diskMAGazine (Feb 1992) : fishxref.README

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The Xref listing is formatted and paginated to 60 line pages to accomodate
our laser printer.  I hope you do not find this to be a problem.  As new 
sets of Fish Disks come out I will update the list accordingly and upload
to xanth.

Note also that disk references that are prefixed with a 'C' are from
the CUCUG collection which is also archived at ux1.cso.uiuc.edu
(  I included them as another source of interesting
PD software available at the same site as the official(?) archive
for the FredFish disks.

This list has been very useful to us here and I trust it will serve you
well also.  If you have any ideas that will improve it without adding 
significantly to its size I would be interested in hearing them.

Effective with FishXref-320 the qoute marks are no longer used to
show multiple occurances of the same product name.  This is in response
to several gentle hints and requests by folks using the list on-line
and want to use search/grep capabilities.

Effective with FishXref-300.  The Xref now has added a new
column titled 'PAGE'  It contains the page number of the page within 
the FishCon files containing the full description of the product.

The FishCon files are now archived at ab20.LARC.GOV.NASA (
in path /amiga/fishcon/*.
For a detailed explanation of the FishCon files see the FishCon-README 
included in that archive.

Blaine Gardner kindly reminded me that I did not have a sig. line
so users would have a place to throw bouquets, roses, rotten fruit
or old money, so here it is.

             Jerry Whitman <jwhitman@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>

Enjoy.  Jerry.