General Utilities Disk 1 (Feb 1992) : NewZAP / Changes

NEWZAP Modification History
------ ------------ -------

REV 2.85:
  Lock problem (hopefully) cleared up.

REV 2.9:
  The search string gadget self-activates (1.2 & later).
  Busy pointer displayed during searches.
  Recompiled under Aztec 3.4a.

REV 3.0: (as distributed on Fish Disk #58)

  Filespec gadget now scrolls for long filenames.

  By public demand, NewZAP is now customizable regarding all text colors
  and highlighting. There are six pens used by NewZAP :


	BgPen		0			Reserved
	StdPen		3			Border Information
	HexPen		2			Edit Window text
	ModPen		1			Edit Window modifications
	SearchPen	3			Search highlighting

  Use NewZAP on a backup copy of itself and Search for the following string :


  The entire string should be visible in the ASCII window :
		"PENCOLORS->03213 [Default=03213]"

  Modify the numbers after the "-> to your choice of WorkBench preferences;
  on a standard WorkBench screen, those colors are : Blue (0), White (1),
  Black (2) and gold (3). The pen numbers are in the order mentioned above.
  Save your changes to disk, and they will be reflected the next time you
  run your modified copy of NewZAP.

REV 3.1:
  "GOTO" gadget now has a menu shortcut; now EVERYTHING has a keyboard and
  menu equivalent! This feature requires 1.2 or later KickStart.

REV 3.15:
  Corrected an obscure error where user could force NewZAP to attempt more
  than one help requester at the same time. Distributed to recent subscribers.
  Recompiled using short int's.

REV 3.17:
  By popular demand : "NewZAP ?" now prints a CLI-style help note.
  All resource allocations now properly checked and cleaned up.

REV 3.18:
  "NewCLI" Project menuitem added.

REV 3.19:
  NewZAP now prints diagnostics when it exits due to resource allocation
  failures. Checks for 60-character wide Preferences upon powerup and
  aborts if so. Cleared up an old signed-int comparison problem that
  for some reason actually WORKED under Aztec 3.4 and earlier.
  Recompiled under Aztec 3.60a, 16-bit mode. Redrew the NewZAP lightning
  bolt icon to reflect the colors originally intended.

REV 3.20:
  Redrew (and polished) the Help requester to reflect my current address:
  3665 Benton St, #23/Santa Clara, Ca. 95051

REV 3.21 :
  Fixed an old bug that converted the " char to ' in ASCII mode.

REV 3.24 :
  Finally got around to supporting user requests for "search wrap"; i.e.,
  if a entire body of a Search String spans from the current sector to the
  beginning of the next, NewZAP will now be able to find it highlighting
  those bytes displayable in the sector where the string begins. Searches
  do not wrap around to the beginning of the file, however.

  Switching case dependency from ON to OFF now forces NewZAP to include the
  current sector when searching to check for any previously-hidden matches.

  Increased the maximum Search String length from 30 to a full 64 characters.

  New Item added to the Project Menu : "Print Current Sector". This
  dumps a copy of the current sector to PRT:. As not all printers are
  wide-carriage, the dump format (16 x 32) is suitable for 80-column
  printers. Non-printable characters (<20H) are printed as periods.
  The corresponding hot key for this is left-Amiga-P (for Print).

  NewZAP now automatically selects the Filename gadget if it was invoked
  without a filename.

  NewZAP now handles the display of empty files & unopenable files more
  gracefully. If the first file NewZAP attempts to open fails, the
  edit windows are blank. If the file was empty, the emptiness of
  the file is reflected by a full sector of EOF chars. As before, an
  attempt at loading an unsuccessful file will not disturb the current
  file - only a 'beep' will occur, and the original filename restored.

  NewZAP has a new look. The standard colors have been redone for greater
  clarity, and the pen colors are now more user-modifiable then ever!
  They are :


	StdPen		3			Border Information, Foreground
	BgPen		0			Border Information, Background
	HexPen		1			Edit Window, Foreground
	HexBgPen	2			Edit Window, Background
	ModPen		3			Edit Window mods, Foreground
	ModBgPen	2			Edit Window mods, Background
	SearchPen	1			Edit Window Searches, Fore
	SearchBgPen	0			Edit Window Searches, Back

  On a standard WB pallette, 0=blue, 1=white, 2=black, 3=gold. The method
  of modifying these is the same as that outlined above under "REV 3.0". This
  should have been done a long time ago, but only recently did necessity
  force me to do so. The convenience of this feature allowed me to experiment
  more freely with the screen colors, and I think the default ones supplied
  now are the clearest and best-looking ever.

REV 3.25:
  Got rid of an extra 1-pixel blue border to the right of the Help requester.
  Simplified LockRequest().
REV 3.26:
  Fully-ANSI'ized source, recompiled under Aztec 5.0b after hand-editing
  a minor compiler signed-shift bug in hexconv().
REV 3.26a:
  Trimmed unnecessary Intuition gadget flags from gadgets.c. Cleaned up
  several manifest constants for portability. Minor safety mods to
REV 3.26b:
  compute_curpos & GADGIMMEDIATE fixed for 3.26 series. Minor
  low-memory cleanup problem corrected in ReadILBM.c
REV 3.26c:
  Changed my address in the About menu.
REV 3.27:
  Added stencil and brush support to ReadILBM.c. Standardized all clients
  on this version. Changed all "setmem" references to the documented Manx
  library routine "memset". Added ">>" characters to the Case Dependency and
  Set Direction menus. The filename string requester no longer activates
  itself when files open OK. New, standardized iff.h with 16-bit int support.

REV 3.30:
  Major revision for AmigaDOS 2. Completely rebuilt under new includes,
  with new dynamic gadtools menu support when running under AmigaDOS 2.04
  and later. Amazingly, still succesful at keeping the executable size
  under 40K.

  Quit hotkey added for convenience.

  Minor nits: 1.3 users won't be seeing the nice 2.0 submenu ">>" characters
  anymore. 2.0 has OS support for this, but 1.3 doesn't - and I'd just as
  soon minimize OS-dependent hacks where possible. Also: the NewZAP screen
  is a few pixels narrower than previous versions to make up for the
  slightly thicker 2.0 window borders.

  Graphics tidied up a bit. Compiled using Aztec 5.2a.