Disk Of The Month (Aug 1991) :

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Name Size Date Type
Animbrushes/ 1990-10-31
c/ 1991-08-10
FlipIt/ 1990-10-31
Solitaire/ 1990-10-31
Disk_Contents 760 1991-08-10 Text [Original]


      Welcome to the August 1991 Memphis Amiga Group disk of the month.
With Peoplelink dead, I am starting to find my way around GEnie (General
Electric Information Network) and more stuff is promised for next month.
Included on this disk are:

Animbrushes    I downloaded some animbrushes of various animals in motion
               that looked intersting. Just load and use like any anim-

FlipIt		Possibly the strongest Reversi/Othello type game available.
		Shareware, binary only.
		Author:  Adrian Millett

Solitaire	Yet another solitaire game.  Nicely done with good graphics
		and sound.  Shareware.
		Author:  Pat Clark

     Thanks for purchasing this disk.

Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group