Disk Of The Month (Oct 1991) :

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Name Size Date Type
Amigoids/ 1989-06-11
Bombsquad/ 1991-10-12
c/ 1991-10-12
Connect4/ 1989-06-11
DT/ 1991-10-12
Llamatron/ 1991-10-12
Ly-gen/ 1991-10-12
MineClearer/ 1991-12-24
MAGDiskOct91 1338 1991-10-12 Text [Original]


	Thanks for purchasing this disk-of-the-month for October 1991.  On
this disk are:

Amigoids	An Asteroids-type game with a couple different symbols used 
		in the game.  I included because I had not seen one in a 
Bombsquad	A small game that involves finding bombs on a grid field.
Connect4	A clean, nice looking version of the Milton-Bradley game
		that is essentially a four-in-a-row Tic-Tac-Toe game.

DT		A "DiskTest" utility for floppy disks, la Norton Utilities.
		Version 1.12, includes source (SAS-C).
		Author:  Maurizio Loreti
Llamatron	A fast action, arcade style game, guaranteed to have your
		FILE button finger dangling off at the tendons.  Hours of
		fun for you, blowing away horde after horde of alien fiends.
		Shareware, binary only.		
		Author:  Jeff Minter
Ly-Gen		A program that generates a type of fractal called Lyapunov
		log fractal as described in the September 1991 issue of
		Scientific American.  Very nice looking example picture 
MineClearer	Amiga version of the Minesweeper program under Windows 3.0.
		You are the captain of a ship and you have to clear the sea
		from mines.  Shareware, version 1.0c, binary only.
		Author:  Kopetzky Theodorich
Bill Bowers
Memphis Amiga Group