get pump and pump of the horse.  Jump on horse
to get the kite.  Get to the rain cloud with the kite, and give the kite to
Charlie Brown.  Follow him, pick up the key, use in school lockers.  Get
blanket and give it to Linus.  The End!

--- Sonic Boom ---
On the hi-score table, enter DOUGAL. The next time you play you will find:

   F1  Increases energy
   F2  Awards a full drone squadron
   F3  Skip to the next level.

--- Sorcery + ---
Type in GAS MASK WHEELER WANTS CHEAT ( including the spaces )
to open all door, to stop the timer and to be able to enter
the '+' part of the game.

Another listing says the sorceror becomes invisible instead. Try it!     

--- Space Ace ---
While playing the game, type 'DODEMODEXTER' to see the entire game

--- Spherical ---
Here are all the passwords:


--- Spittin' Image ---
The game is easiest if fought in this order:

1) Reagan, Pope
2) Gorby, Pope
3) Ayatollah, Pope
4) Botha, Pope
5) Margaret, Pope

--- Spy Vs Spy ---
Wait by the door to the airport and booby trap all doors. When 
the other spy has got all the stuff, he'll get killed trying to 
get to the exit - just go through the door which he tried to get 
through. Pick up the stuff by searching the furniture and escape. 
If he does get through, just beat the heck out of him and head 
for the exit.

--- ST Dragon ---
Press cap locks key while playing and type in DECAFFEINATED and press Return
and cap locks again for invinsibility. Type caps lock and WHATS WRONG
lock for infinite lives. Type caps lock and I HATE THE RADION ADVERT or
KYLE and return and caps lock and see what happens.

--- Starflight ---
In the trade depot at the space station buy " 1000" Endurium. Sell it
all back and you have an additional 20,000 mu's. If you only sell 990
back you get 2,714,000 mu's.

--- Starglider ---
Slow down your ship completely, and press F1 for fixed sights.
Press BACKSPACE to pause the game and type 'js arg s'.
You should now be invincible, and your fuel and shields will never deplete.
Press 'P' for more missiles.

To enter the secret object viewer, press 'z'.  Then press 'p' to pause.
Select [, and .] and manipulate objects.  You can use all keys but
'q' and 'ESC'.  Use the mouse to change point of view, or magnification with
right mouse button.

--- Starglider II ---
Slow down your ship completely and press 'F' for fixed sights.
Press BACKSPACE to pause, and type in the words:
'WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD' and then press 1.

Your shield and energy levels will drop to a fixed point.  Press K and you
will receive all the weapons.  Repeat if needed.

--- Star Goose ---
Hit all the function keys from F1 through to F10 and you've got 
unlimited protection in this cute shoot em up.

--- Starquake ---
To help you get about a bit, here's a complete list of teleport codes:

     FLIED       ROKEA
     CHING       HINDI
     DAVRO       SOCHI
     SOLUN       NICHA
     TABET       BORNO
     LUANG       CWORE
     TSOIN       KWANG
     KALED       ADKEA

--- STARRAY ---
Unfortunately the cheat mode isn't as straightforward as the game 
play. Here's the step by step guide to getting an invincible 
ship. Make sure your mouse is plugged in, but don't use it to 
move the highlight.

Access the OPTIONS SCREEN (ie: press the SPACE BAR).
Move down to the VIEW GAME SCREEN option.
Push the joystick LEFT and press FIRE. The GAME SCREEN should appear.
Center the joystick and press FIRE again. The OPTIONS SCREEN 
should reappear.

Move down to the SOUND ON option.
Push the joystick to the RIGHT and press FIRE. If SOUND ON 
changes to SOUND OFF, start again from scratch.
Return to the VIEW GAME SCREEN option.
Push the joystick RIGHT and while holding it in this direction, 
hold down the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.

The OPTIONS SCREEN should change to CHEAT MODE.
Return to RESUME GAME and continue play with a shield that never depletes.
If this doesn't work, try again from a new game.

--- Stormlord ---
As the game starts to load, hold down the joystick button and the left mouse
button.  Keep them held down until the game has finished loading.  Then when
the game starts, quickly press SPACE to pause the game.  Then type 'MNBVC'.
This will give you unlimited lives and time.  Also 'L' skips levels.

Another cheat:
When the credits screen is displayed type DRAGONBRIDGE, a message
indicating cheat mode is active will appear. Start game then
SPACEBAR then press L to skip levels

--- Stormtrooper ---
Enter 'JAMES CAMERON' on the high score table.  Now, whenever you need more
lives, hit F9.

--- Street Fighter ---
To progress to the next level of this abominable licensed beat'em 
up, type STREET CHEAT on the title screen and press the HELP key.

--- Strider ---
Press F9 to pause the game.  Hold HELP, Left Shit, and 1 (main keyboard).
Let go of all three, and press F10 to restart the game.

From now on the following keys are activated:

1 - 5 (main keyboard) = Warp to corresponding level
F1 - F4               = Warp to section 1-4 in current level

If you are almost dead, just use the F1-F4 keys (depending on how far you
are) for renewed strength!

--- Strider II --- 
Start the game and type "SWIFT". A cheat icon should appear and now pressing 
E will replenish strider's energy, while D will replenish the Strider Robot's

You can also Pause the game and hold down the Left Shift,1, and HELP for 
infinite lives.

--- Stryx ---
While playing the game, hold down 'HELP', 'M', and 'E' for maximum
strength, fuel and ammunition for the jetpack.

Or, try 'HELP', 'M', 'E', and 'P' for all four door passes.

--- Supercars ---
Level 2 Password = ODIE
Level 3 Password = BIGC

For tons of money ($500,000), try 'RICH' as a password!

--- Supercars II ---
To access Cheat Mode enter player 1's name as "WONDERLAND" and player 2"s
name as "THE SEER". You can now start the game in one or two-player mode 
with the cheat active.

--- Super HangOn ---
To enter this cheat mode, you must be able to beat the current continent's
high score table.  Africa is the easiest.  After making a high score, enter
'750J' for your name.  It should change to "...." if it works.  Hold down
Control, Left Alternate, Z, and T as the credits screen changes to the
options screen.  Let go of the T key and the cheat mode will be on.  Enter
new coefficients for the road turns using the keypad.  The initial settings
are 60 for an outer turn and 45 for an inner.  You also gain a machine gun.
Use it with the amiga key.  It can be used to destroy other bikes or
roadside obstacles.

--- Switchblade ---
Enter 'POOKY' on the high score table, and then hold 1-5 to warp to that

--- Sword Of Sodan ---
Play the game, get a highscore, and kill yourself.  For your name, enter
'NANCY' and hit return.  Now when you play again you will have unlimited

Another untested method is to select your player, start the game, and kill
yourself off.  Then play again with the same character, and while the game
loads keep hitting return.  This should also give you unlimited lives.

--- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ---
When entering the protection routine, type 8859 the first time, 1506 the
second time and the correct number the third time. Now the HELP key will
toggle invinsibility on/off. If you loose a turtle, press HELP and all the
turtles will be restored to full energy.

--- Test Drive ---
Hold down the button while going around turns and you will not hit the wall
or fall off of the cliff (other cars can still hit you).

--- Test Drive II ---
Try typing the following during the game for interesting results:

aerf    - Fast acceleration and quick braking (and free life)
          Keep retyping it for lots of lifes.
gass    - Jump to gas station with amazing average time and score
gasst   - Jump to gas station and use real average time and score
,bruce  - Change sign on level 2 from 'Play Grand Prix Circuit' to
          'Bruce Dawson Wrote This'
6outran - unknown

*Type "GAS" at any stage to go straight to the gas station.

--- The Spy Who Loved Me ---
Type MISS MONEYPENNY during the game and then press F10 to skip levels.
--- Three Stooges ---
To really slow down the hang that selects the scenes, do the slapping game
and pull Curly's ear; do it continuously until time runs out.

--- Thunderblade ---
Type 'CRASH' on the high score table, and you can skip levels with the HELP

--- Thunderbirds ---
Here are some passwords:


--- Thundercats ---
On the 'Rescue Tygra' stage, find a place where bonus' pop up frequently,
and keep getting them.  If you're careful not to die, you can horde a lot of
free men.

--- Time Machine ---
A level cheat exists for this game. Get a high score and enter the word
DIZZY. Now you can skip to any zone just by pressing the relevant number

--- Titan ---
Game Codes/passwords
         1. J4JMKR          2. HBHCHC          3. 4492LI
         5. 2401TO          6. 01LO38          7. 04KJOB
         8. 198075          9. OVR70          10. H67JR1
        11. 04JBR8         12. RDL89G         13. B8JLJ4
        14. DNBE08         15. TMV281         16. LO9U3H
        17. 9JHTQN         18. UKUTB8         19. 01HFJO
        20. 1R7DCG         21. V30906         22. 4P4192
        23. 40RSHP         24. E4DBQP         25. LFPOBO
        26. 1H9615         27. MOBOPV         28. B9HH22
        29. RN4RH9         30. BG6W61         31. 1W1440
        32. 044080         33. E396V3         34. 740330
        35. 2L41H1         36. SGOWOO         37. 48H093
        38. FU5HJ9         39. OGU9PI         40. 294JBH
        41. B608S0         42. P810B9         43. KWOHME
        44. HC6YS8         45. 90OPNO         47. OOBI1O
        48. HOO1OK         49. 1S4LOF         50. D80N6D
        51. 3010LH         52. K47OMT         53. 09UPW9
        54. OVE032         55. L29RHL         56. 6ORROR
        57. H95LHT         60. 9LQHVU         61. HC932F
        62. 117938         63. 6048HG         64. 4F039H
        65. VOMO5V         66. CO1FHT         67. OS4500
        68. 2U4BO5         69. CF6B71         70. 88H102
        71. H844C3         72. OO5HOR         73. NOTON8
        74. OD8V01         75. AH3HD8         76. TIDDI2
        77. 43L6TV         78. 8HH0H3         79. 1I1S78
        80. OIP4GO

--- Treasure Island Dizzy ---
Here are some objects, and where to use them:

CHEST                     - Below the Cliff
SNORKEL                   - In the water
GRAVEDIGGER SPADE         - In the grave on Island 2
MAGIC STONE               - Totem Pole (Island 2)
AXE & BIBLE               - Bridge (Island 1)
POGO STICK                - Pogo place on ship
GOLD COINS                - The Shop
FIRE PROOF SUIT           - Smuggler's Cave (Island 2)
BRANDY                    - Shop
GOLD EGG                  - Shop
BRASS KEY                 - Smuggler's Cave
CROWBAR                   - Rock in Water

For a Cheat - Start the game and type "ICANFLY" to be able to fly.

--- Torvak the Warrior ---
On reaching the high score table, enter the word CHEAT. Now when the game is
loading, hold down the number of the stage you want to skip to. Individual
stages are accessed by pressing fire and the relevent numeric key.

--- Total Eclipse --- 
Hold down 1 and 9 and press fire for a surprise.

--- Total Recall ---
To make it so you are invinsible - On the title screen type LISTEN TO THE
WHALES. When you play the game your energy level will still go down but you
won't die when it reaches 0. When you get to the taxi level type JIMMY
HENDRIX  and your taxi will be invinsible.

--- Toyota Celica Rally ---
When promted to start the cars engine, press CTRL and C to freeze the timer
and ensure that you can complete the race in seconds.

--- Turrican ---
This is more of a bug than a cheat, but here is a technique you can
use in Turrican:
If you come to a bad guy that you don't want to deal with, leave the
screen and then come back.  The bad guy should be gone.  Unfortunately
this also happens to extra men and weapons.

Get on the highscore screen and instead of typing your name, type
BLUESMOBIL hit return and instead of seeing bluesmobil on the high score 
screen, it will say Thats It! You got It! This will give you 99 lives
and for every life 500 mines,500 grenades,and 500 power beams.

--- Turrican 2 ---
This is a really cool cheat! While watching the demo at the beggining of
the game press the HELP key. You will be able to listen to any of the
incredible songs in the game plus... if you choose 1,4,2 and then press
ESC twice you will have unlimited lives in the game, and unlimited power
beams. If you are a little confused about pressing 1,4,2 - those are the
song selections. There is no Song 4 but press 4 anyway. Have fun!
P.S. I played this game and won it alot but when it loaded the ending screen
     it was just black. You can solve this problem by playing it in PAL.

--- Unreal ---
At the beggining of the game where the 3-D balls are floating in the air,
Type ORDILOGICUS and then hit return. The screen should flash. When you
start the game you should have unlimited energy. Also you can then hit
return to skip levels.

--- Untouchables ---
Type 'SOUTHAMPTONGAZETTE', and from now on F10 skips levels.
Pressing HELP on levels 2, 3, and 6 to warp to the second half of the level.

--- Vaxine ---
While playing the game type WILDEBEAST. F1 and F3 will advance you one and
ten levels respectively. F2 and F4 will go back levels the same way.

--- Venom Wing ---
When the Scrolling Thalamus logo appears on the screen, quickly type
IDJ and the screen should flash giving you infinite lives.

--- Venus: The Flytrap ---
Level Two    The Frozen Wastes   MANTIDAS
Level Three  The Dead City       CICADAS
Level Four   Wood World          PSYLLIDS
Level Five   The Caverns         PIERIDS
Level Six    Death Valley        SATYRID
Level Seven  The Creeping Swamp  LYCAENID
Level Eight  Tech World          PYRALID
Level Nine   Translucent Plain   NOCTUID
Level Ten    The Stygian Creek   NO PASSWORD!

Type JUPITER for infinite time      Type PLUTO for infinite ammo
Type MARS for access to all weapons  Type MERCURY for constant flying ability
Type SATURN try this yourself

--- Veteran ---
Press 'HELP' key, advancing the mission to the next stage.

--- Vigilante ---
Type GREEN CRYSTAL on the score board then press F1 for extra lives & F8
to skip levels.

--- Virus ---
Hold down the enter key on the numeric keypad and press P (hold ENTER).
Keep holding ENTER and press O.  Now the following commands are active:

F - Refuel
L - Move lives
C - Special Effects on/off
N - Resume game
O - to activate demo mode

--- Viz ---
On the character selection screen type, "A GREAT LOAD OF B******S"
(Fill in the asterisks yourself) and the border color will change. Use
keys 1-5 to skip levels.

--- Voodoo Nightmare ---
This hint will make the game somewhat easier to play. You probably noticed
that all the nasties go to sleep at night. When you pause the game, the 
day/night timer still runs. Thus it is possible to play only during the 
safe night periods, and pausing the game during the dangerous daylight.

--- Voyager ---
On the options screen, type 'WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL'.
You will then have access to a cheat menu.

--- Weird Dreams ---
In the hall of mirrors, walk into the rightmost mirror as far as you can
go without passing to the other side (use trial and error) at this point
enter SOS on the HELP key in morse code which is  ...---...
3 stabs of the HELP key in succession followed by 3 presses of about
1 second each followed by 3 stabs again in succession.
Your lives counter should be replaced by an infinity symbol

--- WINGS ---
BALLOON BUSTING- The first thing to do in Balloon Busting missions 
is to take out the AA gun. It isn't too hard so give it a try.

DOG FIGHTS- When involved in a dog fight with other planes always
attack from above. This is because if you attack from below the other
plane will climb which is very annoying. By attacking from above you
drive the other plane down rather than up. 

BEING TAILED- When you are being tailed hold the joystick to the 
bottom-right. You should turn off to the right and out of the other
planes line of fire.
--- Wizball ---
Pause the game (spacebar) and type RAINBOWC resume the game and the
current cauldron will be full. Pause and type RAINBOWS to complete the
current level. Pause and type RAINBOWT to complete the current level and
finish the game.

--- Xenon ---
Let yourself be killed off at Level 2, Stage 2 and all the aliens in the
round will be destroyed.

--- Xenon II ---
*** What And Where To Buy ***

LEVEL 1, SHOP 1: Buy Health, Super Nashwan
LEVEL 1, SHOP 2: Sell Rear Shot, Buy Double Shot and Side Shot
LEVEL 2, SHOP 1: Buy Side Shot
LEVEL 2, SHOP 2: Sell Side Shot
LEVEL 3, SHOP 1: Buy Health and Rear Shot.
LEVEL 3, SHOP 2: Sell Rear Shot, Buy Side Shot, Laser, and Power Up
LEVEL 4, SHOP 1: Sell Rear Shot, Sell Side Shot

Try to stick with your best weapon, and end up with 2 Cannons, 2 Lasers,
and either Side Shot or Rear Shot.

Always spend your money in the shops as you cannot take leftover cash.

*** Halfway and End Monsters ***

SNAIL: Shoot at eye, avoid mines
ALIEN: Shoot eyes at either side at top.  Scroll back and shoot center eye
SPIDER: Destroy as much web as possible.  Fly down to face spider and
        fire continuously.
CRAYFISH: Travels in figure eight. Stay below and fire in it's face.
SNAKE: Attacks from left of screen.
DRAGON: Shoot the side heads first, then tail, then main head.
HEAD: Shoot both eyes, avoiding laser fire and extending tongue.  Shoot
      at head when tongue goes in.
TANK: Use missiles
GRAND SPACESHIP: Shoot all cannons until totally destroyed.
        ITEM             COST         COMMENTS
| Advice             |    200  | Only useful after Level 1      |
| Speedup            |    500  | Essential to survival          |
| Half Health        |    500  | Restores half your energy      |
| Autofire           |    500  | Needed if joystick has none    |
| Nashwan            |    600  | 10 Seconds of sheer heaven     |
| Full Health        |   1000  | Restores full energy           |
| Rear Shot          |   1000  | Very effective on later levels |
| Small Mine         |   1000  | Useless                        |
| Side Shot          |   1000  | Cannot be used with Rear Shot  |
| Electroball        |   1200  | Too sensitive to control       |
| Power-Up           |   2000  | Double bullet size             |
| Large Mine         |   3000  | Useless                        |
| Double Shot        |   3000  | Recommended on later levels    |
| Cannon             |   4000  | Effective when using two       |
| Dive               |   4000  | Waste of Money, but fun        |
| Missiles           |   4000  | Weak to start with             |
| Laser              |   4000  | Awesome when using two or more |
| Drone              |   4500  | Two slow                       |
| Flamer             |   5000  | Extremely limited range        |
| Bomb               |   5500  | Limited range but powerful     |
| Extra Life         |   6000  | You'll need lots of these!     |
| Homers             |   6000  | Four slow but powerful missiles|
| Protection         |   6000  | Doesn't do much                |
| Bitmap Shades      |   6000  | Darkens Screen - useless       |

---  X-Out  ---
On the equipment screen, select the biggest ship and place it on the
grid area. Choose the cheapest satallite and drag it over the top of
the credits and the click to mouse. You will then have 500,000 credits.

--- Xybots ---
Get a high score and enter 'ALF' for your name.  Now you will have unlimited

--- Zany Golf ---
To get to the secret level, make it to the last level (energy).
There is a mouse hole where two eyes appear occasionally.  When the eyes
turn red, putt the ball into the hole to warp to the secret level,

--- Ziriax ---
While playing the game, type 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 to light up a respective power
up and return to activate it. 

--- Zoom! ---
Press the F10 key when asked to select the starting level and you can start
at level 30 instead of level 10.

--- Z-out ---
Press J and K at the same time during gameplay for invinsibility.
Press J and 1-6 to skip to that level.

======================== T H E  E N D =======================================