diskMAGazine (Apr 1992) : bBaseII / Changes

                     Notice to Previous Users of bBaseII

The version of bBaseII which was distributed on Fish Disk 491 defaulted the
maximum number of records at 99, and allowed the number to be changed from
within the program.  I discovered that changing the number left the program
very vulnerable to a crash, if the requested memory was not available.
I also discovered that this approach did not really save much memory
when set for the 99 records as opposed to a higher number.  Therefore, this
version is hard-coded to a maximum of 600 records, which I thought to be a 
safe, yet adequate number.

Any databases created using the previous version will not display properly
when loaded into this version, due to the above-noted change.  This may be
easily rectified, however, with the use of a text editor.  The procedure
is as follows:

 1. Load the previously created ".bbase" file into the text editor.

 2. The first line of the file will be a number, corresponding to the
    number of Fields in each Record, ie. "9".  (Without the quotation marks).
    The next lines are the Titles of each Field.  
    In this example, they would occupy the next 9 lines.

 3. The next line will show 2 numbers, ie. "50,99".
    These numbers represent the number of records in the database, and the
    maximum allowable number of records, the default being 99.

    Simply delete the comma and the second number.  IE. with the cursor 
    sitting to the right of "99", just backspace 3 times, leaving the first
    number alone on that line.

That's all there is to it - the database will now be read properly with the 
current version of bBaseII.

Improvements to this version (Version 5) include:

 - Ability to use cursor keys to move up and down through the Fields.

 - CLI users can specify a database filename on the command line.

 - 'Save Disabled' option to optionally lock out saves to disk.
   This may also be specified on the command line.

 - Review entire database, or optionally selected records, a screenful
   at a time.

 - Much faster sorting and deleting.

 - A 'progress' bar.

 - More readable colors.

 - Some bug fixes.

 - MUCH more.  See REVISION HISTORY in the docs for a more complete list.