diskMAGazine (Mar 1992) : Vortex

                            NEWSLETTER FROM VORTEX

Hallo ! To all the members of the user's club !

                                         Flein, October, 1991

Vortex has established a service to inform the user's clubs. Here now our
latest informations.

On the Amiga fair in Cologne we are demonstrating for the first time new
                        vortex ATonce-Plus

with a 16MHz CMOS 80286-16 bit CPU for the Amiga 500 and the new Amiga 500

Please find the enclosed leaflet.

For the Amiga 2000 we are developing a 80386SX AT-emulator with 16 MHz, vortex
FAST-RAM and a socket for an optional co-processor. It will be available at the
beginning of next year.

Further we will provide our registered users with an update in the next few

We would be glad to meet one of you on an Amiga fair anywhere in the world and
get a better contact with you. You can find the vortex team or one of our
distributors in:

      Cologne             November 01-03, 1991
      London              November 14-17, 1991
      Toronto             December 06-08, 1991
      Eindhoven           January  24-26, 1992

 vortex Computersysteme GmbH

 Ute Forstner


Highlights from the leaflet.........

Advertisement is for the Vortex ATonce-Plus which is supposed to be for the
Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 Plus. Picture of new ATonce board looks to be about 50%
bigger than the old ATonce board...still pretty small though.

 - Low power 16bit CMOS 80286-16 MHz CPU running with full 16MHZ clock 

 - 512 KB vortex FAST-RAM.

 - High System Performance. Norton SI = 16.2

 - Socket for optional 80C287-12 arithmetic co-processor.

 - Surface Mount Technology (SMT) printed circuit board with low power

 - Highly intergrated CMOS Gate Array with embedded Interrupt Controller
   and Memory Management Unit.

 - ATonce-Plus runs fully as a task on the Amiga.

 - Full 640 KB of DOS base memory are available on an Amoiga 500 with
   512 KB RAM.

 - All memory above 1 MB (e.g. with internal RAM, like ICD AdRAM, 
   Gigatron and Robmoller as well as external RAM, like A590 with 
   installed RAM) can be used as Extended or Expanded Memory.

 - ATonce-Plus runs unrestricted in the Protected Mode.

 - ATonce-Plus works with autoconfiguring autobootable Commodore 
   compatible hard disk systems that use an AmigaDOS compatible hard 
   disk driver.

 - Individual assignment of DOS-partitions. DOS can be booted directly 
   from your hard drive.

 - Complete intergration of the internal 3.5" disk drive as a 720KB DOS
   drive. External 3.5" and 5.25" drives are fully supported.

 - With ATonce-Plus the following video emulations are available:
   EGA-/VGA monochrome graphics (as far as Amiga allows this), CGA
   with 16 colors, Hercules*, Olivetti* and Toshiba3100* (* these
   modes use interlace)

 - The parallel interface can be used as LPT1 under MSDOS.

 - The Amiga mouse can be used as a serial Microsoft mouse. It can
   operate as COM1 as well as COM2.

 - ATonce-Plus supports sound, real time clock, and CMOS RAM.

 - All MS-DOS versions from 3.2 up to 5.0 as well as DR-DOS 5.0 and
   6.0 have been tested.

 - ATonce-Plus is delivered with a detailed user manual including 
   fitting guide.
 - A 3.5" Amiga disk containing the installation and emulation 
   software and other useful tools is included.

 - MS-DOS is not included.

 - Easy plu in directly into the 68000 CPU socket without any
   soldering. The expansion ports remain free.

 - Free software updates to all registered owners.

 - ATonce-Plus is state of the art technology. Developed and
   produced in Germany.

 - For further information ask your local dealer or mail Compuserve 
   at # 100015,330.