diskMAGazine (Mar 1992) : MIDNIGHT


Product.....4D Boxing
Publisher...Electronic Art
Type........Sports Simulation
Amiga DOS 2.0 Compatible 
Hard Drive Installable

	You can count all of the computer boxing games on the fingers of one
hand, it just hasn't been one of the more produced game types on computers.
And the boxing games that are out there are just not that good, well 4D
Boxing claims to solve that problem. 
	It uses vector type graphics for the boxers, which move very well 
but don't look to good. You can create your own boxer from choosing from 
several heads, heights and weight sizes. Then you can either choose to start
your climb to the championship or you can spar with some of the computer
	This game tries hard to solve the problems with many of the other 
boxing games, it achieves on some and fails on others. There are nine 
camera views, including a neat above the ring view. The first few computer
boxers are easy enough to beat. You can change the level of detail it your
objects to increase speed and motion in the game is very realistic. However
the game speed seems to be to slow to hold interest for a long time and the
boxing itself is difficult to figure out. All in all it is the best computer
boxing game to date, however it doesn't have much competition   

** Midnight Rating....83 **
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