MAG Disk (May 1993) :

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Name Size Date Type
blankers/ 1993-05-08
c/ 1993-05-07
startrek_fonts/ 1993-05-08
StuffToRead/ 1993-05-07
SuperDark/ 1993-05-08
makeanim 24304 1993-05-07 2412 1991-04-08 Text [Original]
makeanim_ReadMe 437 1993-05-08 Text [Original]


     I tried to run the new Makeanim program under 3.0 and it did not
run.  I ran out of time to test it under 2.0 but it should run with 1.3.
The kicker for this version is it supposed to handle palette changes.
As I vaguely remember makeanim, you should be able to ---STOP!!!
Ah ha, I looked in a drawer of disks and found a previous version docs
and I have included it for you.  I hope this program works as advertised.

Bill Bowers