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                         DateLine:  May 28, 1993
           This 5-MINUTE Newscast presents the following stories:
 1.  BABYLON 5 Announces 22 Episodes!
 2.  Computer City Names Third European Location
 3.  Colorfont Examples from Lion Kuntz
 4.  Next Week's *StarShip* Amiga Conferences
 5.  Soft-Logik Announces Licensing of Serials Typecollection
 6.  Soft-Logik Announces New Soft-Logik Graphic Library
 7.  KBSoft Call for JPEG CD-ROM Submissions
 8.  Merit Software to Introduce "Deluxe" Landry Football
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             1st of 8 Stories
                     BABYLON 5 Announces 22 Episodes!
   ____              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  (_  _)               Hollywood, CA -- May 28, 1993
   / /
 _/ /
(____)n a move that will expand its programming base by fifty percent, the
Prime Time Entertainment Network has finalized plans to add a new series,
BABYLON 5, to its schedule.
The series BABYLON 5, based on the highly-rated telefilm of the same name,
has been given an order for 22 episodes set to debut on the PTEN schedule in
January, 1994. The series follows on the success of the original telefilm,
which aired on PTEN in March 1993 and achieved a 10.3 GAA national rating,
out-rating the strong two-hour premiers of KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES
(10.2), THE UNTOUCHABLES (10.2), and TIME TRAX (8.4).
BABYLON 5 will fill the Wednesday, 8:00 (PT) time period previously held by
TIME TRAX, which will now be scheduled in prime time on a second night.
                          *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                             2nd of 8 Stories
                Computer City Names Third European Location
 ______         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(__  __)               Fort Worth, TX -- 1993 MAY 14
  / /
 / /
(_/andy Corporation division Computer City has announced the location of its
third SuperCenter in Europe.
The company said this week that the third European outlet would be in South
Stockholm, Sweden. The company already operates SuperCenter stores in
Stockholm and Copenhagen, Denmark.
The new SuperCenter will be located at Kings Corner, across from the IDEA
furniture store, and will occupy about 1,485 square meters when it opens in
the third quarter.
Computer City SuperCenters in Europe sell Apple, Commodore, Compaq, Canon,
Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Victor personal computers and peripherals, as well
as a selection of software, telephones, fax machines, copiers, and furniture.
Computer City spokesperson Ron Trumbla told Newsbytes the company employs an
average of 60 people in each of its US outlets.
In addition to its European outlets, the company operates 20 SuperCenters in
the US, and says it will add 15 additional superstores this year and 16 more
each year over the next two years. Computer City estimates sales will
approach the $1 billion mark in 1994, the third full year of operation.
Trumbla told Newsbytes the next US Computer City SuperCenter, the 22nd, will
open in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area this summer. The 25,000-square-foot
facility will be located in the Sawgrass Mills Shopping Center in Sunrise.
Another store is scheduled for opening in Santa Ana, California, also this
summer, and construction has begun on a store in the Seattle area.
For more information contact Computer City, telephone 817-390-3000, fax
             (C) 1993 Newsbytes. Reprinted by permission.
                            *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                               3rd of 8 Stories
                      Colorfont Examples from Lion Kuntz
 ______               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(__  __)                 by Lion Kuntz -- May 22, 1993
  / /
 / /
(_/here is a discussion about fonts going on at GEnie Amiga RoundTable
Bulletin Board (page 555), Category 1, Topic 16, DTP FONTS. This buzz
includes matters of size of bitmap fonts, including "Colorfonts". Some people
do not readily grasp the fact that Amiga bitmap fonts do not compress in
storage, nor do they have memory compression, compared to PostScript. In
order to make the point clearer, five bitmap fonts are uploaded with IFF ILBM
pic and texture-map brushes. From one basic postscript font equivilent there
could be hundreds of sizes of tile-filled patterned, colored fonts, consuming
no more than about 100K for all variations of sizes and patterns. By
comparison, ONE 256-character 4-bitplane bitmap font could be 5 Megabytes.
In a series of uploads I am providing object lessons of this fact of life.
There are usable fonts, and one not very usable font, to illustrate the
principles of size, plus a variety of assorted pattern-brushes which can be
used to hand fill letters or objects in DPaint to produce much the same
effects as the pre-colored fonts. Users of Amiga operating systems prior to
2.0 will have to run "Colortext" before they can use colorfonts (see your
DPaint manual).
All fonts are the same basic typeface in the same original size with the same
character set of UPPER CASE (Capital Letters) plus punctuation & numerals. A
hi-resolution IFF ILBM picture is enclosed.
ARABESQUES is a monocolored font with a foreground color and transparent
background color. The letters are patterned with repetitive lace-like brush
fills. Its size is 30K.
TRANSLUCENT is a 2-bitplane font with only one foreground color plus
transparent background color. Although 2-bitplanes allow three foreground
colors, only one is used. While it might seem that with the same colors as
the ARABESQUE font the size would be similar, it adds a color palette table
plus the second bitplane to come to 65K. A third bitplane would triple the
original size, and a fourth would quadruple it, which is what we find in the
four bitplane fonts of similar size.
SAMPLE_PATTERNS is a 4-bitplane font with assorted colored brushes tiled to
fill the letters. It might be usable if each letter were unique, but since
the patterns color four letters each, its not quite random enough to work.
This font is only provided to demonstrate the wide variety of patterns that
could be used to colorize fonts. Size = 123K.
In other archives are BRICK and RAINDROPS, both 4-bitplane fonts with cast
shadows and texture-map or tiled patterned surfaces. Sizes are 139K and 142K
due to the addition of cast shadows and increased widths to accommodate the
shadows. These fonts may be usable for some special purposes, but are hardly
everyday utility fonts.
         /                                                       \
        |   The following files by Lion Kuntz are available for   |
        |       downloading from the *StarShip* Library:          |
        |                                                         |
        |           19493 COLORFONTS_SAMPLES.LHA                  |
        |           19494 BRICKS_COLORFONT.LHA                    |
        |           19495 RAINDROPS_COLORFONT.LHA                 |
I hope these object lessons will put to rest exploration of inquiry into
compression of bitmap fonts. PostScript fonts are already compressed both for
storage and RAM memory, and are a world-standard portable system of fonts
which can be output to video, paper and slides by the world's largest system
of installed technologies. No other system comes close; not TrueType, not
Compugraphic bullet fonts, nothing. Instead of focusing time and energy on
JPEG/MPEG or other compression foolery, it is time to increase speed and
performance of real-time texture-mapping PostScript.
Remember a 256-character bitmap font of characters 160 lines tall by 256
pixels wide in 8-bitplanes would require over 10 megabytes of RAM to use it,
no matter how you compress it to save storage space between uses. Some
technologies cannot be practically extended further.
Fonts and text uploaded by LION KUNTZ. There are over 200 low-cost postscript
fonts supporting ALL popular Amiga PS softwares, and hundreds of bitmap fonts
available for paint, graphics. and titling programs. LION KUNTZ has always
provided the highest quality, most variety, and lowest cost per font. Send
$10 for sample disk of fonts and literature of other products to:
                        LION KUNTZ / ALLIED STUDIOS
            482 Hayes Street, San Francisco, California, 94102
                         Telephone (415) 863-1781
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                             4th of 8 Stories
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                            *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                               5th of 8 Stories
  ____     Soft-Logik Announces Licensing of Serials Typecollection
 / ___)    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
( (__               St. Louis, Missouri -- May 4, 1993
 \__ \
 ___) )
(____/oft-Logik Publishing Corporation today announced that it had licensed
the Serials Typecollection from B&P Graphics for sale on the Amiga and Atari
platforms. B&P Graphics is one of Europe's leading type houses.
The Serials Typecollection is made up of 1000 professional fonts in
PostScript Type 1 and TrueType format on an ISO9660 compact disk. This CD-ROM
can be used on Amiga, Atari, Macintosh and PC compatible computers. It is
accompanied by a small Type Specimen guide which shows all the fonts in the
collection. A full-size Type Specimen book is also available separately.
The fonts in the Serials Typecollection are compatible with leading Amiga and
Atari applications, including PageStream, Art Expression, TypeSmith and
Lightwave. A sample floppy disk with 12 fonts is available to those who would
like to test the fonts with their applications first.
      Serials Typecollection on CD-ROM: $499
      Serials Typecollection on CD-ROM and two 44MB Syquest cartridges: $674
      Serials Typecollection on CD-ROM and one 88MB Syquest cartridges: $624
      Serials Typecollection on CD-ROM and copied to user's 
              Syquest cartridge(s): $524
      Serials Type Specimen Book (3 ring binder with 170 pages): $45
      Sample Disk (with 12 fonts): $10
For more information contact Soft-Logik, 1131F South Towne Square, St. Louis,
MO 63123, telephone 800/829-8608, fax 314/894-3280, or visit the Soft Logic
RoundTable on GEnie Page 385.
                            *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                               6th of 8 Stories
  ____      Soft-Logik Announces the New Soft-Logik Graphic Library
 / ___)     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
( (__               St. Louis, Missouri -- April 20, 1993
 \__ \
 ___) )
(____/oft-Logik Publishing Corporation, the developers of PageStream, the
premier desktop publishing system for Amiga computers, is pround to announce
the first two volumes of the Soft-Logik Graphic Library.
The first volume, 3D Flags of the World, contains 190 full-color flags of
countries and international organizations. The flags have beveled edges which
give them a unique 3D appearance. The bevels can be removed in a compatible
illustration program to create normal flags. The flags are stored in Adobe
Illustrator 88 EPS format. With PageStream 2 or Art Expression they can be
printed to any type of printer. 3D Flags of the World is available for Amiga,
Macintosh, PC and Atari computers on double-density 3.5" disks.
The second volume, Amiga Computer Art, contains over 70 full-color
illustrations of Amiga computers and related equipment. The realism of these
drawings is stunning. The subjects range from the Amiga 1000 to the Toaster
WorkStation and include a hard drive card, genlock, HP printers, Shown 60%,
PCM card, handheld and flatbed scanners, and much more. The illustrations are
stored in Adobe Illustrator 3 EPS format. Amiga Computer Art is available for
Amiga computers on double-density 3.5" disks.
The suggested retail price of each volume is $125, but they are available at
an introductory price of only $67 each. The next volume to be released will
be a collection of PC and Macintosh computers and related equipment.
To order, contact Soft-Logik Publishing at 11131F South Towne Square St.
Louis, MO 63123, telephone: sales 800-829-8608, international sales
314-894-8608, fax 314-894-3280.
Samples from the Clip Art collection may be downloaded from the Soft-Logik
RoundTable Library on GEnie Page 385;3, File #1282 FLAGS.LHA and #1283

                          *StarShip* Amiga *Flash*
                              7th of 8 Stories
                    KBSoft Call for JPEG CD-ROM Submissions
    _    _          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \  / )        *StarShip* Bulletin Board -- May 24, 1993
  /   \/ /
 / /\   /
(_/  \_/otice to all! Announcing development of the "Spectral Sensation" JPEG
CD-ROM for the Amiga and IBM platforms.
Having already accumulated several megabytes of JPEG digitized, rendered, and
original art JPEG's I've decided to produce a JPEG CD-ROM for myself and
other's to enjoy. Along with the 24-bit JPEG pictures most of them will be
rendered in Ham-8 plus an IBM format for quick viewing. And of course there
will be the usual Graphics utilities, PD and Shareware Image Processing
software, plus other goodies. If there is any room left over,  I will try to
fit a few DCTV or HAM-8 animations on the disc.
At this time I'm asking for artist contributions. One thing I do believe in
is the intellectual property rights of artist's so do not want to use
someone's work without their permission. So if you have some 24-bit IFF,
JPEG, or other format pictures, rendered or original photography, please let
me know via GEnie Mail. If enough of your pictures are used on the CD I will
create a special directory for your contributions,  plus send you a freebie
CD just for thanks! I've already received permission from several artist's
and hope to include your work for the CD, so dust off the scanner, 3D
rendering software, and paint programs!
Thanks for your Support!
For more information John Gager at KBSoft, telephone home: 509-525-5272,
work: 509-522-6380, Fax: 509-522-3422, GE Mail address J.GAGER, or post a
message in *StarShip* Bulletin Board Category 4, Topic 15.
                           *StarShip* NEWS *Flash*
                               8th of 8 Stories
             Merit Software to Introduce "Deluxe" Landry Football
    _  _     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
   / \/ \           Dallas, TX -- June 3, 1993 (predated)
  /      \
 / /\  /\ \
(_/  \/  \_)erit Software is pleased to announce the late August releast of a
second Tom Landry Strategy Football game. Merit becomes the first company to
offer football game players two different price points and feature sets in
the DOS & Amiga environments. The original TLSF game, currently at version
1.3, will be priced at SRP of $29.95. The new game, dubbed Tom Landry
Strategy Football -- Deluxe Edition will be set at $49.95 suggested retail
and will include a bevy of major enhancements suggested by users and
According to Roddy McGinnis, director of product development, the Deluxe
Edition will offer important enrichments to game play, while maintaining the
popular user interface thousands of buyers loved. "We've made hundreds of new
and hard-hitting improvements that are necessary for the serious football
enthusiast, especially in the area of game play. These include new formations
where players can specify a man-in-motion on offense and specific 'blitzers'
on defense.
Also, Landry-Deluxe will now offer football freaks complete editing control
over all players, including name and attibutes, depending on position. This
new feature was repeatedly requested by TLSF users. Additionally, new
offensive formations added include Power I (left & right), "Blue", "Trips",
and Shotgun with 4 wide receivers.
McGinnis also related several other improvements that should prove to be
instrumental in the ascent of TLSF-Deluxe to the top of the preferred list
for computer strategy football games. After adding stunts, safety blitzes,
and new offensive formations, Merit designers and programmers really went to
town. "We also added a separate program for a complete league editor. Players
will now be able to create leagues for use with Landry-Deluxe."
Some of the more important features of this new module include league rules
(college or pro), and mixing of years (the '59 Colts can play the '65
Packers). Also, complete team editing including name, year, colors, jersey
preference, home climate, coaching style and team penalty percentage.
On offense, players can pick normal and passing default formations, run or
pass blocking, and play calling tendencies. Defensive coaches can pick up a
run or pass defense with a powerful pass rush (watch out -- you may give up
the big play if you get too aggressive), a 4-3 or 3-4 defensive wall or a
tendency to blitz. For those who fancy special teams play, you'll be able to
choose the names and specific abilities of particular players.
A preview look at Tom Landry Strategy Football -- Deluxe Edition will take
place at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), June 3-6, 1993.
For more information contact Merit Software 13635 Gamma Rd., Dallas, TX
75244, telephone 214/385-2353, fax 214/385-8205.
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