DOS 2.0 Utilities Disk 5 (Feb 1992) : AutoCLI / ReadMe

        Why you should use AutoCLI
 Very briefly I would like to explain why you should
 be using AutoCLI instead of other programs of the same
 kind.  AutoCLI was initially written due to problems with
 other programs and the standard Shell.  When a Shell or
 CLI window is launched with other programs, they lose 
 important information that can make life much easier on
 the Amiga.  Most users set a path and stack in their 
 startup sequence, have you ever typed stack or path in
 your CLI to see if infact they are the same as you set.
 Chances are they are not.  Does the program you are using
 now allow you to always be in certain directory every time
 you 'pop' it up?.  AutoCLI retains all this information at
 the time it is launched, so whatever your stack and path
 were set at, and whatever directory you were CD'ed to at
 the time AutoCLI was launched, will be passed to the CLI
 or SHELL that it opens.  AutoCLI also offers a default 
 SHELL auto size, that will always follow the size of the
 current screen, so whatever you change the size to, AutoCLI
 will open the window to 1 pixel less than that full size,
 even if the screen size changes after AutoCLI is running.
 1 pixel less, allows you to always go to the extreme bottom
 or right and click, to activate the WB screen to give access
 to the menus while still giving a full size Shell.
 AutoCLI has been given all the functions that users have 
 requested, and has been tested on a large variety of Amiga 
 models and kickstart/WB versions.  It is fully compatible
 with V2.04 Kickstart/WB.  The entire program is written in 
 assembly language to allow it to be faster than  its 'C' 
 written rivals. 
 If you would like more information, please read the accompanying
 doc file for AutoCLI.
 If AutoCLI does not have your favourite function then contact
 me and I will do my best to insert it for you.  I can be 
 contacted in one of the following ways.
 Phone  (076) 358539  A/H Voice
        (076) 358522  W/H Voice
        (076) 358384  W/H Fax or Voice
 EMAIL  {cbmvax|cbmehq}!cbmaus!wilson!