General Utilities Disk 1 (Feb 1992) : NewZAP /

    NewZAP: Program and Documentation (c) 1986-1991 Proprietary Products

	NewZAP is a multi-purpose file sector editing utility. If you've ever
had the need to alter just a few bytes within a file, examine its binary and
ASCII representations, or search for key sequences of digits or characters,
NewZAP will make your hacking life a little bit easier. It does what text
editors were not meant to do; precise position-oriented object modifications.
NewZAP will run from CLI or Workbench under 1.1 or 1.2 KickStart with or
without FAST RAM.


	NewZAP is a third-generation ZAP utility in the sense that it descended
from Apparat's Z-80 based SuperZap to FileZAP (Fred Fish disk # 10) to the
current. NewZAP was compiled under 16-bit Aztec "C", with graphics, fontwork
and debugging assisted by with Deluxe Paint, FontEdit, and MetaScope,
respectively. Thanx to Scott Saunders for the competitive edge, Mike Lehman
for the much-needed documentation, and to R.J. Mical for "A Final Note on

Beverages provided by the Coca-Cola Company and Molson Breweries of Canada, Ltd.

	The calling sequence from CLI is NewZAP [filename], where filename is
the optional initial file to edit. From Workbench, just click on the gadget.
The rest of the program is... well, self-explanatory! The current file can
be changed at any time by editing the filename string gadget, writing out any
changes to the previous file before switching. Simply click on the HEX or ASCii
windows to reflect the current editing mode. The cursor can be moved by rolling
the mouse with the left button down, or by using the arrow keys. Note that each
window wraps to the next; i.e., you can click on the HEX window, move the cursor
over the the ASCii side, and edit the ASCii position while still in HEX mode.

	As in FileZAP, you cannot edit past the EOF byte in the last record.
Unlike FileZAP, NewZAP displays and edits full 512-byte sectors via a 106 
character wide internal font. Most commands are duplicated with matching command
sequences; an exception being the HELP key, which brings up the "About..."
menuitem. Disk errors and sector writes are flagged with a non-abusive audible

	The Search menu is unique to NewZAP. Use it to check for strings or
HEX digits, forward or backward, with or without caps matching. Tired of batch
files that grind your disk drive? Use NewZAP's Search, Edit and Save functions
to modify both instances of ":T" to "T:" in C:EXECUTE. Execute will henceforth
store its preprocessed batch files anywhere you want provided you have ASSIGNed
T: to someplace! I recommend ASSIGNing T: to RAM: in your Startup-Sequence for
ultra-fast EXECUTEs.


	Some folk have requested the ability to extend files. Well, the original
didn't support it so neither does NewZAP. I've rarely had a need for this, but
perhaps future versions will support it if the demand is great.

	NewZAP expects an 80-column environment for its titles and gadgets. If
you haven't set Preferences yet, do so!

	NewZAP is a two-edged sword, and can DESTROY object files with careless
editing. My advice : work on backup copies.

	Lastly, NewZAP is shareware, a concept where authors can release high-
quality software at low cost and risk to users. If you like it, contribute
something to the kitty. If you don't, pass it on. A $15 donation will put you
on the upgrade list, so you can receive the next major revision on disk via
U.S. Postal service. ENCOURAGE USER-SUPPORTED SOFTWARE! The author can be
reached at :

                             Dallas J. Hodgson
                          10115 Scenic Boulevard
			    Cupertino, Ca. 95014