Disk Of The Month (Sep 1991) :

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Name Size Date Type
c/ 1991-09-14
CREATEANIM/ 1991-09-14
MAC_CLIPS/ 1991-09-14
MAGDiskSept91 605 1991-09-13 Text [Original]
SafeHarbor 93497 1991-09-13


	Thanks for purchasing this disk-of-the-month for September 1991.  On
this disk are:

	CreateAnim: a new point a click interface for popular Makeanim
	    	    utility.  It eliminates the writing of a script file
		    to build a resulting animation even with DCTV pictures.
	MAC_CLIPS: are a collection of clip-art pictures from a Mac 
		   converted to the Amiga. Over 50 clips are included.	
	SafeHarbor: is a listing for a popular mail-order company with Amiga
		    products and a good reputation.
Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group