General Utilities Disk 1 (Feb 1992) : MKSLens / POSTER

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mkslens.lzh      5997  Approx time: 0:01 at 2400 baud, 0:02 at 1200 baud
Contributed by: msinz  Date: Tue Dec  3 23:00:45 1991
New MKS_Lens/coord display/origin setting/display lock

   New MKS_Lens with coordinate display, origin setting, and display lock. This
is an update to the MKS_Lens of years gone by. It is the tool used here at
Commodore to look at display/graphics issues. It works currently in all
supported display modes of the Amiga other than HAM. (It works in HAM but looks
a bit strange)

                -- Mike

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