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                             COMMODORE Amiga 600

The following specifications are taken from Commodore brochures distributed at
the recent CeBit show in Germany, and are publically available. The A600 was
unveiled to the masses at that show by Commodore Germany, and has also been
announced over NewsBytes by Commodore Netherlands. Commodore U.S. and
Commodore U.K. have not yet announced whether or not they'll be marketing the
600 in their respective countries.

  Amiga 600:
  MC68000 MPU running at 7.14 MHz (shades of 1985 -ed.)
  ECS Agnes and Denise chips
  Kickstart 2.05 in ROM
  Workbench 2.05 on disk
  Gayle chip replaces Gary to support new hardware features
  1MB Chip RAM, expandable to 2MB using A601 slot
  PCMCIA credit-card expansion slot replaces 86-pin edge expansion
     found on A500
  IDE hard drive interface on motherboard, room to mount internal
     2.5-inch hard drive (A600HD includes hard drive)
  All chips except Kickstart surface-mounted
  No numeric keypad



This machine could be a Sega/SuperNES killer if marketed at about $250-300,
and enhanced by an ad campaign comparing it against the game machines, like
the old C64 vs. Atari VCS commercials.

Commodore Germany says the price will be the same as the A500Plus. However,
look for a rapid drop, as (1) Commodore usually drops prices on new machines
considerably after a few months, and (2) the surface-mount construction and
smaller, keypad-less case should make it much cheaper to produce.

This is either the best idea since the C64, or the best idea since the Plus/4.
Commodore's marketing department will make that decision.


This picture provided courtesy Amiga Computing Magazine (UK) and COMPUTE's
Amiga Resource (US). COMPUTE's Amiga Resource is a 32-page monthly all-Amiga
section published in a special edition of COMPUTE. Subscriptions are only
$9.97 a year. Call 800-727-6937, make sure to specify the Amiga edition, and
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   These pictures were scanned on my Amiga with a Sharp JX-100 scanner in 
   16 levels of grey.  I then remapped them down to 4 colors so that I 
   could color in the images.

   These images are all "extras" that are found in various Calvin & Hobbes 
   collections by Bill Watterson.  They were never released as daily or 
   Sunday strips and were never colored previously.

   I claim no copyrights to Mr. Watterson's work, it fully remains his, but 
   as a courtesy, please do not alter these images.  Thanks!

   Kermit Woodall