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c/ 1992-02-23
S/ 1992-02-23
About WireFrame Coaster 216 1992-02-23 Text [Original]
AmigaSecurity 4749 1992-02-23 Text [Original]
Bird.PIC 26696 1992-02-20 Image [Original]
BOP-Review.txt 25675 1992-02-23 Text [Original]
Librarylist 1709 1978-01-01 Text [Original]
MIDNIGHT 1364 1978-01-01 Text [Original]
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RTAP 7872 1991-10-10
SuperView 10488 1978-01-01
Textra 26448 1992-01-29
triplanes.PIC 77992 1978-01-01 Image [Original]
Vista-vs-SceneryAnim 5960 1992-02-23
Vortex 3898 1992-02-20 Text [Original]
xwing.PIC 23562 1978-01-01 Image [Original]


From your MAG Liberian:

It has come to my attention that there are members of our group that 
don't know what the library contains or how to rent something. The following 
is a brief description of what we have and policy on renting it.

First of GOOD NEWS starting immediately we will be going to a weekly rate
on all rentals, this will be more convenient for most members and will 
greatly reduce the cost of renting of equipment.

General Rules:
1. All rentals we be on a first come first serve basis, reservations will
   be accepted.
2. One Week rental is for 7 days, example monday to monday.
3. Longer than one week rentals will be accepted unless someone else is
   in line to rent.
5. Rented merchandise can be returned to any officer or next person in line
   to rent but liberian must be informed.
6. Person renting merchandise is responsible for deliver and pickup of rented
7. Person renting merchandise will be expected to treat it with reasonable 

TAPES ------  $3.00 WEEK
SUPER GEN---  $6.00 WEEK

1.Professional Techniques for DPAINT III
2.The DeluxePaint 4 Video Guide
3.Advanced Techniques for DPAINT 4
4.Amiga World/Animation Video Volume 1
5.Amiga World/Animation Video Volume 2
6.Amiga World/Getting Started with your Amiga
7.Digitizing for Effect, Tape Three
8.Imagine-A Guided Tour
9.3D Cookbook.Byte by Byte
10.Creative People on the Amiga
11.1987 Aegis Desktop Video Contest Winners
12.Newtech Video Toaster Samples 
13.AmigaWorld Desktop Video Volume One
14.AmigaWorld Amiga Graphics

1. SuperGen Genlock
2. Frame Grabber

Thanks Ken Winfield, Liberian